Carnival Event in Singapore

Last weekend, we are proud to be engaged by Seng Kang West Zone Committee to set up our games and food booths below the HDB flats to welcome the community.

games stall

Common hot favourites of the games stall includes “shoot the duck” and “feed the shark” which requires players to shoot/throw at the target and stand a chance to win attractive prizes at the event. Everyone was hyped up at the event and long queues can be seen queuing up at the games booth.

carnival food stalls

After a fulfilling session at the games booth, the community can proceed to have their light snacks at the food booth area which includes their childhood favourite Kacang Puteh and Muah Chee, Candy Floss for the sweet tooth as well as the traditional ice-cream stall to cool them down on a hot and humid day.

Overall, it was a fun and fulfilling day even for our staffs! At Carnival World, we pride ourselves in the consistency in our quality and services to all our clients to ensure a happy working relationship.

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Caricature in Singapore

Create interesting masterpieces now with our Caricaturist!

At Carnival World, we love to interact and instil the fun factor to all our clients. Unlike Portrait, Caricature exaggerates the essence of a person to create an easily identifiable visual likeness in order to instil laughter into the masterpieces.

Our talented Caricaturist is able to draw out various types of caricature to your liking as well (big head, long eyelashes, and curly hair) and it is definitely a great form of souvenir for your guests to bring home and even frame it up at their house!

Love those little people with big heads?

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