Inflatable Soccer Dart rental for your event

Here are some of the reasons why you should rent Inflatable Football Darts for your next event!

Renting inflatable football darts is a great activity for outdoor events.

Do you want to spice up your next party or event with a fun and thrilling activity? Take a look at an inflatable football dart!

An inflatable soccer dart is a large, inflatable dart board that may be used for a variety of sports that all include kicking a soccer ball at a target. It’s an exciting and one-of-a-kind event activity that will keep attendees entertained and create lasting memories.

So, what are the benefits of renting an inflatable football dart for your next party or event? Here are just a few examples:

1. Fun for all ages

Whether you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party or an adult get-together, an inflatable football dart is a great game for everyone. The challenge of trying to hit the target will appeal to both children and adults, and it’s a wonderful way to get people up and moving.

2. Easy to set up

Large Inflatable Dart Rental Singapore

Renting an inflatable football dart is a breeze. Our company will deliver and set up the game at your party site. All that is required is a flat surface and a power supply. The game is ready to play after it has been set up, and your guests can begin having fun straight away.

3. Great for all skill levels

Whether you’re a professional soccer player or a total newcomer, an inflatable soccer dart is a fun sport for everyone. You don’t have to be an expert to have fun, and there are numerous games available to fit a variety of ability levels. It truly is a fun and attractive game for everyone! We’ve had clients from schools and community centres, proving that this game is suitable for people of all ages, from children to the elderly! See which of your guests will astound you with their incredible kicking abilities! It’s an addicting game, so it’d be perfect for fund-raising events where your guests pay for a few tries each time!

4. Perfect outdoor event activity

An inflatable football dart is the ideal outdoor event activity if you’re planning an outside event. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or shining! It’s simple to set up, water resistant, draws attention, and is an excellent way to get people participating and involved in your event!

5. Its a unique event activity

Soccer Dart Inflatable

6. Promotes physical activity

Inflatable Dart Rental Singapore

It is more crucial than ever to promote physical activity in today’s digital age. Inflatable football darts are a fun and interactive way to get your visitors up and moving. The game demands participants to employ their football abilities, which improves hand-eye coordination while also encouraging physical exercise.

7. Affordable entertainment

Finally, renting an inflatable football dart is an affordable way to keep your guests entertained. It’s a fun and exciting option that won’t cost you a fortune.

Renting an inflatable football dart is a cheap way to spice up any party or event. It’s lot less expensive than hiring a DJ or renting a bouncy house, yet it’s guaranteed to keep visitors delighted for hours.

To summarise, the inflatable football dart is a fun and exciting way to keep your guests entertained at your next party. The inflatable soccer dart is guaranteed to be a hit with guests of all ages whether you are holding a beach party, a school carnival or a corporate event. It is simple to set up, customizable, and allows guests to communicate and converse with one another. Consider renting an inflatable football dart for your next party to elevate your occasion! Please contact us right away!

After all that football practise, how about some tasty snacks for your guests?

Bouncy Castle Rental for Parties

No need to look any further! Our company specialised in providing safe, affordable, high-quality bouncy castle rentals for parties and other events. Whether you’re arranging a kids’ birthday party or a family gathering, our bouncy castles are the ideal way to add excitement and entertainment to your memorable occasion.

Do you want to rent a bouncy castle for a party?

Make your party the buzz of your friends; make it one-of-a-kind!

Why should you rent a bouncy castle for your event? First and foremost, they are a lot of fun for both kids and adults. Nothing beats the excitement of jumping and bouncing around in a massive inflatable castle. It’s an amazing way to burn off some energy while still having a lot of fun.

However, bouncy castles are not only entertaining; they are also excellent for encouraging physical exercise and healthy living. In today’s society, where kids spend more time in front of computers and less time being active, it’s critical to find strategies to keep them moving. Bouncy castles are an excellent way to accomplish this. Kids will enjoy leaping, bouncing, and playing in our castles, and you will enjoy the view.


