Carnivals celebrate joy, colour, and self-expression. It’s a time when individuals from all walks of life come together to enjoy themselves in a lively and exciting environment. In this blog post, we showcase our top-notch temporary tattoo painting service, which is designed to elevate your funfair event to new heights. Discover the wonder of our talented artists, a diverse selection of designs, and the pure joy of temporary body art.


Unleash your imagination with our talented artists

Carnival World takes great pride in its team of incredibly trained artists who are passionate about their job. Each artist has a distinct artistic style and a thorough awareness of the potential of body art as a means of self-expression. When you use our services, you’ll be able to collaborate with these great artists and bring your craziest dreams to life. They have a good eye for detail and can turn even the simplest concept into a stunning work of art on your skin. From complicated geometric patterns to whimsical floral designs, our artists can create temporary tattoos that reflect your unique personality and taste.

What you see above is our face and body painting services, which our painters can also provide. Let us know what service you prefer!

A wide range of designs to suit all tastes

Glitter Tattoo Art for Kids

We offer glitter body painting! Whether you want bright, vibrant designs or detailed, delicate patterns, our temporary tattoo artists have you covered. We provide a diverse range of designs inspired by other countries, traditions, and themes. From tribal themes to fanciful fantasy animals, there is something for everyone. Our painters are also willing to customise designs based on your preferences, so your visitors can have lovely temporary art for the occasion!

Safe and Easy Application Process 

Glitter tattoo Birthday party SG

Even toddlers are able to join in the excitement! We prioritise our clients’ safety and comfort. Our temporary tattoos and paint are made from high-quality, non-toxic, skin-safe materials. Our professional painters provide a smooth application process while taking great care to preserve cleanliness requirements. The application is quick and painless, allowing you to enjoy your temporary tattoo from the minute you apply it until the carnival event ends.

Affordable Artistry

At Carnival World, we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to express themselves artistically without incurring unnecessary fees. That is why we provide economical temporary tattoo painting services to meet your carnival event budget. Our price packages are designed to be flexible, allowing you to select the items that best meet your needs. We believe that temporary tattoos should be available to everyone, allowing them to have fun and express their creativity. With our reasonable prices, your guests may enjoy high-quality temporary tattoos without sacrificing quality or your pocket.

Engage Our Services for Unforgettable Carnival Experiences 

By hiring our temporary tattoo painting service, you can enhance your carnival experience and make amazing memories. Whether you’re planning a small neighbourhood funfair or a large-scale event, our crew is ready to offer the joy of temporary body painting to your guests. Engaging our services not only adds a creative element, but also stimulates self-expression and fosters a sense of community among participants.

Face Painting Artist

Make your carnival event a visual feast with our outstanding temporary tattoo painting service in Singapore. Our experienced painters, various design options, safe application procedure, and long-lasting effects make us the ideal choice for your next funfair. Step into a world of colour, fantasy, and self-expression, and let our temporary tattoos serve as a blank canvas for your creative ideas. Embrace the excitement of temporary body art and make amazing memories that will linger long after the funfair lights fade. Contact us today to schedule our services and begin on a voyage of artistic delight!

There is one more thing that a Carnival events can’t go without! And that’s a live popcorn station! Click here to find out more!

Fun Giant Game Booths for Rental

Everything bigger is better! Prepare to have an insane amount of fun and excitement with Carnival World! Introducing the much-anticipated Giant Game Booths! We bring you your favourite games, but now they’re twice as much fun! Bring this massive game booth to your own carnival or party to impress your visitors and blow them away with the scale of your games!


Have you ever felt the thrill of a wobbly skyscraper tumbling brick by brick with each turn? Try our human-sized Jenga to excite the crowd even more! (pss, don’t worry, these bricks won’t hurt you).  As the tower rises, the game grows increasingly difficult, and tension builds with each move. The anticipation of the tower crumbling adds to the excitement with each rotation. Players work together to keep the tower standing, creating a dynamic atmosphere.
Our human-sized jenga features larger pieces, making it exciting to watch players carefully negotiate the towering edifice. The tower collapses dramatically and unexpectedly, resulting in laughter and memorable moments.

How to play:

  1. Players gather around the tower and determine the order of play.
  2. Players will then take turns choosing a block from the tower using only one hand.
  3. Remove any blocks from any layer except the topmost completed layer.
  4. Place the block on top of the tower in the opposite direction to the layer below.
  5. If the tower collapses during a player’s turn, the player loses!

