Customized Carnival Experience At Your Event

Carnival World always keep to their promise to provide you an all-fun and memorable experience for your events! But why not go the extra mile with us for your company, clients and event-goers by making it The Event with a magic touch of uniqueness? Now that we’ve gotten your attention, read on further as we let you in on the secrets of being the one and only!

Location and timing is important when it comes to planning for an event. But of course, what else is key? The content itself – what’s your agenda or goals to be achieved from executing this event? Be it advertising a new product at a roadshow or celebration of a company party, Carnival World provides over more than a hundreds wide selection of products and services which you can definitely find ideal for your event!

For any event, appearance is important as it will affect your event’s publicity and human crowd. To draw attention to your event, package up with full carnival vibes when you have our huge brightly-colored tent-age that’s able to send that “yes, there’s a lit carnival party happening! I can’t ignore it because I FOMO!” message across to the public even from afar! Ok maybe not everyone will feel that way, but definitely they will have their curious eyes on you. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, our 2.5m by 2.5m carnival tents are available with a minimum rental of 3 tents. No hidden additional charges as all delivery, set up and collection is included.

(FOMO translates to fear of missing out)

The prizes you give out at a carnival is also one key factor in having the public participants in your event. Cute plushies hang from above entices them in trying out the games to win their very own home! In various sizes and assorted prizes according to themes, you can purchase them from us too!

For the full carnival experience at your convenience, consider getting our special package with the full game setup which includes 1 carnival tent, front panel and table! Choose from: Milk Can Toss, Basket Toss, Fun Fair Bowling and Break The Teeth Game. Customization for the panels is available as well if you want to increase your event branding. (Dimensions: 0.9m by 0.6m)

Check in with us to create that unique experience now!

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