Traditional Games for Singapore Bicentennial

This year marks Singapore’s Bicentennial – the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore and what other better way to commemorate our many years of history and achievements?

Immense in your childhood recollections by having traditional games at your event! Back in the days where technology hasn’t exist and children all gathered together in front of their kampung houses to lepak. Instead of mobile phones and eyes glued to its screens, they had golis and chaptehs in their hands. Or rather, the latter on their feet.

No limits to age where the older generation and the current millennials can strengthen their bond over a game of Congkak or Five Stones. Relive that simple happiness where you can play with as many friends as you like! Not to worry if it’s your first time on it, as rental of our traditional games are inclusive of game instructions for you to refer to, else you may engage your friendly staff to be on-site to join in the fun as well!

Check out the other childhood games we have to offer in the Discover tab below!

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Rent The King of Arcade Machines For Your Event

Thunder, feel the thunder… Lightning and the thunder! ⚡⚡⚡

Prove your might and strength on our King Of Hammer, as you lift the mallet over your head and give your best shot. Get it right and you can show off your arrogance and challenge your friends to try beat your score and also have the onlookers admire as they witness the loud thuds as you thrust your hammer down on the machine.

You must be wondering where’s the lightning coming from? So the stronger you smash, the higher the disc shoots up bringing your points up to a whole new level, hopefully inches away from crowning you the “King“.

Perfect for public events like roadshows and product launches where this arcade machine can easily draw crowds over, be it just watching in the midst or have a go to challenge themselves and win some prizes.

Be the one true king when you smash and own the best high score in town!

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New Inflatable Games Up For Grabs

It’s the time again where we share with you our newest additions to the carnival family! This time, we have 3 new large inflatable games!

Dimensions: 3m by 1.5m by 2.2m

Experience Connect 4, a classic board game with your peers but in real life size instead! Also putting your basketball skills to the test, the first one who has perfect 4 scores in a row wins!

And if your basketball skills are quite up there, like literally. Why not challenge yourself in a game of Giant Tic Tac Toe with the inflatable at a height of 3.1m!

Dimensions: 3m by 1.5m by 3.1m

Do you remember we have this 3-In-1 Sports Game? What if I tell you now we have a zhng-ed up version where you can play 4 sports instead! More worth for your bucks.

4 in 1 Games (Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Foot Ball)

Dimensions: 7m by 4m by 2.6m

Perfect game for team building and especially if you’re planning for a sports themed event!

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Food Party For All

Not just the games and fun you’re gonna put in for your upcoming June Holiday programs, don’t forget to reward the children with some sweet treats too! Here at Carnival World, we have an extensive list of live food stations which caters to all regardless of age.

Entice the kiddos with our big fluffy clouds of sweet candy floss available in various colors such as white, pink, blue and orange. Another classic favorite would be our live popcorn station which you can easily get a whiff from far and make you crave for it instantly! Or take the chance to enjoy traditional chewy muah chee which is always seen at pasar malams only.

Other than the sweets, savory snacks like hot dog buns and nacho cheese chips are another option too! Throw in a couple of these along with some finger lickin’ good finger food and there you have a food party already!

We ensure a hassle-free and convenient enjoyment for all at your event as logistics such as manpower, equipment and supplies etc are all provided. All we need from you are the necessary power points, tables and your empty tummies!

Check out some ideas here in planning for an upcoming Family Day event!

If you’re looking for other kinds of food stations, feel free to check in with us!

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Carnival For Family Day

June’s school holidays is fast approaching so why not organize a family day to spend some quality time with your children? It’s time for them to let loose and have some fun!

Our table box games are not only affordable for rental; it is fun, hassle-free and easy for children of all ages to participate! All you need to provide are just tables and rewind to have fun!

And after all the fun, you guys can enjoy some sweet treats like iced Popsicle, popcorn and candyfloss as well as savory finger food like golden crispy nuggets and hot dog buns. Or other delicious snacks you can check out here.

Carnival World is specialized in carnival rental for all events regardless whether it’s for corporate, community, birthday parties or others. You can check out some of our past events here: Family Corporate.

