Premium Carnival Games

We have over 30 different carnival games equipment and inflatable games to choose from! Scroll down to see the different games we provide for all types of events in Singapore.

Game Stalls: From $120/stall ONWARDS. (Min 1 stall) Call/Whatsapp/Email to enquire.
Small Assorted prizes: $1/pc (min 100pc)
Manpower: $40/2 hours, $20/subsequent hour

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Golf Game

Beer Pong Table (with cups and ping pong ball)

Double Basketball Machine

Wii Console with Stand

Dart Machine with Stand

Small Capsule Ball Machine

Large Capsule Ball Machine (100mm Ball)

hi striker

Balloon Blaster

Wii Console

Animal Rides

Paddle Boat

Yoyo Game

Sumo Wrestler


Ticket Catching Game

Skee Ball

Sumo Wrestler

Sumo Wrestler

Inflatable Archery Game

3 in 1 Game – Baseball, Basketball, Dart

Colosseum Warrior



Sticky Wall Game

Melt Down

Pony Racing Game

Horse Racing Game (4 players)

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Are you looking for any interactive games that are not in the list above? Our team is constantly bringing in new carnival games to provide you with the best carnival experience! Talk to our carnival lady as we may be able to help you with the items you are looking for!

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