Traditional Games for Singapore Bicentennial

This year marks Singapore’s Bicentennial – the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore and what other better way to commemorate our many years of history and achievements?

Immense in your childhood recollections by having traditional games at your event! Back in the days where technology hasn’t exist and children all gathered together in front of their kampung houses to lepak. Instead of mobile phones and eyes glued to its screens, they had golis and chaptehs in their hands. Or rather, the latter on their feet.

No limits to age where the older generation and the current millennials can strengthen their bond over a game of Congkak or Five Stones. Relive that simple happiness where you can play with as many friends as you like! Not to worry if it’s your first time on it, as rental of our traditional games are inclusive of game instructions for you to refer to, else you may engage your friendly staff to be on-site to join in the fun as well!

Check out the other childhood games we have to offer in the Discover tab below!

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Arcade Machines For Corporate Themed Parties

Planning for an upcoming party for your office but has no ideas in mind yet?

Turn to Carnival World for a wide variety of arcade machines and carnival games to fill up laughter and fun at your event!

Ease all your work tension among colleagues and bosses and make things more fun by having a themed party instead! Just look at these Mario brothers leaving their usual job of kart racing and taking it to the next level on our arcade racing machines instead!

Sports Fanatics can challenge each other on our Nintendo Switch and Wii stations as well as test out their agility skills on the Bishi Bashi machine where you have to spam the buttons as hard and fast as you can to clear the levels.

Check out our full list of arcade machines here:!

And while you’re at it, why not spice things up to encourage your comrades to come in their best costumes for the Best Dressed Award? These are our personal favorites!

Bring fun to your corporate office now!

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