We are committed to providing you with the most affordable and high-quality bouncy castle rentals in the neighbourhood at our bouncy castle rental services. Our castles are composed of high-quality materials that are both sturdy and safe, guaranteeing that your guests have a good time while being safe.

Our castles are available in a range of sizes, styles, and colours to accommodate any occasion. We have a bouncy castle to suit every taste and choice, from classic bouncy castles to themed design bouncy castles such as Robots, Aeroplane, Dinosaurs, Princess castles, and even pirate ships. Our castles are ideal for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, and even adults who are still children at heart!


We take pleasure in offering a dependable and hassle-free rental experience. Our team will bring and set up the bouncy castle at the place of your choice. We’ll also return after the event to collect up the castle, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

So, why should you hire a bouncy castle from us? Here are a few examples:

1. It’s a great way to keep children entertained.

Bouncy castles are a great way to keep kids happy and occupied for hours. Whether they’re jumping, bouncing, or sliding, they’ll have a great time while getting some exercise. While the kids are having a good time, the parents may relax and enjoy the party as well.

2. It’s an unique complement to any gathering.

A bouncy castle is the ideal complement to any celebration if you want to make it stand out. It’s an unique and enjoyable adventure that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

3. It’s high quality, safe and reliable.

Our bouncy castle rental services use high-quality materials that are both long-lasting and safe. And with our dependable rental service, you can be confident that everything will go as planned.

4. It’s affordable

Renting a bouncy castle is an affordable way to add some excitement and fun to your celebration. Our costs are reasonable, and we have packages to suit any budget.

5. It’s easy and hassle-free

We handle everything, from delivery and setup to event cleanup. You don’t have to worry about anything; simply relax and enjoy the party!

Lastly, if you’re looking for a fun, creative, and affordable way to add some excitement to your upcoming party, look no farther than our high-quality and affordable bouncy castle rental services. We offer a bouncy castle to fit every occasion, with a choice of sizes, styles, and patterns to select from. Contact us immediately to reserve your bouncy castle and prepare to have a good time!

Video Arcade Machine for Rent Singapore

Arcade Machines Rental in Singapore 

Here are 6 reasons why you should rent our arcade machines for your event!

Renting arcade games is a fun addition to your event!

Our arcade machines, which feature popular games like DDR, Daytona, and even the original Mr. Pacman, provide an eye-catching and entertaining way to entertain your guests. Our arcade machines are the ideal accent to any party, from birthday celebrations to corporate gatherings, offering a choice of alternatives.

What makes our arcade machine rental services a good choice for your upcoming event? Let’s look at a few of the key reasons.

1. Unbeatable Value for Entertainment

When it comes to party entertainment, it can be tough to find something that will appeal to everyone of your attendees. With our arcade equipment, however, you can be sure that everyone will have a fantastic time! Whether your guests are young or old, casual gamers or ardent fans, our arcade machines will keep them engaged for hours.

And, unlike other party activities, our arcade machines can be played indefinitely. With dozens of traditional and creative games to choose from, your guests will never be bored. Furthermore, our products are easy to operate, so even non-gamers may have fun.

Water Battle Shooting Game

2. Setup and delivery are hassle-free

Getting everything set up and ready to go is one of the most difficult aspects of planning a party. You don’t have to worry about anything with our arcade machine rental services! We handle all setup and delivery so you can focus on having fun at your party.

Our professional team will carry your arcade machines directly to your party venue, quickly and efficiently set them up, and ensure that everything works properly. And after the party is finished, we’ll disassemble and remove the machines for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

3. Budget-friendly pricing

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the excitement of arcade games, which is why we offer reasonable rental rates. Our pricing is clear and honest, so you’ll never be caught off guard by hidden fees or charges.

4. Entertaining for people of all ages

One of the best aspects of arcade games is that they are enjoyable for people of all ages. Whether you’re throwing a kids’ or an adult party, our machines will keep everyone entertained. With our diverse game collection, you can cater to a wide range of interests and ability levels. Children like the vibrant colours and exhilarating action, while adults enjoy the nostalgia of playing old games from their childhood. Furthermore, arcade games are an excellent method to bring people together and promote friendly competition. Our arcade machines are sure to be a popular at any event, whether it’s a family gathering or a corporate gathering.