Jumbo Jenga Rental Singapore


Are you ready to take on a Snake and Ladder challenge to test your luck? The game appeals to players of all ages due to its intrigue and unpredictable turns. The game’s emotional highs and lows, such as being ahead of others and landing on a snake, make it intriguing and enjoyable.
This game’s simplicity makes it suited for all ages, with younger players working on counting and fundamental addition skills.

How to play:

  1. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their game piece forward the number of spaces indicated by the dice.
  2. If a player lands on the base of a ladder, they can climb to a higher-numbered square at the top of the ladder.
  3. If a player lands on the head of a snake, they must slide down to the lower numbered square at the snake’s tail.
  4. The first player to reach or exceed the final square wins the game!

GIANT twister

Are you ready to get your body twisted!? Players must stretch, bend, and deform their bodies, which may appear hilarious or unnatural. The physical challenge adds fun by requiring players to keep their balance and avoid falling. This entertaining game causes laughter as players attempt to follow instructions and retain their position. large Twister is not a competitive game, but watching players manoeuvre the large mat and end up in humorous positions adds to the excitement.

How to play:

  1. Players must follow the instructions called out by the spinner and place the specified body part on the corresponding-coloured circle.
  2. Each body part must be placed on a different circle, two players cannot share the same circle.
  3. Players are eliminated if any part of their body, other than their hands and feet touches the mat.
  4. If a player falls or touches the mat with the wrong body part, they are out of the game.
  5. The last man standing wins!

Giant Twister Rental

GIANT pick up stick

You’ve played the standard version of pick-up stick, how about an upsized version? Test your skills with the magnified sticks. Our Giant Pick Up Stick enhances the game’s visual appeal and entertainment for players.

How to play:

  1. Players take turn trying to pick up a giant stick without disturbing the others.
  2. Only 1 stick can be moved per turn.
  3. Players must use their hand to pick up a stick without moving the others.
  4. If a player picks up a stick without moving the others, they score the points indicated and if they fail to do so, their turn will be forfeited, and no points are scored.


GIANT connect 4

Our Giant Connect 4 is a social game that promotes engagement and friendly competition. It is suitable for all ages, including youngsters, and has strategic features that can engage adults, making it ideal for family parties. Attendees’ cheers and comments enhance the whole experience.

How to play:

  1. The players take turns dropping their coloured disc into any of the seven columns.
  2. The disc will then occupy the lowest available space within the chosen column.
  3. Players can only drop disc in unoccupied columns, and the disc will stack on top of each other.
  4. Player to connect the first four of their own discs will win!

Giant Connect 4

GIANT country eraser

We are excited to introduce the Giant County Eraser, a 10x larger and more enjoyable version of the popular game. Each rubber measures 0.8m x 0.5m. Sounds exciting? What are you waiting for! Invite friends and family to compete and see who can win.

How to play:

  1. Choose your favourite country, choose one eraser each.
  2. Choose 1 player to start first.
  3. Get active with your arms and flip the eraser. The first player may flip their eraser once.
  4. Take turns to flip.
  5. Continue until one eraser is on top of the other.
  6. Players whose eraser is on top wins!

Giant Country Eraser

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Inflatable Dragon Playground Castle Rental


I’m sure all you Singaporeans remember this dragon playground, which probably occupied 80% of our childhood.

This Dragon-shaped playground was once popular in Singapore. It was located in Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh, but only the one in Toa Payoh remains now. It was a dragon playground with sandy grounds where all the youngsters could play. It was the greatest joy of all time.


The inflatable version of the dragon playground is available at Carnival World! This means that you will not only be able to relieve stress and reminisce about your childhood, but you will also have a lot of fun jumping and bouncing about the inflatable! Here are a few pictures of our Dragon Playground Bouncy Castles Rental in Singapore:

Dragon Playground Inflatable

Dragon Playground Bouncy Castle


Dragon Playground Bouncy Castle Rental

The good news is that our inflatable dragon playground is available at a cheap price that you will not find anywhere else! It will undoubtedly be a rental that will bring you a lot of delight and waves of laughter.

Bouncy castles are an unrivalled choice for adding excitement and delight to your events. Our bouncy castle rental service assures that your event is a resounding success with our extensive range of high-quality inflatables, devotion to safety, and dedication to customer happiness. Our bouncy castles will generate memories that will last a lifetime for both young and old guests.

