Elevate your events with our enchanting allure of our personalized claw machine service at Carnival World! Our meticulously crafted machines are not just games; they’re immersive experiences that infuse a sense of joy and excitement, especially for the little ones. Picture the delight on children’s faces as they skilfully maneuverer the claw, eagerly anticipating the moment of triumph when they capture a soft toy or uncover the exciting prize concealed within.

At Carnival World, we understand the importance of creating unforgettable moments. Our customized designs cater to a variety of themes, ensuring your event stands out with a touch of uniqueness. We take pride in delivering more than just a service; we provide satisfaction and lasting memories for both hosts and guests alike. This isn’t your average claw machine, its’ an interactive experience that engages every guest of your party. Picture your guests eagerly lining up, excitedly discussing their dream plush toy or prizes and then cheering as they successfully hooked on prizes.

What makes our service truly exceptional is the flexibility we offer. Tailor the strength of the claw to suit your preferences, providing a customized experience for every event. Whether you opt for a gentle touch for a kids’ party or a bit of challenge for a corporate gathering, we ensure the claw machine experience aligns perfectly with your vision. Whether its company event, birthday celebration or any special occasion, our claw machine transforms each moment into a personalised memory!

Choose Carnival World and transform your event into a captivating celebration where joy knows no bounds. Make memories that last a lifetime with our unparalleled claw machine service – where fun, excitement, and satisfaction converge in perfect harmony.

This isn’t your average claw machine, its’ an interactive experience that engages every guest of your party. Picture your guests eagerly lining up, excitedly discussing their dream plush toy or prizes and then cheering as they successfully hooked on prizes.

Adding to the allure, we offer free delivery to make your event planning seamless. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, with a track record of delighted clients who have experienced the magic of our claw machines.


Looking for claw machine to entertain your guest at your event? We offer cheapest claw machine rental for events in Singapore! Our claw machine also comes with large capsule balls where you can place your prizes in it as well!

$150/day (7 days rental – per machine)

  • FREE 100x Large Capsule Balls (rental)
  • FREE delivery, set up and collection
  • NO hidden charge/cost
  • Additional Branding on Claw Machine from $99!
  • Additional claw machine rental at only $320! (Same delivery location)

Why you need to rent our claw machine for your next up coming event?

​When planning your event or birthday party you should create an atmosphere that is exciting for all of your guests. Whether it’s a birthday party for adults, children birthday parties, Corporate Event, it is the “Extras” that make your party more unique and fun. You can incorporate ideas that match your theme or colours and even paste your customized stickers on our machines. It’s the claw catcher, that can help set the mood with so many prizes to win.

It helps create a fun and exciting atmosphere for your party guests. If your guests have fun with your initial entertainment, then you have succeeded in setting the mood for the rest of your party. Let us make that happen for you.

​This claw machine for rent is suitable for all sorts of event. 

We can also customize or brand this claw catcher to suit your event with Attractive claw catcher rates for anyone who is looking to rent. We have more than 10 Claw catchers for rent!

Not just claw machine, we have customised your brand on our arcade machines as well! Discover the list of arcade games rental we offer here!

Arcade Basketball Supplier Singapore


Carnival World offers the Best Arcade Machines Rental in Singapore. Want to play your favourite arcade machine without having to travel to different arcade in Singapore? Fret not, We have many types of arcade machine for rental in Carnival Games! We offer Table game, Video Arcade, Claw Machine, Arcade Basketball machine, Kings of hammer, Racing game etc.. What are you waiting for? Rent from us now!


We have arcade basketball machine available in store! Challenge your friends to play the basketball arcade machine and score as high as you can! Since its the pandemic period, rent a basketball machine from us and you do not need to worry of not being able to play basketball!

Arcade Basketball Supplier Singapore


King of hammer is under the category of Strength game. Show off your strength  by trying out our King of Hammer Machine! It’s easy to play, just use the mallet/hammer & hit the machine with everything you’ve got! Test you limit and see how strong you actually are.

Arcade Machine Rental


Rent a air hockey table from us and you can play it during your parties, events etc.  You can tag team with your friends or challenge one another! It is a good bonding session for your guests, family and relatives or friends.

Air Hockey Table


The first and only Arcade Batman Racing in Singapore, get one step closer relieving yourself from the Joker movie hangover and have a match with the best villain himself as you clear through various missions and boss battles!

Arcade Batman Machine Rental Singapore


An interactive and fun game that is suitable for kids age 4 and above! Suitable for 2 – 4 players, the players must hit on the buttons whenever it lights up. The one/team who hits the most lights win! Attractive table game with LED lights look amazing at any type of carnival event!

Arcade Machine Rental


Looking for something more exciting than the usual Car Racing Arcade Machine? Why not get these rebel-looking motorbike arcade game for your event? (2 players)

Arcade Motorbike Machine Rental Singapore


Dart throwing sports has been gaining popularity these days and we have a professional set for rent! Branding on our dart machine is also available! Contact us to book a dart machine at your event today!

Arcade Dart Machine Rental


We have 2 types of toy catcher machines and both have attractive LED lights! Whether it’s for a party, event, shop opening on integrating the claw machines to your existing business, we are here to help! Our claw machines are also fully customisable as well! Please contact us for price and measurements of the machine.

Claw Machine Rental Singapore

Claw Machine Rental

Discover the full list of arcade game machines rental we offer here! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us below:

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Claw Machine Rental

Claw Machine Rental Supplier in Singapore

Carnival World is the top claw machine rental supplier in Singapore! Our claw machine can be use as a lucky draw equipment, or simply an arcade game that keep your guest entertained. Below are some of our claw machine rented out for recent events in Singapore:


As customised branding claw machine supplier in Singapore, Carnival World had worked with countless of event companies and clients offering our arcade games rental and claw machine rental for private party and events. Over the years, we have push our limit to design and create unique customisation designs to fit into the theme of our client’s event. Last month during Chinese New Year, we have worked with our client to create another unique claw machine customisation for BMW Showroom!

BMW Claw Machine

For our claw machines, you can do the customization from head to toe where you can stick on your event branding or company logo etc all around the claw machine. To make it more personalized as well as spreading a stronger brand awareness, you may put in your event products for your event goers to catch instead of opting for our usual soft toys as prizes. If the size of product does not fit, you can itemized it down on a slip of paper and put inside our capsule balls.

Just a tip if you wish to rent for our claw machines, you are able to select your LED display lighting as well as the game-play’s music suited to your event. Win probability and claw strength can be set according to your preference as well.

Customised Branding Claw Machine Supplier in Singapore

Customer gets a chance to play a “sure-win” game on our claw machine when they did a test drive at BMW. These plushies & capsule balls was place in the claw machine to celebrate Chinese New Year during February 2022!

Claw Machine Rental

We also offer our claw machine for sale and rental as well. With this claw machine, you can save your time, money and quit trying countless of times and not get any prize in return. Whether you are having an upcoming event such as wedding, family gathering, gala dinner or any festive event or even simply having it at home for pleasure play, we got that covered for you!

With this, you can now play as you please and catch as many prizes as you want without having to spend $1.50 on each game. Also, it would be the perfect time for you to practice your claw machine skills with the unlimited plays you can now have.

Claw Machine for Mcd Singapore

With a lead time of *5 working days and customization at very affordable fees, hurry contact us to get your very own now!

Rates include delivery, set up, dismantle and collection.

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