LED Air Hockey

5. Flexibility

Another benefit of our rental services is the flexibility they provide. We understand that every celebration is unique, so we provide a variety of rental alternatives to meet your needs. We can provide the perfect number of machines to keep your visitors entertained whether you’re having a small gathering or a large-scale event. If you’re unsure about which games to select, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in assembling the ideal lineup based on your guests’ preferences.

6. Creating a social environment

Perhaps the most significant benefit of our arcade machine rental services is the social atmosphere they foster. Gaming is an excellent method to break the ice and start people talking to each other. Our machines provide a fun and engaging way for guests to engage with one another, whether you’re competing for the highest score or cooperating on a multiplayer game. Furthermore, by placing our machines in a central area, they will rapidly become the main point of your party, attracting guests and generating a vibrant, social atmosphere.

To summarise, if you’re searching for a fun and exciting addition to your party, go no further than our dependable and expert rental service. We make it simple to bring the enjoyment of arcade games to your next event with a range of games, simple machines, and quick delivery and pickup services. Contact us today to learn more about our rental choices and to reserve your party arcade machines!



Are you arranging an event in Singapore and want to add some fun and excitement to the atmosphere? Do you want to know where you can rent funfair games in Singapore? Carnival World is the place to be! We specialise in the rental of small inflatable funfair activities, which are ideal for a variety of occasions ranging from birthday parties and family gatherings to corporate functions and community festivals. In this blog article, we’ll go through the benefits of using our rental service and how it may take your event to the next level.


Unrivalled Variety of Small Inflatable Carnival Games

Inflatable Game Booths Rental

At Carnival World, we take pride in providing an extensive variety of activities to suit a wide range of tastes and age groups. We have something for everyone, whether you’re planning a children’s birthday party or a team-building event. Our assortment includes everything from classics like ring toss, mini-golf, and inflatable slides to more adventurous options like obstacle courses, bungee runs, and interactive inflatable games. Our games are carefully selected to be visually appealing, engaging, and safe for participants of all ages.

Engaging Entertainment for All Ages

Inflatable Game Booths Rental

One of the most important advantages of incorporating small inflatable funfair events into your event is their universal appeal. These games provide entertainment that crosses age barriers, making them ideal for family-friendly gatherings attended by people of all ages. Children can play to their hearts’ content, while teenagers and adults can indulge in friendly competitions and unleash their competitive spirit. Our games’ dynamic nature encourages engagement, fosters teamwork, and creates memorable experiences for everyone involved.

Hassle-Free Rental Experience

The greatest advantage of small inflatable games is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our weatherproof inflatables will not let you down, rain or shine! All you have to do is choose the games you want, and our professional team will take care of the rest! If you are hesitant or do not have time to choose your games, our team can assist you in selecting the most appropriate games that correspond with the theme, size, and audience of your event. Furthermore, we manage every aspect of delivery, setup, and takedown, enabling you to concentrate on other aspects of event planning. Our goal is to make the whole leasing procedure as easy and simple as possible, ensuring that your event runs successfully.

Quality Assurance and Safety Standards

Large Inflatable Game Booths Rental

The safety and well-being of all event participants is our top priority. As a result, we follow high quality assurance and safety standards. All of our small inflatable funfair games are composed of long-lasting, high-quality materials that are regularly inspected and maintained. Before each rental, our crew ensures that each game is in perfect condition. We also provide extensive safety rules and instructions to guarantee that everyone has a safe and pleasurable experience. You may rest assured that your safety is our first priority.

Budget-Friendly Entertainment

Inflatable Soccer for Scool Event

We believe that excellent entertainment should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget constraints. We provide a wide range of inflatable games from which to choose based on your budget. We offer transparent pricing, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment. Our team is committed to providing high-quality entertainment at a reasonable price. With our Small Inflatable Carnival Games Rental, you can have a great time without breaking your budget.

