Best Party Planner in Singapore

We have partnered with one of the best party planner in Singapore, Party people! Party People provide a one-stop party entertainment services in Singapore! From birthday parties to corporate parties, they have done it all! Below are some of the the most popular Party people provides, and 5 reasons why you should hire Party People for your upcoming party in Singapore!

Below are some of the most popular service that Party People provides in Singapore:

Art and Craft Stations

Live Food Stations

Mascot Rental

Mega Playground

Talents Management

Fast Response 

With a professional and experienced sales assistant, you can be assured to get the fastest response for your enquiry! Party People usually reply as soon as they got your enquiry, or within 1-3 working days for a more complex proposal or quotation to be done!

Quality Equipment Rental

Unlike many, Party People’s equipment are durable and safe! Also, they check each and every equipment, making sure that it’s in good working condition before renting out to their clients!

Great Service

Service is one of the key factor why party people has been getting return customers throughout the years! They believe by providing tip top service is the only way to gain trust and word of mouth from all their clients.

One-stop Party Equipment Rental

With more than 100 different equipment to choose from, you can be assured to book whatever you need from Party People! Some of their popular list of party equipment includes mascot rental, unique live food station, art and craft activities and a MEGA Playground Rental!

First Mega Playground Rental in Singapore

Introducing the very first mega playground for rent in Singapore! If you are having a kids event at a shopping mall atrium or a big expo space, this is the only company in Singapore currently that provide a big scale mega playground! Find out more on their website now!

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