Mechanical Texas Rodeo Ride Rental In Singapore

Tame your very own Texas Bull on our mechanical rodeo which is absolutely safe and suitable for play of all ages!

One of the few events companies in Singapore that provides rental for this, having this at your event is guaranteed to spike up the audience engagement as it’s not only fun and exhilarating to participate, watching it promotes laughter as well! Game play is available in 3 modes – ultimate mode will have the bull on full crazy mode where you try to hold on for your dear life.

But rest assured as our inflatable rodeo bull is well-trained and manned by a professional operator overseeing the game play to ensure its safety. You will not get injured even if you couldn’t withstand the power of the bull and fall off the seat as our inflatables are all made of PVC Tarpaulin which is the best quality for its material.

Hurry book your very own Texas Rodeo before anyone else “bulls” you!

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Reminisce Your Childhood With These Traditional Snacks

Seeing wooden stalls like these just makes you reminisce back in the good ol’ days where you’ve spent growing up living the kampung life where nearby neighbors all felt like family.

Why not experience it again at your very own event! Especially if you’re having in mind a retro themed party! Expect a variety of treats like Kacang Puteh, Muah Chee, Tutu Kueh, Potong Ice Cream, Traditional Biscuits and Drinks! Or attract the people’s attention with unique snacks like Shaved Ice Cone, Malt Candy and Dragon Beard Candy.

Complete this experience along with our traditional games such as Chapteh, Hopscotch, Tikam Tikam etc which you can check out over here:! Or you can check our the full list of live food stations we have available here.

Rates include manpower to man the stations, food supplies, delivery, set up, dismantle and collection.

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Easter Day Egg Hunt Activity in Singapore

As we’re done with the first quarter of 2019, soon to be approaching is Good Friday accompanied with the long Easter weekend! But have you started planning for your Easter Day Event yet?

Why not the perfect favorite pastime – Scavenger Easter Egg Hunting but with a twist?

Let your kids dive straight into a rainbow sea of our brightly-colored soft ball pits and hunt for those eggs that the Easter Bunny has kept hidden! A definite attention-seeker at your event, our ball pits come in 4 different sizes depending on the scale of your event. Pictured here is one of our cutest size and the only round ball pit, at a width of 2.4m and comes with a mini slide!

Chat us up for more information! In the meanwhile, do check out our ball pits here:!

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Free-Flow Carnival Food At Your Event

A mouth-watering sight like this would make it hard for you to stay away!

Especially if you’re having them FREE-FLOW at your event! Enjoy tasty carnival food such as our savory Live Hot Dog Bun Station here where you’ll draw your audience over with the wafting smell of freshly grilled chicken sausages snuggled in soft buns. Heinz sauces such as chili, ketchup and mustard are provided to complete the classic combo.

All our live food stations rental are equipped and inclusive of the food supplies, equipment, manpower, delivery, set up and collection – at very affordable rates!

Time to draw in the crowds to your event! Check out the rest below:

  • Live Popcorn Station
  • Live Candy Floss Station
  • Live Cup Corn Station
  • Traditional Drinks Stall
  • Traditional Biscuits Stall
  • Traditional Ice Cream Cart
  • Thai Ice Popsicle Station
  • Thai Ice Cream Rolls Station
  • Traditional Potong Ice Cream
  • Traditional Shaved Ice Cone Station
  • Kacang Puteh Station
  • Live Muah Chee Station
  • Live Tutu Kueh Station
  • Live Steamed Peanuts Station
  • Ding Ding Candy Station
  • Dragon Beard’s Candy
  • Malt Candy Station
  • Live Hot Dog Buns Station
  • Live Churros Station
  • Live Fries Station
  • Live Nugget Station
  • Nachos Cheese Chips Station
  • Slushie Machine Station

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TGIF Carnival Fun At SIT@NP

Thank god for the nearing weekend for the students at Singapore Institute of Technology @ Ngee Ann as they get to enjoy some carnival fun with Carnival World on a Friday earlier this month!

The students get to be rewarded with sweet treats after a long day of lectures with our live food stations. Enjoy unlimited free-flow of snacks such as traditional ice cream, popcorn and candyfloss; and savory finger foods like fries and nuggets. And many more tasty snacks which you can check them out over here.  All are available with a minimum of 2 hours rental and at affordable rates that comes with the food supplies, manpower, delivery set up and collection!

Feeling stressed from all those presentations or getting the jitters for the upcoming exams? Relieve them all by having a go at our arcade classics! Team up or challenge your friends on our basketball game as it is made for multiple players! Let off some steam and break for a new record on the King of Hammer! If you’re looking for other similar games like these, you can browse through our full list of arcade machines here!

Check out our blog for the various past events that we’ve held!

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Bring In The Crowds With Free Flow Yummy Snacks

Want to attract a snaking long queue at your event as well? How?

Engage our delicious live food stations where your event go-ers can enjoy them absolutely free and unlimited! Now that would surely keep the crowds coming and at the same time, might as well take part in your event while they are there! Being typical Singaporeans, they wouldn’t want to suffer any FOMO and definitely join in the fun too!

(FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out: a worried feeling that you may miss exciting events that other people are going to, especially caused by things you see on social media)

This is especially effective if you’re organizing roadshows or product launches where you can entice the public with FREE FOOD and have them gain interest in the products that you’re promoting! You can take a look at one of our recent events which we did so with 3M as reference over here:

You can expect classic carnival favorites such as sweet popcorn and candyfloss; traditional snacks like kacang puteh, potong ice cream, muah chee, tutu kueh; and nacho chips, fries and nuggets for the savory-taste lovers. Of course, many many more! Click on our Discover link below to check them out!