Carnival World is your one-stop shop for adding fun, excitement and entertainment to your event. We truly believe that our service will exceed your expectations with our unrivalled selection of affordable funfair games in Singapore, engaging activities for all ages, hassle-free rental experience, devotion to safety, customisation possibilities, and budget-friendly pricing. Don’t miss out the opportunity to create a memorable event experience. Contact Carnival World now and begin to have fun!

Click here to find out what more you can do to make your event more fun and entertaining!



Are you planning a fun-filled boys’ party that will leave your children with memorable memories? There is no need to look any further! Carnival World is your one-stop shop for bouncy castle rentals for a boy’s birthday party! Our Singapore bouncy castle rental service provides the perfect solution for bringing unbounded joy and excitement to any party. In this blog post, we will look at the wonderful variety of our bouncy castles and discuss why engaging our company is the ideal option for your next boy’s party!


Never-ending Adventure and Entertainment

Nothing like a bouncy castle for providing fun for active lads! We have a robot-themed bouncy castle similar to the one depicted above. Not your cup of tea? We provide a wide variety of bouncy castles that provide a compelling and thrilling experience that will keep your guests entertained for hours! The opportunities for adventure are limitless, whether they’re jumping, sliding, or bouncing. The bouncy castles provide a safe and secure area for youngsters to engage in physical exercise while exploring their imaginations. It’s an excellent method to ensure that the lads have a good time at the party and burn off some energy in a safe and entertaining environment.

A Wide Range of Themes and Designs

Take a look at this! Yes! We also have unique inflatables like the one shown above! For any party or event, a sports-themed inflatable that mixes baseball, basketball, and darts! Even the older generation will be enthralled by this! Carnival World understands that each client has specific preferences. That is why we have a wide range of themes and designs to fit diverse party themes and hobbies.

From superhero adventures to pirate adventures, there is a bouncy castle that will definitely complement your celebration! Our vivid and eye-catching designs will captivate the attention of young minds immediately, taking them to a world of excitement and wonder. We have the perfect bouncy castle to bring your child’s imagination to life, whether he or she is a Spider-Man fan or a swashbuckling pirate.

Safety First

Your children’s safety is our first priority. We take strict precautions to ensure that all of our bouncy castles are of the greatest quality and comply with all safety regulations. Our inflatables are built of long-lasting materials and are periodically examined for wear and tear. Our skilled personnel will also do a complete setup, ensuring that the bouncy castle is securely secured and correctly inflated. We prioritise safety while not sacrificing enjoyment, providing you peace of mind that your children will have a safe and enjoyable time.

Hassle-Free Rental Process

Planning a boys’ party might be difficult, but hiring a bouncy castle from our company is easy. Contact us to browse our wide selection of bouncy castles, see their characteristics, and select the one that best meets your needs. We also provide variable rental durations, allowing you to plan the duration that best matches your needs. Our goal is to make the renting process as easy and stress-free as possible so that you may focus on creating great moments for your child.

Professional and Friendly Service

Our commitment to client satisfaction is unequivocal. Our committed team will give professional and courteous service from the moment you contact us until the day of the a party. Our experts will help you choose the best bouncy castle for your needs, answer any questions you may have, and walk you through the bouncy castle rental process. Our team will arrive early on the day of the event to put up the bouncy castle, assuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. At every step, we strive to exceed your expectations, ensuring that your party is a resounding success.

Affordable and Value for Money

We believe that every child should be able to enjoy the fun of a bouncy castle. As a result, we provide affordable prices without compromising quality. Our bouncy castle rental packages are designed to provide exceptional value for money, and include services such as delivery, setup, and dismantling. You may create a memorable party experience for your children without breaking the bank by using our affordable bouncy castle rental service. We understand the value of cost-effective solutions and are dedicated to providing affordable party entertainment that puts smiles on children’s faces.

