Must-Have Popular Popcorn & Cotton Candy Floss Rental for Events

Popcorn and Cotton Candy Floss, an all-time favorite loved by both adults and children. It is a yummy snack suitable for events of any size, as it can be prepared quick and consumption is hassle-free!

The sweet aroma of delicious popcorn and the sight of big fluffy pink clouds of candyfloss are sure to attract the crowd to your booth.

Our affordable rental rates include delivery, materials, set up, manpower and collection after the event. Unlimited supply of popcorn/candyfloss for the number of your desired hours! Click the button below to get in touch with us now.

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Popcorn and Candy Floss Rental

This Chinese New Year, Carnival World is honoured to be invited by our own Prime Minister to his house to join them for a fun-filled event. The event was spectacular with lion dances and cocktail tables were set-up for the guests to have a place to enjoy their food and mingle around with their friends and colleagues.

popcorn and candy floss

popcorn shaker

We are engaged to do up popcorns and candy floss for the massive crowd and the crowds were very receptive of our food products and even came back for more. Instead of just the regular popcorns, we also have different flavours such as Matcha, Cinnamon and Chocolate for the guests to mix with their sweet popcorns to suit different taste buds.

Rates Include: Delivery, Set-up, 1x machine operator, collection of machine, materials, and unlimited supply of popcorns for the number of hours hired.

Needleless to say, same goes for our cotton candy! We have different flavourings available instead of the regular sweet candy floss so that our little guests can enjoy the pops of colours and enjoy the sweet floss at the same time!

Require: 1x table, 1x powerpoint

Cotton Candy Floss Cart Rental

Itching for some popcorn and cotton candy? Hire us NOW to make your event SHINE!

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Cotton Candy Machine Rental

Carnival World is renting out the most popular snacks in Singapore that kids love and would queue up for! It is none other than the cotton candy machine!

pre-pack cotton candy floss

Kids are always attracted to the littlest attractive things like the cotton candy as it can be made to be big and fluffy and can also be made colourful! Kids love how the cotton-candy melts in their mouth instantly and the awesome feeling you get when you were a kid, you get excited easily with just carnival food!

pre-pack cotton candy floss

Carnival World also provide quality pre-packed cotton candy in tupper-wares depending on the number of orders that you are making in bulk. Contact us to find out more!

pre-pack cotton candy floss

Rates Include: Delivery, Set-up, 1x machine operator, collection of machine, materials, and unlimited supply of candy floss for the number of hours hired.

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