2019 National Day Celebration In The East

Four full days of a long weekend thanks to Singapore’s 54th birthday and on 9th of August itself, Carnival World had tons of fun bonding over traditional games with the East-side residents!

Millennials and the Gen Z may or may not be very familiar with these kampung games that the older generation used to play with when they were young, when in their hands were usually mobile phones and game consoles. So it definitely acts as a linking bridge between the different generations to have fun together, also providing a sense of nostalgia for our pioneers.

Over at SAFRA Tampines that day, residents were spoiled for many choices as they go around each and every stations to conquer Hopscotch, Zero Point, Five Stones, Coconut Bowling, Bottle Ring Toss, Pick up Sticks, Country Flag Eraser Game and also among them the crowd’s favorite – Congkak!

Despite the sunny weather, our hyper little residents are as excited to try out our own version of Number Hopscotch! The first player to reach number 10 wins!
Also introducing our Zero Point game which we recently added to the deck – players have to go through various levels of crossing over the “rope” without touching it. After every round, they have to shout “Zero Point!”, “One Point!” and so on.

As the rubber band “rope” is quite versatile, our crew even used it as a skipping rope and also played the classic party game – Limbo with the kids! Fun has no limits.

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Lit It Up On Our Dance Revolution Machine

Transform into a dance machine yourself when you’re up groovin’ to the tunes and dancing off your feet according to the choreography on our dance simulation arcade machine!

Everyone knows the original DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) that the youngsters like to spend their time on at the arcade centres after school perfecting on their dance moves. But do you know we have this pump it up version called NX Absolute Dance Machine?

Dimensions: 1.8m by 1.75m by 2.2m

Take control of the dance floor as you sweep the audience off their feet or take up a challenge with your friend as you guys move along with the hits – available in English, Mandarin and Korean! Don’t be afraid even if you have 2 left feet or zero experience in dancing as the game can accommodate players from first-timers to zai kias (Hokkien for experts/professionals) featuring various difficulty modes so that you can keep practicing till you nailed it!

Discover other music arcade machines and many more below!

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Inflatable Obstacle Course Challenge

Dimensions: 14m by 3.5m by 4.2m
Requirement: 2x 13 amp power points

Being one of the carnival equipment rental company in Singapore, we would also want to bring the bouncy fun to adults as well! Here in Carnival World, we provide zhng-ed up versions of our inflatables where you can enjoy multi-dimensional fun on the obstacle course!

Recently, our Large Obstacle Course was featured at the Event Lawn in Choa Chu Kang Park where families can enjoy this inflatable playground together as they crawl through and speed-challenge each other.

We also have other inflatables in various designs and sizes which you can check in with us! Learn more about our new Inflatable Dragon Playground that is gaining popularity over here!

Be it bouncy castles or obstacle course, our inflatables are all made of strong PVC material so it’s guaranteed safe and fun for even adults to jump on!

You can check out our inflatable games here as well!

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Food Party Planning

Are you planning for a food party to be held in your office? First-timer? No need to fret as Carnival World is here at your aid!

All you need is to let us know when and where it will be held at, the duration and number of pax catering for and of course, how many yummy food stations you have your eyes on!

From popular carnival snacks like popcorn and candyfloss to sweet treats like churros and muah chee, you’ll be spoilt with many choices! You can even combo it up to a meal with a cup of Bandung, a hotdog bun and french fries. Discover our full list of food stations below to get the party rollin’!


We will take care of arranging the delivery, set up, manpower and necessary equipment required. On your end, just provide the tables, power points and your empty tummies!

Lastly, end off the awesome party you’ve planned with unlimited print-outs that you and your colleagues can bring home on the spot! Go crazy and creative with the wacky props provided.

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Community Family Day

2 weekends ago we were engaged in helping out for a Community Carnival Day organized by Narpani Pearavai, or also known as the Indian Activity Executive Committees Council (IAEC) whereby families get to wind down after a long week’s work and spend bonding time together at the Singapore Jurong Bird Park.

Featuring our carnival box games that are easily playable for both adults and children, participants can have a go and stand to win home some prizes as a memorable token from their fun day. What was displayed that day: Carnival Ring Toss, Match The Colour, Milk Can Toss, Shoot The Alien, Basketball Game as well as Balloon Dart!

Nothing more sweet than spending time with your loved-ones, but how about ending it off with some sweet treats after a day of awesomeness! Yummy snacks like popcorn and candyfloss were prepared on the spot to ensure you enjoy its freshness.

