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Carnival World provides wide range of fringe activities available below. From art and craft activity booth to roving entertainment talents, we have it all here at Carnival World! Tell us more about your event and we can recommend some of the activity booths that best suits your party or event in Singapore.

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Balloon Sculpting by balloon artist

Balloon Sculpturing at Event

Here in carnival world, we work with professional balloon artist in Singapore. Our balloon services range from balloon sculpting for events, customised balloon decorations and balloon workshops for both adults and children. Do be assured that our balloon artists use only good quality materials at your event. Contact us to find out more about our balloon services today!

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Require: 1x table, 1x powerpoint (for balloon decorations)

Face Painting by hand and face paint artist

Face Painting is another popular birthday party and event services that every children are crazy over with. Our face painting artist have never fail to impress the children with their talent. Each of our face paint artist have their own unique artistic styles of work as well!

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Require: 1x table, 2x chairs

Airbrush Tattoo by Artist

One of the most popular event services among adults as they get to get a temporary tattoo of the designs they want and look really badass at your event! Unlike face paint, airbrush tattoo stays on your skin for the whole day even if you are under the hot sun. Recommended for D&D, corporate events and carnival events in Singapore.

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Require: 1x table, 2x chairs

Glitter Tattoo by Artist

Unlike Airbrush Tattoo and face painting, Glitter tattoo is the popular event services among children as they enjoy the luxury of staring at the art shinny on their skin. With many designs to choose from, glitter tattoo is also suitable for both genders and all ages!

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Require: 1x table, 2x chairs

Caricature by caricaturist

Be impress by our two hands caricaturist as he complete each caricature in minutes! A great souvenirs by our caricaturist for your guest to bring home and some of them would even frame it up in their house!

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Require: 1x table, 1x chair

Wire Art by Wire Artist

Wire Art

Wire Art makes a great souvenirs for your guest as they get to bring home a custom hand crafted wire name of theirs! This is one of the best event services especially for corporate D&D events in Singapore!

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Require: 1x table

Silhouette Cutting by ArtistSilhouette Cutting Service

Silhouette cutting is one of the most unique event talent that is exclusively here only at Carnival World! Make your event memorable for your guest by having their silhouette cut out in less than 3 minutes!

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Require: 1x table

Henna Painting Artist

Henna Art

Henna Art is a traditional art foam which originated in the ancient indian subcontinent. It is definitely an interesting fringe activity to have at any event in Singapore. If you ever want to try out something different for your event, Henna Art is the fringe activities for you!

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Require: 1x table and 2x Chairs

Sand Art Activity

Sand Art has been around for many years and have never fails to engage the creativity minds for both adults and children. If you are organising a family day, school’s carnival or even birthday party, sand art is probably the most affordable and fun activity you want to have at your event!


Require: 1x table and chairs for participants

Scratch art activity

Scratch Art

Many of us doesn’t know what is scratch art all about. Scratch Art is the one of the easiest art activity you want to have for children as young as 3 years old to elderly as old as 70 years old! Create a colourful art piece with our scratch art paper and toothpick. This is another affordable yet fun fringe activity if you want to engage your guest at your event!


Require: 1x table and chairs for participants


Window Paint Art is what we commonly see at shopping malls, where all the kids want to experience at least once. Now you can hire our window paint art for your party or event in Singapore! Our fringe activity includes all necessary materials and manpower and kids get to enjoy trying out our window paint art at your event!


Require: 1x table and 1x powerpoint and chairs for participants

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