Popcorn Stall Rental

Smell and enjoy the delicious aroma of the popping popcorns at your event NOW!

Popcorn Man

We provide an unlimited supply of popcorns for the number of hours hired. Hence, you can be rest assured that everyone at your event will be getting themselves a packet of the popcorn treat! Our popcorns are also made on the spot to ensure the quality of taste, remaining crisp and fresh for everyone.

Available in different flavours (Chocolate, Cinnamon, Matcha), my favourite would definitely be Cinnamon. It has a sweet, sugary and woody fragrance that lingers in your mouth after the first bite.This makes it a great choice of snacks at any event, leaving your guests to come back for more.

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Kacang Puteh Stall Rental

Giving is better than receiving.

This weekend our Carnival World Team were at Bugis+ giving out Kacang Puteh for a Medical Conference. During break time, the older generation crowds were dispersed and most of them headed towards our Kacang Puteh stall. They were thrilled and some even exclaimed that they are surprised to see that their childhood Kacang Puteh were seen at the conference and many of them formed queue lines just to get their hands on them to relieve the taste of the past.

kacang puteh preparation

We provide an assortment of 6 different flavours consisting of nuts, crackers and peas all in air tight containers and Kacang Puteh can also be customised upon request and our friendly Carnival World Team will assist you promptly (Normally pre-made with assorted flavours are already displayed on the table).

Require: 1x table

Rates Include: Delivery, Set-up, 1x manpower, collection of items, materials, and 100pax kacang puteh supply per hour.

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