Arcade Machine Rental


Are you looking for arcade machines to rent for your upcoming events? Claw machines is a popular choice for event organizers as you can not just customize its appearance according to your event theme or branding, as well as increase your product awareness by placing your merchandises in the machines! Or you can go by the classic way – I mean who doesn’t wanna win themselves a cute soft toy?

But how about something else that is much more unique and not seen at other events?

Arrange mini matches among your event go-ers as they spam those colored buttons to break records on the competitive Bishi Bashi machine (ビシバシチャンプ Bishi Bashi Chanpu)! Or challenge em’ hoops to see who has the highest high score on the Arcade Basketball!

Other than your own event products, you can choose to purchase from our wide range of soft toys as game prizes for your event go-ers so that they have a souvenir in remembrance of your awesome event! Leaving a strong and positive impression so that they can engage your brand in future. Win-win situation for everyone!

Have your pick from the many arcade machines we have available here at Carnival World.

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