Small Bouncy Castle For Rent

When it comes to organising a memorable boys’ party, our bouncy castle rental service is the best option. We are dedicated to offering unlimited fun and adventure to your special occasion with a wide choice of intriguing designs, a commitment to safety, a hassle-free rental process, expert service, and cheap costs. Make unforgettable memories that will be remembered for a lifetime. Contact us immediately and start jumping!

Arcade Machine Rental


Are you planning a funfair event in Singapore and want to include an intriguing and engaging game to keep your attendees entertained? There is no need to look any further! Fast Hands Game Machine Rental combines the pleasure of reflexes and coordination with the excitement of collecting falling rods. In this blog post, we’ll go through the amazing features of our Fast Hands gaming machine and explain why you should hire Carnival World to make your carnival event a smashing success!

Exciting Gameplay

Fast Hands is an exciting game machine that puts players’ reflexes and coordination to the test. Players stand in the centre of a circular area surrounded by randomly dropping rods. The goal is to catch the falling rods, demonstrating rapid reflexes and hand-eye coordination. The game is fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, and guaranteed to keep participants of all ages entertained.

Competitive Multiplayer Mode

Fast Hands is intended to promote friendly competition as well as social engagement. Our game machine has a multiplayer function that allows players to compete against their friends, family, or coworkers to see who can catch the most rods. The multiplayer feature provides an extra dimension of excitement and togetherness, making it an excellent choice for group entertainment at any funfair event.

Suitable for All Ages

If you’re seeking for another style of arcade game that requires quick hands, we also have Pai Da Le and Bishi Bashi. These games are appropriate for people of all ages and ability levels! Anyone may join in on the fun and excitement of our arcade games. This game machine delivers pure fun for everyone, whether it’s children, teenagers, or adults, making it an ideal choice for family-friendly events.

Easy to Set Up

Here’s another game that requires quick hands (kind of!). and yes, we do provide it!!!!

At Carnival World, we understand the value of stress-free event planning. Our game machines are straightforward to set up and operate, enabling you to concentrate on other parts of your event. Our skilled experts will deliver the game machine to your location, quickly and efficiently set it up, and provide a brief training on how to use it. We also provide technical help during the event to address any questions or problems as soon as possible.

A huge selection of carnival-style hands-on activities for your guests!

With our diverse selection of games, you can make your funfair event truly stand out! We have Hammer King in addition to Fast Hands Game Machine and Bishi Bashi. We are truly a one-stop shop where you can rent almost anything! This is only feasible due of our industry knowledge and expertise. We’ve been around a long time and know what our clients want. Our staff will collaborate with you to design a magnificent funfair that will reflect your vision and leave a lasting effect on your guests.

Reliable and Professional Service


We have what you want! Yes, you can hire an awesome Air Hockey Table from us! Another ‘hands-on’ activity for your visitors! Even novices would have little trouble playing these games! There is no need for instruction. Allow your visitors to amuse themselves!

Reliability and professionalism are essential when it comes to event planning. Carnival People is dedicated to providing excellent service in order to ensure the success of your carnival event. Our staff has handled a variety of event requirements and will work closely with you to understand your goals and give customised solutions. We take pride in our attention to detail, on-time delivery, and great customer service, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

In a nutshell, our Fast Hands gaming Machine and other hands-on gaming machines provide an exhilarating experience that will ensure the success of your funfair event in Singapore. Our funfair game machines are a must-have attraction that will leave a lasting impression on your guests thanks to its exciting gameplay, all-age appeal, easy setup, and customizable branding possibilities. Trust our dependable and competent service to manage all of your event needs, letting you to focus on creating memories that everyone in attendance will love. Contact us today to take your funfair event to the next level!

Allow me to introduce you to something that may be added to your funfair event game ideas now that you know where to rent Fast Hands Game machine for funfair events. Click here for bouncy castle rental!

Dragon Playground Bouncy Castle


Do you have a fantastic idea for a carnival-themed party? We have everything you require! Here at Carnival World, we have carnival-themed bouncy castles that are sure to catch everyone’s attention! Carnival World is excited to launch our carnival themed bouncy castle rental service, which is sure to elevate your celebration.

