Customised Carnival Game Booth

Carnival World offers you a list of unique Carnival Games Rental at reasonable prices for all kind of special occasions and events in Singapore! Being the top carnival game booth rental company, we offer branding customisation service on our carnival game booths and arcade machines as well! We can customised your company logo or event branding on our carnival games to fit into the theme of your event!

Customised Arcade Claw Catcher Machine

Here are a few photos of our customised claw catcher machine we did for Singtel, Maple Story and NTU Fest 2018!

Customised Arcade Claw Catcher Machine for Maple Story

Here’s our customised carnival game booths we did for Fair Price event!

To add, our carnival game booths look great by itself without any customisation! Here are a few of our recent event photos we took!

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Customised Branding on Toy Catcher Machine

Carnival World provide customised branding on toy catcher machine in Singapore! Toy catcher machine has been one of the most popular arcade machine in any arcade entertainment centre.  Here in Carnival World, you can rent these claw machines with your custom branding on it! Below are some of the customisation we have done for our clients:

Get your customers to test their luck and skills at these attractive claw catcher machines!

In fact, our company can place your branding on most of our arcade machines for your event! Please contact our friendly sales assistant and let us know how we can make your event a success!

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Singapore Arcade Rental

Turn your fringe activity area into an arcade entertainment centre today! As the leading singapore arcade rental company, we have more than 20 different arcade machines for you to choose from! From the popular arcade basketball machine to an old-school Daytona Arcade machine, we have it all!

Arcade Basketball Machine Rental

Arcade King of Hammer Rental

Video Arcade Rental

Arcade Whack a Frog Rental

Professional Dart Machine Rental

Here’s how our arcade machine stands out at your event booth!

Are you looking for games that even the kids can enjoy? Why not get our Wii Rental! With various games to choose from, our team is able to set the games and guide you on using our Wii station when setting up!

Wii Station Rental for Birthday Party!

Are you looking for a specific arcade game that are not listed above? View the full list of arcade games we have here! 

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Customised Toy Catcher Machine Rental

Carnival World customised toy catcher machine rental has been one of our most popular arcade machine rented for roadshow events! The reason being that it has never failed to attract passerby to have a look at the toy catcher machine. Even watching someone else who is playing can be enjoyable as well! Below are some of the recent toy catcher we have customised for our client’s event in Singapore:

Customised Toy Catcher for UOB!

Customised Toy Catcher for UBER!

Customised Toy Catcher for TOYOTA!

Unlike many, we are experienced in working with these toy catcher machine. Contact our sales team for more information about how we can help customised your branding on our toy catcher machine today!

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Arcade Rental

As a leading arcade rental in Singapore, we provide more than 20 different arcade machines for you to choose from! From our popular arcade basketball machine to our new ultimate punching machine, we have it all! Below are some of the arcade machines rented in the past few weeks:

Whack a Frog Arcade Rental

Basketball Arcade Rental

Ultimate Puncher Arcade Rental

King of Hammer Arcade Rental

Toy Claw Catcher Arcade Rental


Customised Claw Catcher Arcade Rental

Alien Shooting Arcade Rental

Discover the full list of our arcade machines rental we provide, click here.

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