Rent The King of Arcade Machines For Your Event

Thunder, feel the thunder… Lightning and the thunder! ⚡⚡⚡

Prove your might and strength on our King Of Hammer, as you lift the mallet over your head and give your best shot. Get it right and you can show off your arrogance and challenge your friends to try beat your score and also have the onlookers admire as they witness the loud thuds as you thrust your hammer down on the machine.

You must be wondering where’s the lightning coming from? So the stronger you smash, the higher the disc shoots up bringing your points up to a whole new level, hopefully inches away from crowning you the “King“.

Perfect for public events like roadshows and product launches where this arcade machine can easily draw crowds over, be it just watching in the midst or have a go to challenge themselves and win some prizes.

Be the one true king when you smash and own the best high score in town!

Show us some masculinity by hitting us up now!

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