As customised branding claw machine supplier in Singapore, Carnival World had worked with countless of event companies and clients offering our arcade games rental and claw machine rental for private party and events. Over the years, we have push our limit to design and create unique customisation designs to fit into the theme of our client’s event. Last month during Chinese New Year, we have worked with our client to create another unique claw machine customisation for BMW Showroom!

BMW Claw Machine

For our claw machines, you can do the customization from head to toe where you can stick on your event branding or company logo etc all around the claw machine. To make it more personalized as well as spreading a stronger brand awareness, you may put in your event products for your event goers to catch instead of opting for our usual soft toys as prizes. If the size of product does not fit, you can itemized it down on a slip of paper and put inside our capsule balls.

Just a tip if you wish to rent for our claw machines, you are able to select your LED display lighting as well as the game-play’s music suited to your event. Win probability and claw strength can be set according to your preference as well.

Customised Branding Claw Machine Supplier in Singapore

Customer gets a chance to play a “sure-win” game on our claw machine when they did a test drive at BMW. These plushies & capsule balls was place in the claw machine to celebrate Chinese New Year during February 2022!

Claw Machine Rental

We also offer our claw machine for sale and rental as well. With this claw machine, you can save your time, money and quit trying countless of times and not get any prize in return. Whether you are having an upcoming event such as wedding, family gathering, gala dinner or any festive event or even simply having it at home for pleasure play, we got that covered for you!

With this, you can now play as you please and catch as many prizes as you want without having to spend $1.50 on each game. Also, it would be the perfect time for you to practice your claw machine skills with the unlimited plays you can now have.

Claw Machine for Mcd Singapore

With a lead time of *5 working days and customization at very affordable fees, hurry contact us to get your very own now!

Rates include delivery, set up, dismantle and collection.

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