As the title stated, this premium carnival game is the answer if you are planning for a bonding activity!

Be it just a fun activity at family gatherings or a team-building game in the corporate office, this wooden block game will bring the group together with lots of fun!

Giant Jenga

Available in 2 different sizes – our Giant Jenga is made up of 54 wooden blocks and at a base size of 0.15m(width) by 0.6m (height).

Mega Jenga For Rental Singapore

Mega Jenga

With a jingle to its name, this Jenga set is of the same height (0.27m by 0.61m) but made up of only 39 wooden blocks. Making it a real tough  challenge as the blocks are much heavier compared to Giant Jenga.

A game of physical skills – it intensifies as the players take turns to extract their chosen block and place it on the topmost level while with the least disturbance or movement to the entire stack (the aim is to not let it collapse!) bringing it to a higher level.

The game only ends when the tower falls completely or if any blocks fall from the tower (other than the block the player is moving during his/her turn).

Did You Know?
1. According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest time to build a stable Jenga tower 30 levels high is 4 min 4 sec, set by Dan Mogan and Anastasia Carpanzano (both of USA) at the Tower Bridge Exhibition, London, UK, on April 1, 2005.
2. The world record for the tallest Jenga tower built is 44 levels! Wow.

Think you can beat that? Take on the challenge now!

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