So, whether you’re planning a birthday party, a corporate event, or a community gathering, our bouncy castle rental service will make your occasion genuinely unique. Experience the thrill and joy of bouncing and sliding and make memories that will be talked about for years to come.

Looking for other designs of our inflatables? Take a look at our list of bouncy castles rental we have on our website or contact us today by simply clicking on the button below and fill up a quick form. Our sales assistant will reply as soon as we receive your form. Alternatively, you may also call us at 66126450 or Whatsapp us here!

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Carnival World provides cheap ball pit and bouncy castle rentals in Singapore in 2024! Check out our unique modular rainbow ball pit with slide, which can be customised to match any event! With over 100,000 soft balls in our warehouse, you can be sure that we have plenty for your kids to jump into!


We are the best at renting ball pits and bouncy castles! Our skilled team has set up ball pits ranging in size from a small birthday celebration to a large event ball pit! With over 20 bouncy castles to pick from, you’re sure to find one that fits your theme and locale!

Aeroplane Bouncy Castle with Lego Ball Pit for rent


Our team of professionals can customise the ball pit to what you want, whether it’s changing the colour of the pit or adjusting the size. Here are examples of our ball pit rental setups for various kids parties in Singapore; call us immediately to hire!




Our bouncy castle rentals range from a small 3m x 2m bouncy castle to a huge inflatable obstacle course, and our rates start at $300, which covers delivery of equipment, installation and setup, as well as dismantle and collection of the bouncy castle! Whether you place the bouncy castle indoors or outdoors, rest certain that there are no additional hidden fees! For additional information, please contact us right away:


Small Bouncy Castle For Rent

Looking for other Singapore party rentals? You can choose from over 400 in-house party rentals at Carnival World! Inquire with us right away!

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Carnival World offers over 200 pieces of in-house equipment available for hire! However, we are constantly expanding our selection of funfair games, arcade machines and so on in order to provide you more delight and excitement! We are pleased to introduce our new funfair games rental in Singapore for your event or party. Multi-player air hockey table, Mario & Sonic Olympic game, and bike racing game are all available. What exactly are you waiting for? Request one from us right away!


Our newly introduced game Mario & Sonic Olympic game Tokyo Arcade Edition lets player experience Gymnastics, Rugby, Discus Throw, Triple Jump, 100m, Sports Climbing, Surfing, Swimming, Diving, 110m Hurdles, Shooting and Vault all in one machine.

The concept of virtual sports on the same spot offers a unique and entertaining experience, not only allows individual to stay active but also adds a layer of convenience if you do not have a large space to accommodate for the sports.

Mario & Sonic Olympic Game Tokyo Edition offers motion sensing technology to track players’ movement which can make the gameplay more interactive and responsive, allowing players to feel like they are truly participating in the sports activities. Incorporate a variety of mini games and challenges within each sport to keep the game dynamic and engaging. The sports are range from skill-based tasks to time-based challenges, adding an element of competition and achievement.

Players are also able to choose their favourite characters from the all-time adding a personal touch to the gaming experience which creates an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. Whether it’s a vibrant stadium for 100m dash or serene virtual beach for surfing, the visuals of the game can enhance the overall gaming experience.

This game implements a system for tracking player’s progress, achievements and scores. Rewarding players with virtual medals, trophies and placements. By combing these elements, we can create a sports game that provides a dynamic and enjoyable experience for players, even when they’re staying active on the same spot.

Bike Racing Game

Want to get your guest to be engaging and active during your event?

Introducing our latest addition — Bike Man, our latest two-player arcade racing game that promises non-stop excitement for you, your friend and family. Embark on a thrilling journey through 10 uniquely crafted game themes, ranging from urban landscapes to challenge off-road terrains. Each theme provides a visually stunning backdrop for high-speed adventures.

From speed boosts to obstacle-clearing tools, these items add a layer of excitement and competition. Immerse yourself in the action with our build-in blower, delivering the sensation of wind rushing past you and a seat that responds to every twist, turn and jump. Challenge your friends or family to this intense 2-player showdown and determine who will emerge as the ultimate racing champion.

Jurassic Park Arcade Machine

Step into a prehistoric world of thrills and excitement with our latest addition – Jurassic Park! Based on the hit movie franchise, this immersive arcade experience promises to transport players into the heart of dinosaur-filled adventures.

