Carnival World provides the top supplies for not just your arcade games, as well as rental support for fun fair games making it a full carnival experience at your event!

And your choice is limitless! We’ve already mentioned that we have an abundance of arcade machines and bouncy castles. Refresh your memory here and here!

Fun fair staples like Bottles Ring Toss, Bowling Game and Basket Toss are available here at Carnival World at very affordable rental rates. And what’s unique like our inflatable games which you can take a peek from our previous blog post right here.

For all adults and children, darts throwing is a fun and chill activity to play in groups but the digital electronic machine don’t go well with the theme of your event? Not to fret – all you party go-ers can still enjoy that carnival experience with our vivid Large Balloon Dart Game! Towering at a height of 2.2 meters, aim your darts at your target of 200 brightly-colored balloons. Or if you’re feeling mischievous, this is your only chance of breaking someone’s teeth without hurting your fists at our Knock Down Teeth Game. 
*No actual fun beings were harmed at the place of accident.*

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Carnival Games

HYPE UP your upcoming party or event with our new funfair games stalls!

With more than 10 years of event management experience, Carnival World provides best games equipment here. Great for all party and event planners, we provide a wide varsity of interactive carnival based game stalls for all to enjoy and even stand to win some mini prizes from us! From Carnival Ring Toss to Shooting and Milk Can Toss, we have all the essentials here to make your Carnival Event a successful one.

Singapore Carnival Games Stalls

With our newly additions to our Carnival games stall, we now have different prints and level of difficulty available for rental. We have shooting games (ducks, aliens, army style) available in different levels to intensify the whole session for your customers to keep it competitive and fun for all! We also have different nerf guns available for you to choose your best gun to battle with your enemy now at Carnival World!

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