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Arcade Machines For Corporate Themed Parties

Planning for an upcoming party for your office but has no ideas in mind yet?

Turn to Carnival World for a wide variety of arcade machines and carnival games to fill up laughter and fun at your event!

Ease all your work tension among colleagues and bosses and make things more fun by having a themed party instead! Just look at these Mario brothers leaving their usual job of kart racing and taking it to the next level on our arcade racing machines instead!

Sports Fanatics can challenge each other on our Nintendo Switch and Wii stations as well as test out their agility skills on the Bishi Bashi machine where you have to spam the buttons as hard and fast as you can to clear the levels.

Check out our full list of arcade machines here:!

And while you’re at it, why not spice things up to encourage your comrades to come in their best costumes for the Best Dressed Award? These are our personal favorites!

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New Arcade Machines To The Test

Back yet once again, Carnival World has brought in some new arcade machines specially for you event planners out there who are looking for the perfect one that fits in with your event!

You may or may not have been able to have participated in motorbike racing due to safety constraints etc, however you can fulfill that very dream right here on our Arcade Manx TT Super Bike playing it safe! No trophies awarded but a hell of a ride would make an unforgettable experience for your audience. If motorbikes isn’t your thing, we also have other arcade racing machines which you can check out from here.

Manx TT Super Bike’s dimensions: 2.35m by 1.9m by 1.77m.

A blast from the past here is our Spider Stompin’, a common staple in the arcade centres during our childhood days. Just as its name says, stomp away em’ creepy crawlies at the fastest you can within the time limit to earn points!

Spider Stompin’s dimensions: 1.62m by 1m by 1.77m.

Musical games are always popular and available for play by all ages, but wouldn’t it be better if you could have a go on an actual musical instrument?

Unleash your skills on the Taiko Drum Set and challenge your friend to see who is the ultimate drummer!

Taiko Drum’s dimensions: 1.2m by 1.2m by 2.05m.

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Carnival Fun For Corporate Events

Ended April with a BANG! in another one of our major corporate event! Who says carnivals are for families only? Regardless of event type, here at Carnival World you can find something fun for everyone and at the same time, stays rooted to your event theme!

Psst, but you can read up on our recent Carnival Family Day as well right over here.

First things first, a carnival event is never complete without having the opportunity to experience our very own carnival snacks! Enjoy both sweet ans savory treats like churros and nacho cheese chips and so much more which you can check out from here!

To cater for a high volume of participants at your event, entice them with sufficient games in different variations to go around. What we did for this event was to have all the participants go through all the games as checkpoints so that they’ll get to experience it all!

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Check out the previous events we’ve held in the Discover tab below.

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Carnival Planner For All Events

What’s a family day without the bonding fun you can get from enjoying carnival games and snacks together?

Fringe activities such as face painting and airbrush tattoos are available where parents and children can get matching designs on their faces! #envy Or participate in an arts & craft activity like Window Art to bond and get closer to your kids.

Our wide variety of food stalls are guaranteed to leave smiles on the kids’ faces and adults can reminisce their childhood memories while enjoying sweet treats such as our fluffy candy floss and heavenly popcorn. You can check out our list of live food stations here.

Here at Carnival World, you can find something for everyone regardless of your event type!

Check out the previous events we’ve held in the Discover tab below.

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Create New Memories Over Traditional Fun

The younger generation, or Generation Z per se these days might not even heard of things like Chapteh and Five Stones, let alone seen or played them in actual. On the other end, our Pioneers are highly experienced in this field but yet has no-one to pass their skills down to. Why not use it as a linking bridge for them to have some fun together?

Most suitable for bonding day events, families can come together regardless of age to forge new memories in a game of Pick Up Sticks where there’s no limit to the number of players.

Other traditional games includes Five Stones, Chapteh, Tikam Tikam, Marble, Congkak, Hopscotch, Coconut Bowling and Fishing.

To make things more interesting and competitive, add on some traditional game prizes like these where you can still bring the fun home!

You can check out more photos of them here:

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