We are the go-to location in Singapore for all your party needs, with a broad choice of colourful, safe, and professionally made bouncy castles. Let’s explore the beautiful world of bouncy castles and see why our services are ideal for your next funfair event!

Endless Fun and Entertainment

The promise of endless fun and entertainment is at the heart of every excellent funfair. Our carnival-themed bouncy castles provide just that, providing an unforgettable experience for both children and adults.

Guests will be transported to a world of excitement and joy the moment they step foot on our colourful and intricately built bouncy castles. From classic carnival themes like carnival obstacle course to vivid circus-inspired decorations, our bouncy castles are sure to bring a smile to your face and leave you with memorable memories.

Safety First

We understand that safety is a primary priority for any event organiser or parent. Rest assured that we prioritise our customers’ safety and well-being above everything else. All of our bouncy castles are made with high-quality materials and go through thorough safety inspections to guarantee they go beyond the highest standards.

A Wide Range of Options

No two parties are alike, and we understand the importance of providing a varied choice of options to meet your individual needs and tastes. Our wide range of carnival-themed bouncy castles has something for everyone.

We have the appropriate bouncy castle to fit your theme and create an immersive experience whether you’re organising a birthday party, a community event, or a corporate meeting. From colourful and whimsical designs to inflatable obstacle courses and slides, our selection is sure to impress and entertain your visitors for hours.

Convenient and Hassle-Free

Party planning may be a challenging task, but with our bouncy castle rental service, we want to make the process as easy and convenient as possible. We provide adaptable leasing packages that are suited to your unique requirements, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. Our team will manage all parts of setup and breakdown, allowing you to focus on having fun and spending quality time with your guests. You may relax knowing that your event is in good hands with our prompt and reliable service.

Create Long-lasting Memories

A successful party is one that leaves your visitors with a lasting impression. You can create an amazing experience with our carnival themed bouncy castles that will be spoken about long after the party is over. Your guests will remember the laughter, excitement, and pure joy of bouncing around in a colourful funfair atmosphere for years to come.

Our bouncy castles will raise your event and make it genuinely extraordinary, whether it’s capturing great images or simply basking in shared moments of enjoyment.

Our carnival themed bouncy castles are the ideal choice for creating a memorable party. Our inexpensive bouncy castles provide a unique and immersive experience that will satisfy guests of all ages, from the thrill of bouncing to the wonderful aura of a funfair.

We are here to make your party fantasies come true, with an emphasis on safety, a varied choice of alternatives, and a commitment to offering convenience and hassle-free service.

So, why wait? Get in touch with us today to discuss your party requirements and book your carnival themed bouncy castles. Let us turn your event into a spectacular carnival adventure that will be remembered for years to come!


Are you arranging a Singapore event and searching for a unique method to engage your guests? Do you want to know where you can rent Carnival Games in Singapore? There is no need to look any further! Welcome to our Table Box Carnival Games Rental service, where we bring the thrill of traditional carnival games to your event.


Our interactive and fun games will bring a touch of nostalgia and ensure that your visitors have an amazing time, whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday party, or a community fair. Continue reading to find out why our Table Box Carnival Games Rental service should be your first choice!

One of the primary benefits of using our Table Box Carnival Games Rental service is that it can accommodate customers of all ages. Everyone, from small children to seniors, may enjoy the thrill of traditional carnival activities. Favorites like ring toss, ball throw, can knockdown, bowling, archery, and more can be found in our extensive game library! Whether your event is a family gathering or a business team-building activity, these games provide an excellent opportunity for participants to bond, compete, and create lasting memories.

Hassle-Free Setup and Delivery

Depending on your needs, our tabletop games can also be spread out on the floor! We can configure them to meet your specifications and demands! We understand the importance of a smooth and trouble-free setup when it comes to organizing an event. As a result, when you use our Carnival Games Rental service, you can sit back and relax while we handle everything. Our crew will manage the game booth delivery, setup, and takedown, allowing you to focus on other parts of your event. Our trained team will instruct participants on how to play each game, ensuring that everyone has the best possible time.