Rates are inclusive of food supplies, manpower, delivery, set-up and collection.

Let your tummies wait no more! For more enquiries or booking, get in touch with us now.

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Leading Balloon Decorations Company in Singapore

We would like to introduce the leading balloon decorations company in Singapore, That Balloons! With more than 10 years of experiences and a team of professional balloon artists, That Balloons has done more than 500 balloon decorations from birthday party to corporate events! Also, they have created a few balloon landscape for shopping malls and birthday parties through the years as well!

As the top balloon decorators in Singapore, That Balloons offer a wide range of balloon decorative items for their clients in Singapore! From balloon arch and columns, to customise balloon display, That Balloons can create a balloon landscape at your event venue that fits your theme! Below are some of the balloon work they have done:

Balloon Backdrop

Balloon Photo Frame 

Stage Front Balloon Decoration

Balloon Arch

Balloon Columns

Customised Balloon Display

Balloon Landscape

Lighted Tripod Balloons

To view their complete balloon decor gallery and find out more information of their balloon decoration services, click here.


Free Flow Sweet Popcorn For Everyone

If you’re a popcorn fan or an event organizer thinking of engaging for a live popcorn station, stay with us on this post as we share with you our collaboration for 3M Road Show Carnival that has happened over the last 2 weekends!

Hyper mart shoppers get to enjoy our free flow popcorn at absolutely zero cost and spending a minimum amount on their selected products exchanges you some tries at our Carnival Ring Toss where you can win for more! Attracting both the attentions of adults and children, event organizers can engage our food stations to garner crowd at your event. Featured here was one of our popular and affordable table box game which you can use to engage with your target audience to promote your products.

Browse through our Table Box Games right here.

Now, doesn’t this just gets your mouth watering?

For 2 full hours, enjoy free flow of sweet golden popcorn at one of our cheapest rates!

The event is ongoing for another 2 weekends this month so if you’re dying to test for our FREE popcorn, head down to the hyper marts at IMM or AMK Hub this weekend!

All our live food stations serve an approximation of 80-100 pax per hour and are inclusive of food supplies, 1 manpower per stall, delivery, set up, dismantle and collection. Check out our extensive list of yummy food in the Discover link below!

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Fun Fringe Activities For Kids’ Birthday Parties

Looking for fun party ideas for your child’s upcoming birthday?

Not to worry as you’ve come to the right place where Carnival World is more than experienced when it comes to organizing events such as parties! Here, we have more than 15 fun options for you to choose from! Be it live action like magic shows or hands-on arts & crafts, there’s surely something for everyone to enjoy!

Have your very own portrait drawn but in a wacky funny way in the form of  Caricature where the most distinctive idea is have your head drawn exaggeratedly larger than your body, or using some characteristics and oversimplification of others. They are usually done through sketching, pencil strokes, or through other artistic drawings. Bring one home as a souvenir where you may also opt to have your drawing shrink-ed in the form of a key chain for easy carrying around. Get unlimited drawings done within the hours rented by our professional artist!

For something more colorful and artsy-fartsy, kids can express their creativity in hands-on work such as scratch art and window art as they put the craft designs to life by filling up with colors of they desire! Or have themselves transform into beautiful fairies or animals in a session of Face Painting. All our supplies used are non-toxic certified and easily removable with wet wipes and water. If transformation is not their thing, opting for Glitter Tattoo or Air Brush Tattoo is just as cool and there are a plethora of designs where you can choose from!

Click here to check out our extensive list of fun-filled fringe activities you can have at your event!
– Roving Magician
– Roving Juggler
– Roving Stilt Walkers
– Professional Emcee Hosting
– Balloon Artist
– Stage Magic Show
– Stage Juggler Show
– Air Brush Tattoo Artist
– Face Painting
– Glitter Tattoo Artist
– Caricature
– Shrink Keychain Caricature
– Silhouette Cutting
– Wire Art
– Roving Photographer
– Live Photo Booth
– Henna Artist
– Scratch Art Station
– Sand Art Station
– Window Art Station

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Huat Along With Carnival World

Earlier this Lunar New Year we were given the opportunity to celebrate the festive vibes together with our fellow friends who were having their day off on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Held at Penjuru Recreation Centre, a wide variety of games were provided for a fun-filled Tuesday evening where they could just relax and de-stress, have some fun competing with one another.

Putting your strength and balance to the very test would be our popular eye-catching Colosseum Warrior and wacky Rodeo Bull where you try to hold on for as long as you can! Just watching it in game mode makes you feel the same exhilaration as the actual player as well! Or have a go at our Sumo Suit Game where you actually dress up as a professional sumo wrestler and force your opponent out of a circular ring or into touching the ground with any body part other than the soles of his feet.

Other than games that require much physical strength, we also have carnival themed games such as our affordable table box games or inflatable soccer so you don’t have to worry about not finding the right game to have fun! All our equipment and games are available for rental at affordable nett prices inclusive of delivery, set up, dismantle and collection. Absolutely no limit to the number of maximum hours in a day’s rental which means you’re guaranteed and encouraged to have as much fun as you can!

Regardless of your event size, indoors or outdoors, falling on national holidays etc; Carnival World is your number 1 dependent choice when it comes to holding your carnival events anytime of the year!

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