Carnival Rides

Carnival World is proud to provide our carnival rides equipment rental to enhance your carnival event! Our in-house carnival kiddie rides include paddle boats, F1 Race Track with Battery Operated Race Car and Animal Rides! Starting from just $150/ride, we are confident that these affordable carnival rides can put a smile on every kid’s face!

Paddle Boats

Paddle boats are great for poolside events! Now you can choose to have a inflatable pool if you do not have a pool area at your event for this activity. Here’s how our paddle boats look like:

Battery Cars

Remember the good old days where your parent let you play one of these kids battery operated cars? Now you can rent and let your kids drive these “luxury cars” at your event today!

Inflatable Race Track

Isn’t it every boy’s dream to be racing in a sports car? Here it is! Our inflatable race track comes with battery operated car that children just can’t stop playing with! Enquire with us today!

Animal Ride

Ever seen one of these animal kiddie rides in a shopping mall? Now you can have it at your event as well! Our animal rides can support the weight of 1x adult and 1x child per ride. If you have seen these animal rides before, you know that kids love it!

 Rodeo Bull

Fun to play, fun to watch! Our Rodeo Bull carnival ride is safe and a great way to entertain the guest at your event! Let your guest experience riding on a bull today!

Texas Rodeo Bull