Whether you are hosting a birthday party or a family day event, Carnival World has all the kids carnival games and arcade machines rental in Singapore that you need! With over 400 in-house carnival equipment, you can be assured to find the carnival rental you need at the best price in Singapore! Below are some of our recent carnival rental:

Carnival Games Rental

Carnival Games and Air Hockey Table Rental for a birthday party! Contact us for the full list of carnival games and arcade games rental today! We offer a discount package rate for 2 or more items hired.

Carnival Box Games: Colourful, attractive and accessible to all, our table box game stalls are always popular with our clients! Choose from our selection of table box game stalls and station them at your party or event! Our games are all highly enjoyable and immensely interesting! From bowling to racing to shooting games, have fun choosing something that suits your party or event best!

A game of focus and agility, it’s the classic Air Hockey Machine! Get your best opponent and challenge them! Strike the disc into your opponent’s hole while defending yours. Everyone knows the rule but not everyone can be a master at it. So, take the first step to be an Air Hockey ace and rent the Air Hockey Machine now! Everyone would enjoy themselves at your parties or events!


Here we introduce our kids arcade machines – Whack a Frog & Naughty Bean!

Everybody loves hearing a child’s laughter and they do exactly just that when they are playing the Whack-A-Frog! Watch as kids try their best to whack the frogs that pops out of their hole, a simple game but it gets tougher and tougher with time. Everyone loves to have a whack on the frogs, so have a little bit of smashing fun at your parties and events!

An interactive and fun game that is suitable for kids age 4 and above! Suitable for 2 – 4 players, the players must hit on the buttons whenever it lights up. The one/team who hits the most lights win! Attractive table game with LED lights look amazing at any type of carnival event!

Make your kid’s dream come true on his/her birthday! Contact us for more information and other kids carnival games/arcade machines rental we offer today!

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Fringe Activities for kids

These are the 3 things to look out for when getting any fringe activities for kids.

As professional carnival event planner, we understand which are the fringe activities that best suit your event. Here are the top 3 questions you must ask yourself first before engaging any fringe activities for your event!

Can the stations attract the kid’s attention?

Luckily for us as a carnival event company, we are confident that every single fringe activities we provide can attract both kids and adults attention. But you may want to ask our experienced sales team for recommendation of the popular fringe activities.

Will the kids be entertained by themselves?

Depending on your event, you may want to create a “play zone” for the kids to be entertained by themselves! For example, having a bouncy castle or a ball pit for the kids are the common solution. If you would like to impress your guest, why not have an arcade area such as air hockey table, whack a frog, wii game, daytona racing game etc at your event! If you are doing a carnival on a tight budget, simply get a few carnival game stalls that the kids can win some small prizes as they play!

Can the kids bring home a little souvenir?

Nobody likes to go to a carnival without bringing back home a little souvenir. Small game prizes usually does the job as everyone love to win some prizes at a carnival. However, you may want to include fringe activities such as caricature station, balloon sculpting station, glitter tattoo station etc but do expect a little queue for these type of stations as it takes approxiemately 3 mins to complete a request. Therefore, another recommendation will be having arts corner such as sand art station at your event!

Here are 2 events we have done at OCBC centre and Carlton Hotel ballroom!

Our wii game station is fun to watch as well!

Who doesn’t love playing air hockey?

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