Ball Pit Rental

Ever wanted to have a giant ball pit at your event to entertain the kids? Carnival World provide large colourful ball pit rental for your party or event in Singapore! Our rainbow ball pit are suitable for kids party, family day and carnival events. Watch how the children goes crazy when they see thousands of colourful balls before they dive into it! Below are the details of the items included in our ball pit rental, and how our ball pit looks like.

Large Ball Pit

(4m by 2.5m – 8000 balls)
8 – 10 children at one time

Giant Ball Pit

(5m by 4m – 16000 balls)
16 – 20 children at one time

Mega Ball Pit

(12m by 6m -38000 balls)
30 – 35 children at one time

Have your own pit for your event? We rent our soft balls too!

Do you have your own ball pit or area that you wish to fill up with soft balls?

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Rental Size Coloured Balls Items included
Large Ball Pit 4m by 2.5m by 0.5m(H) 8,000 balls Cushion wall, Cushion stairs, cushion play mat
Giant Ball Pit 5m by 4m by 0.5m(H) 16,000 balls Cushion wall, Cushion stairs, cushion play mat
Mega Ball Pit (Blue Inflatable Pit) 12m by 6m by 0.6m(H) 38,000 balls Inflatable wall, cushion stairs, cushion play mat
Balls Rental 7cm Rainbow Balls (min 1000 balls) 7cm plastic rainbow balls
  • Our ball pit rental rates include delivery, set up, dismantle and collection of equipment.
  • Choice of multi-colored rainbow or transparent clear soft balls.
  • Feel free to let us know if there is any other requirement you need for the ball pit.

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