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Perfect Party Rental In Sunny Singapore

It was said that April is our sunny island’s the hottest month (did you get the pun here) but it’s nothing different for the rest of the year when all we have is rain or shine so why not take this opportunity to cool down, shall we?

With a fun dip or actually drop in our Dunking Tank where you can use a refreshing soak yourself or sabotage your friends to sit on the plank and plunge them into the “sea” by aiming straight for the target! An exhilarating experience even for the on-lookers as you can feel the intense energy of the person who is waiting to get splashed.

If you’re not a fan of the adrenaline rush, try out our inflatable obstacle course where you can run like ninja warriors but on water! Or literally step up to the challenge and test your balance skills on the Stepping Stones!

Watch how the fun goes DOWN in the video below!

Especially perfect for poolside parties where you not only can have fun as well as food to keep your tummies satisfied! Check out refreshing treats like slushie, snow shaved cones and many more over here https://www.carnivalworld.sg/carnival-live-food-stations/!

Splash for more here!

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Dreamy Ball Pit For Your Event

Instead of the usual sea of rainbow soft balls you see at events, why not be special and go for a different look instead!

This makes the ball pit look dreamy and as if like bubbles from afar – a perfect prop as a photo backdrop where you definitely can capture the public’s attention to take as many selfies and post it up on their Instagram. Take it up a notch as you include your products and customized foam boards with your branding as props, increasing your brand exposure online!

Even in a different appearance, our rates are the same regardless and includes delivery, setup, tear down and collection! Click here to check out the various sizes of ball pits we have available here!

Other than swimming in our safe and fun ball pit, why not have some fringe activities for your event as well? Especially when it’s the school holidays at the moment as you reward your kids with some fun.

Themed together with our dreamy ball pit, let the kids play with the actual bubbles instead! But, go big or go home right? Just have your very own bubble party!

Check out more fringe activities over here: https://www.carnivalworld.sg/fringe-activities/!

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Inflatable Dragon Playground Rental in Singapore

The Dragon Playground, one of the last few heritage playgrounds in Singapore (1 located in Ang Mo Kio and the other in Toa Payoh) is a classic remembrance for those who born in the late 1970s and 1980s where it serves as a simple escape to happiness as they climb up the dragon’s spine and slide down the terrazzo slides. And Carnival World is here to join in the retro fun by having the third dragon-shaped playground but the very first in Singapore to have an inflatable version!

Dimension: 7m x 6m x 4m

On our version of the Dragon Playground, reminisce along with your kids as they can find themselves climbing up its vibrant blue slope instead and beat past the blue and white checkered life-sized “stool” obstacles which you might find familiar? The design is inspired by our old crescent-curved marble seating area under the HDB void decks where the residents like to lepak and spend bonding time with their neighbors, play chess in the afternoons etc.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek!

With the Singapore Bicentennial and National Day coming up soon, this childhood icon is perfect for celebrations! Guaranteed to find it nowhere else in Singapore, be the very first to have it at your event to own bragging rights!

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Traditional Games for Singapore Bicentennial

This year marks Singapore’s Bicentennial – the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore and what other better way to commemorate our many years of history and achievements?

Immense in your childhood recollections by having traditional games at your event! Back in the days where technology hasn’t exist and children all gathered together in front of their kampung houses to lepak. Instead of mobile phones and eyes glued to its screens, they had golis and chaptehs in their hands. Or rather, the latter on their feet.

No limits to age where the older generation and the current millennials can strengthen their bond over a game of Congkak or Five Stones. Relive that simple happiness where you can play with as many friends as you like! Not to worry if it’s your first time on it, as rental of our traditional games are inclusive of game instructions for you to refer to, else you may engage your friendly staff to be on-site to join in the fun as well!

Check out the other childhood games we have to offer in the Discover tab below!

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Rent The King of Arcade Machines For Your Event

Thunder, feel the thunder… Lightning and the thunder! ⚡⚡⚡

Prove your might and strength on our King Of Hammer, as you lift the mallet over your head and give your best shot. Get it right and you can show off your arrogance and challenge your friends to try beat your score and also have the onlookers admire as they witness the loud thuds as you thrust your hammer down on the machine.

You must be wondering where’s the lightning coming from? So the stronger you smash, the higher the disc shoots up bringing your points up to a whole new level, hopefully inches away from crowning you the “King“.

Perfect for public events like roadshows and product launches where this arcade machine can easily draw crowds over, be it just watching in the midst or have a go to challenge themselves and win some prizes.

Be the one true king when you smash and own the best high score in town!

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