Kacang Puteh Stall Rental

In the olden days, movie-goers used to gather around Kacang Puteh stall to get their hands on the traditional popcorns before movie popcorns was invented. However due to the immerse demand of the new popcorns, it has become one of the vanishing trades in Singapore now.

Kacang-Puteh Stall

At Carnival World, we are able to let you relieve the taste of the traditional Kacang Puteh once again!

We have an assortment of crunchy treats such as beans, nuts and peas in different colours all stored in an airtight container at the seller’s cart for you to choose your toppings. After preparation, the Kacang Puteh will also be served in a thin long cone for the guests to rover around your event.

Require: 1x table

Rates Include: Delivery, Set-up, 1x manpower, collection of items, materials, and 100pax kacang puteh supply per hour.

Come and get your Kacang Puteh before it becomes a thing of the past!

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