Enjoy stunning visuals on a massive high-definition display, bringing the Jurassic Park world to life with breathtaking detail. This game is designed for players of all ages, Jurassic Park offers a family-friendly gaming experience that combines excitement with accessibility. Hop on to embark on thrilling missions that challenge your skills and immerse yourself in the iconic park narrative.

Encounter a diverse array of over 30 dinosaur species, each meticulously designed to capture the essence of the universe, equip yourself with high-reliability guns for an immersive and responsive shooting experience as they face off against the mighty dinosaurs.

Immerse yourself into the latest gaming technology with cutting-edge graphics and sound that transport you straight into the adventure. Prepare for an unforgettable journey through time and experience bringing your friends and family together for a gaming adventure!

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Giant LED Gashapon Machine


Carnival World sells and rents gashapon machines in Singapore! Our new LED giant gashapon machine rental is available in an appealing retro white shade and can accommodate 350 large 100mm capsule balls! If you want an unique and eye-catching lucky draw machine, our enormous gashapon machine is just what you need. Simply set your fortunate draw item, such as gifts or coupons, on the giant capsule balls and allow your guests to play with the token they received while making a purchase at your store.


Here’s where you can rent our giant gashapon machine! As a carnival rental company, we also sell various huge gashapon machines. For additional information, please contact our helpful sales representative.

Giant LED Gashapon Machine


As the direct party rental company, we are definitely able to offer you the best price in the market! Carnival World also work with various event planning companies in Singapore by being their direct party rental supplier. If you are interested to work with us, simply contact our friendly sales assistant and let us know how you like to collaborate with our company!

Below are a few other gashapon lucky draw machines rental we offer:

To enquire with us, simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form. Our sales assistant will reply as soon as we receive your form. Alternatively you may also call us at 66126450 or Whatsapp us here!

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Have you ever seen massive bouncy castles at carnivals or fan fairs? Have you ever wondered where you might rent bouncy castles in Singapore? You’ve come to the correct place! We rent out affordable bouncy castles at Carnival World! We have a large assortment of bouncy castles from which to choose! Continue reading to learn more!



Event planning can be exciting as well as challenging. Whether it’s a birthday party, a corporate meeting, or a community festival, you want your visitors to have an amazing experience. Incorporating bouncy castles into your event is a definite method to accomplish this. These inflatable wonders provide hours of enjoyment for both youngsters and adults. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the realm of bouncy castle rentals and explain why hiring us for your next event is a wise move that will take your event to new heights.


Princess Carriage Bouncy Castle

We take pride in providing a varied choice of bouncy castles to fit various event themes and preferences. We have something for everyone, from vibrant and colourful designs to popular character-themed castles. Whether your child fantasises about bouncing alongside their favourite jungle animals or you’re looking for a classic castle design to improve the overall mood of your event, our broad selection will not disappoint. We recognise that each event is unique, and our collection reflects that.


Dragon Playground Bouncy Castle

When it comes to renting bouncy castles, quality and safety are of the utmost importance. Our company goes above and above to ensure that all of our inflatables meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our bouncy castles are made of strong materials that can survive hours of bouncing and playing. Furthermore, they are subjected to regular maintenance and thorough cleaning to ensure that they are in the best possible condition for each rental.

Furthermore, we stress safety by following strict safety rules. Our team of experts guarantees that all bouncy castles are properly installed, with correct anchoring and safety precautions. We provide users with clear instructions and, if necessary, supervision services, providing you piece of mind throughout your event.


Aeroplane Bouncy Castle for Family Day

When you hire bouncy castles from us, you’re getting more than just an inflatable structure; you’re welcoming a whole world of fun and excitement to your event. Bouncy castles have the wonderful capacity to capture children’s imaginations and bring out the inner child in adults. They create a fascinating and safe place for children to jump, slide, and engage in active play. The sheer excitement and laughter that bouncy castles generate create an atmosphere of pure delight, making your celebration really unforgettable.

Furthermore, bouncy castles are not just for children’s events. They are ideal for corporate gatherings, family reunions, school activities, and festivals since they bring a thrilling and entertaining element for attendees of all ages. Our inventory includes bouncy castles with unique features like slides, obstacles, and interactive games, so there’s something for everyone.


Carnival Land Bouncy Castle for Carnival

We realise the significance of a smooth event experience at our rental service. That is why we place a premium on convenience and professionalism in our service. We provide customisable rental options that include delivery, setup, and takedown so you can focus on enjoying your event instead of worrying about logistics. Our devoted staff of specialists is experienced, pleasant, and always available to help you with any questions or issues. From the minute you contact us until the bouncy castle is packed away, we take pleasure in offering great customer service.