Versatile and Customisable Options

We believe in giving our clients with a personalized experience. As a result, we provide a diverse selection of carnival games that can be tailored to your event’s theme or branding. We can add that extra touch to make your event genuinely unique, from corporate logos to personalised game visuals. Our configurable options ensure that our games smoothly blend into your overall event concept, whether you’re holding a product launch, a school carnival, or a themed party.

Budget-Friendly Entertainment

If you’re wondering how much it costs to hire Carnival games in Singapore, we recognize that budgets are important when arranging an event, which is why our Table Box Carnival Games Rental service provides outstanding value for money. Renting our games is a more cost-effective option than other event entertainment options. You won’t have to worry about purchasing or maintaining pricey equipment after the event. You can choose the games that best suit your budget and event needs with our customizable rental options.

Enhance Engagement and Interaction

In today’s digital age, it’s critical to establish opportunities for face-to-face interaction and participation at events. Our carnival activities serve as a stimulus for socializing and connecting your guests. They promote healthy competition and teamwork while also instilling a sense of brotherhood and fun. Our games’ interactive nature keeps attendees interested throughout the event, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

Wide Range of Games Available

When you use our Table Box Carnival activities Rental service, you receive access to a vast array of activities that will leave your guests befuddled. We provide a wide variety of carnival games, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone’s tastes and ability levels. Our variety of classic favorites and unique variations on standard games is designed to keep your guests entertained and involved throughout your event.
When it comes to planning an unforgettable event in Singapore, our Table Box Carnival Games Rental service is the way to go. We want to give your event an unforgettable experience by providing a diverse choice of games for all ages, hassle-free setup and delivery, customizable options, affordable costs, increased involvement, and a commitment to safety. Don’t pass up the chance to have a good time and make memories with our Table Box Carnival Games Rental service. Contact us immediately and start playing!

Now that you know where and how to rent carnival games in Singapore, how about another carnival game to go with it? That’s correct! Snacks! Click here to see some delectable popcorn snack stations!


Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind method to make your celebration memorable for years to come? Take a look at our carnival game rental services!


Carnival games may add nostalgia to your event by bringing back childhood memories for everyone!

We bring the thrill and nostalgia of a classic carnival directly to your party or event with our carnival games. Our game rentals offer anything from classic ring toss and King of Hammers to contemporary games like the Basketball machine and Air hockey table machine. You name it, we probably have it!

But why should carnival gaming machines be preferred above other party activities? Here are a few examples:

All Ages Can Have Fun
One of the most appealing aspects of carnival gaming machines is that they are suitable for people of all ages. Everyone, whether they are 5 or 85, enjoys the thrill of trying to win a prize. Our games are simple enough for children to enjoy, yet tough enough to keep adults interested as well. And, because we provide a variety of games for rent, everyone can discover something they enjoy.

Yes, we have naughty bean table to make your event fun and thrilling! And everyone can play it!

One-of-a-kind and Memorable
Let’s be honest: we’ve all been to parties that included the same old activities and entertainment. With carnival games, on the other hand, you’re providing something unique and interesting that your visitors will remember long after the party is done. Furthermore, because our games are interactive and competitive, they contribute to the creation of a joyful and energetic environment that will keep your visitors interested and entertained for hours.

Yup! Daytona arcade machines are available! Can’t believe what you’re seeing? Your guests will be astounded as well!

Safe and welcoming

Carnival games are a safe and inclusive party entertainment option. Carnival games, unlike other forms of entertainment that may prohibit certain attendees based on their age or physical abilities, are open to all. There are games for young children as well as activities that will test even the most competent adults. Furthermore, carnival games are low-risk, which means there is less risk of harm or accident during gameplay.

You are not required to purchase a foosball table, which is normally a white elephant in the house! Simply rent it from us when you require it!

