Tutu Kueh Stall Rental

As a Singapore Traditional Dish, Tutu Kueh seems to have a special place in every Singaporean hearts. The round-shaped, steamed sweet snack is made up with palm sugar and shredded coconut filling that makes it smelling fragrant and chewy when eaten.


This nostalgic dish hooks up interesting memories of many as Tutu Kueh Stall used to be commonly found at every corner of Singapore due to its immerse demand. However as the time flies, it is increasingly rare for Tutu Kueh lovers to eat them now due to the evolving food culture.

At Carnival World, we are proud to be your one-stop centre for event services. Relieve and enjoy the taste of the Singapore Delicacy and bring back popularity now with Tutu Kuehs!

Require: 1x powerpoint

Rates Include: Delivery, Set-up, 1x manpower, collection of items, materials, and 100pax tutu kueh supply per hour.

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