Dragon Playground Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles are an unrivalled choice for adding excitement and delight to your events. Our bouncy castle rental service assures that your event is a resounding success with our extensive range of high-quality inflatables, devotion to safety, and dedication to customer happiness. Our bouncy castles will generate memories that will last a lifetime for both young and old guests.

So, whether you’re planning a birthday party, a corporate event, or a community gathering, our bouncy castle rental service will make your occasion genuinely unique. Experience the thrill and joy of bouncing and sliding and make memories that will be talked about for years to come. Contact us right away to reserve yours!

After all that bouncing, your guests will be hungry! What about some delicious live food booths to feed their bellies? More information can be found by clicking here!

Candy Floss Live Food Station



Do you want something to eat? Come visit Carnival World! Including Best Traditional Live Food Stations in Singapore 2024 into your next event will not only fulfil your appetite but will also lure attendees with delectable flavours and bring people together via a shared enjoyment of food! Enjoy a tantalising blend of tastes and sensations that will breathe new life into conventional food stations!


Hotdog Bun Station

Hungry? Take a bite of the grilled goodness while our hot dog bun live food station fills the air with the seductive sizzling aroma! Bring back the iconic carnival staple snack and include it into your next event, celebration, or party as you watch your guests eagerly clutch the mouth-watering hot dog buns at our traditional live food station!


Kacang Puteh Live Station

Do you require a snack? Discover the allure of Kacang Puteh live food stations, where this classic selection of crunchy roasted and seasoned nuts is the foundation of the colourful street food culture! Guests can mix & match their chosen nuts, creating a personalised mixture of flavours as you successfully introduce them to the taste of the past!



Do you want to quench your thirst? As you satisfy your thirst with the flavours of heritage, sip and savour the charm of the best traditional drinks stall live cuisine station with us! Allow your guests to embark on a journey through the wide and rich tapestry of world beverage traditions as they become drawn to the brilliant colours, transforming the act of sipping into a visual treat! Look at the variety of flavours we have here!


Do you have a sweet tooth? At our dragon beard candy live food station, you can engage your senses and pleasure your taste buds! This hand-pulled and exquisite treat takes centre stage, displaying the precise craft of pulling and stretching the sugar into fine threads, fascinating while amusing guests as you watch their grins and laughter draw up! The Dragon Bread live food station is not only visually appealing, but it also entices the taste senses as it melts with exploding tastes!


Live Food Station Traditional Biscuit

Does this sound familiar? That’s correct! This ultimate nostalgic delight is the iconic, all-time favourite childhood snack—will bring guests back to the 1990s with just one crisp bite! This traditional live food biscuit station is a gem that will boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your event with its exquisite presentation of freshly made biscuits put in lovely displays! It is a visual treat that will enhance the environment and make your party seem more friendly!



A blistering hot day? Enjoy some nostalgia and happiness while cooling off with the best classic ice cream cart; nothing beats the sound of an ice cream cart bell ringing through the air! This live food station brings a lot of joy to any gathering, whether it’s the jingle of the cart, the brilliant colours, or the promise of a cool treat on a hot day!

Munch with us now at Carnival World’s best traditional live food stations in Singapore today!

Your guests want even more heart pumping entertainment? Click here for more ideas!


Are you hosting a party in Singapore and looking for the best way to keep your guests entertained? There is no need to look any further! Introducing our exciting Giant Jenga game rental service, which is sure to provide a thrilling and exciting touch to any celebration.

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, a corporate event, or even a wedding reception, our Giant Jenga game will have everyone laughing and indulging in friendly competition. Let’s have a look at the interesting features and benefits of our rental service, which will make your event an amazing experience!

What exactly is Giant Jenga?

Giant Jenga is a massive version of the original Jenga game that we all know and love. It consists of a tower of precisely arranged blocks that players must strategically remove and place on top of without causing the structure to fall. Our Giant Jenga game rental includes a set of durable, high-quality blocks that have been meticulously designed to ensure stability and longevity, resulting in an outstanding tower that will captivate your visitors.