Simple to Set Up and Use
Our carnival games are simple to set up. All you have to do is provide the space and the guests, and we’ll do the rest. And because our games are simple to learn and don’t require any specific skills or equipment, your visitors can hop right in and have a good time.

Yup! A quick set up for a quick game!

Affordable pricing and Flexible
Costs can rapidly mount up when arranging a party. However, our carnival gaming machine rental services are affordable and flexible, with alternatives to suit any budget. Furthermore, because we provide a variety of games and rental periods, you may tailor your rental to your own needs and schedule.

Inferior expense does not imply inferior enjoyment. Set up two or three of these and watch your guests have fun! Make an inquiry about our Bowling Game today!

Various Options

The diversity of possibilities accessible is one of the most significant benefits of renting carnival gaming machines. There is likely to be a game that will appeal to every visitor at your party, from old games like ring toss to newer, more current games like NX Dance Machine and air hockey table machine.

With so many possibilities, you can design a bespoke experience that fits the theme of your party as well as the interests of your attendees. Carnival games will keep everyone entertained whether you’re throwing a kids’ birthday party or a corporate function.

Look at how the kids are having fun with a selection of activities to choose from! These tabletop games take up little room, are inexpensive, and provide hours of entertainment!

So, whether you’re planning a birthday party, a corporate event, or another form of celebration, consider renting our carnival game machines for a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. With our simple setup, low prices, and exciting games for all ages, we guarantee your guests will have a good time and your event will be a success. Get in touch with us immediately to learn more and reserve your rental!

To round off the celebration, how about some live food stations or arcade gaming machines?


Who doesn’t enjoy popcorn? Renting a live popcorn station is the ideal complement to any occasion!

Hosting a party or event may be a daunting endeavor, with an apparently never-ending list of things to consider. However, one aspect that can never be forgotten is the value of delectable snacks. And what food is more traditional and well-known than popcorn? That’s where we come in with our live popcorn station services. A live popcorn station, with its entertaining and engaging setup, is the ideal addition to any party or event.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the delectability element. Popcorn is a crowd-pleaser that is always in trend. It’s the ideal snack for people of all ages and dietary needs. Everyone enjoys the delicious crunch and buttery flavor of freshly popped popcorn, whether you’re throwing a kids’ birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event. Guests may also watch as their snack is popped right in front of them at our live popcorn station, making it even more special and delightful.

In addition to being delicious, our live popcorn station provides guests with a fun and participatory experience. The arrangement is visually stunning and will bring a one-of-a-kind touch to your occasion. Guests will appreciate watching the wonderful golden popcorn pop in the machine and then being scooped into individual bags or containers. It’s a sensory experience that will delight and interest everyone, young and old!
Not only is the setup amusing, but it can also be tailored to your event’s theme or aesthetic. We have a range of popcorn setups available, ranging from tabletop popcorn machines to unusual vintage popcorn carts like the one shown above. We have popcorn machines and trolleys in a variety of sizes to accommodate any venue or event!

But the personalization doesn’t end there. We also provide branding solutions for business events or themed parties. The popcorn bags or containers can be customized with your company logo or event hashtag, making them a terrific marketing tool as well as a souvenir for guests to take home. It’s a simple yet effective approach to make your attendees remember your event long after it’s gone.

The convenience factor is one of the most significant benefits of our live popcorn station services. Why add to the burden of planning and executing a party or event by having to handle the food yourself? We handle everything from set-up to clean-up for our live popcorn station, so you can focus on enjoying your event. Our staff will arrive early to set up the machine and supplies, and we will manage all of the popcorn popping and serving for the duration of the event. And after the event, we clean up and leave the place immaculate. It’s stress-free munching at its best.

Finally, a live popcorn station is an excellent complement to any party or event. It’s a tasty, amusing, and customized snack that’s guaranteed to please your visitors. It’s a snack solution that takes care of itself, leaving you to focus on enjoying your event, thanks to its visually stunning set-up, personalization possibilities, convenience factor, and price. So, what are you holding out for? Book our live popcorn station rental today to add some zing to your next event.

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