Engaging Entertainment for All Ages

One of the most appealing aspects of Giant Jenga is its worldwide appeal. People of various ages and backgrounds can enjoy this interactive game together, regardless of age or background. It’s an excellent icebreaker, allowing guests to participate, bond, and make memorable memories. Everyone, from youngsters to adults, will be eager to demonstrate their dexterity and strategic thinking abilities. Giant Jenga is an inclusive party game that brings people together, making it an excellent choice for party entertainment.

Versatile and Customisable

Our Giant Jenga game rental may be customised to fit any event venue or theme. The game may be quickly set up and changed to your liking whether you’re holding an inside or outdoor event. Our rental service’s adaptability guarantees that your guests may play Giant Jenga in any setting, whether it’s a sunny garden party or a cosy interior event. We also provide the option to personalise the blocks with logos, initials, or event-specific artwork, giving a personal touch to make your event really one-of-a-kind.

Fun and Competitive Atmosphere

The thrill develops as the tower grows bigger and more perilous, and the competitive spirit comes alive! Giant Jenga adds drama and excitement to any gathering, with players strategizing and carefully selecting the next block to extract. Witness the excitement as players carefully remove a block, hoping that their move will not be the one that causes the tower to collapse. The yells and laughter that erupt when the tower collapses, or the ovation that erupts when the final brick is successfully placed on top, will create an atmosphere of joy and friendship.

Convenient Rental Service for Giant games

Our organisation aims to make the event planning process as easy as possible for you. If Giant Jenga isn’t enough for your party, we now have Giant Pick Up Sticks as an option! Our Giant game rental service is convenient and adaptable, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event. We cover delivery, setup, and collection, allowing you to relax and have a stress-free event.

Affordable Party Entertainment

We understand the importance of budget concerns while hosting an event. Our Giant game rental service provides an inexpensive party entertainment alternative that does not sacrifice fun and excitement. By using our rental service, you can provide your guests an unforgettable experience without breaking the budget. We provide various rental options adapted to your individual needs and duration, making our Giant games suitable for a wide range of events and budgets.

If you want to enhance the fun level at your next party, our Giant game rental service in Singapore is the way to go. Our rental service provides a unique and memorable experience for all, from the fascinating gameplay and universal appeal to the versatility and cost. Allow Giant Jenga and Pick Up Sticks to provide fun, friendly competition, and bonding possibilities to your party, producing an occasion that all attendees will appreciate and remember. Contact us immediately and start having fun!

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Inflatable Game Booth



Break away from the mundane and elevate your celebration with an explosion of excitement! At Carnival World, we are thrilled to introduce a game changing addition to your events! Our inflatable game stalls! Get ready to inflate and redefine fun and engage guests of all ages in an unforgettable experience.


Our inflatable game stalls are not your average party games, they are interactive and challenging. They are vibrant, larger-than-life structures that challenge your skills and captivate your imagination. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, corporate event or neighbourhood get-together, our inflatable games are designed to add that extra flair that turns an ordinary gathering into an exciting celebration.

What sets our inflatable games apart is the perfect balance of challenge and fun. Engage in friendly competition with your friends and family as you navigate through thrilling obstacle courses or test your accuracy with Cowboy Face Off. The inflatable arena transforms into a playground where everyone, from the youngest to the oldest can join in on the action and create lasting memories.

Inflatable Game Booth For School Event


If you are planning a kids birthday party, team building event for adults, or even a back-to-school celebration our diverse range ensure there’s something for everyone. Watch as laughter echoes through the air and smiles light up faces, proving that inflatable fun knows no age limits.

Tailor the games to suit your event’s vibe, whether you prefer a laid-back atmosphere of high-energy competition. From individual races to team challenge, the possibilities are endless and fun is entirely in your hands.

As you conquer our inflatable games, you not only take home the fun you also earn the chance to snag a fantastic prize. From small gifts to big plush toys our prize selection caters to all ages and preferences. 

Inflatable Game Booth

We believe that excellent entertainment should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget constraints. We provide a wide range of inflatable games from which to choose based on your budget. We offer transparent pricing, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment. Our team is committed to providing high-quality entertainment at a reasonable price. With our Small Inflatable Carnival Games Rental, you can have a great time without breaking your budget.

Carnival World is your one-stop shop for adding fun, excitement and entertainment to your event. We truly believe that our service will exceed your expectations with our unrivalled selection of affordable funfair games in Singapore, engaging activities for all ages, hassle-free rental experience, devotion to safety, customisation possibilities, and budget-friendly pricing. Don’t miss out the opportunity to create a memorable event experience. Contact Carnival World now and begin to have fun!

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