Bouncy Castles Rental

BOUNCE your way up to a fun filled day with lots of excitement and fun!

At Carnival World, we provide a wide varsity of different inflatables at attractive rates that are suitable for different types of event. Be it for carnivals, birthday parties or even for your company event to serve for decoration purposes to wow your audience.

Bouncy Castles Rental Singapore

Our bouncy castles are made of PVC Tarpaulin and PVC Cover, which are both the best quality for inflatables as it is strong and durable. However, we would advise adults not to jump onto the inflatables to prevent any damages. At Carnival World, quality is assured and you can be reassured that in the case of any unforeseen circumstances, our management will get another bouncy castle to be sent over as soon as possible to your event.

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Muah Chee Stall Rental

Enjoy a traditional sticky, chewy savory treat from CarnivalWorld today!

At Carnival World, our Muah Chee is made of glutinous flour mixed with fine sugar and coated with finely chopped peanuts to ensure the high quality taste that our customer would enjoy.  It is a favourite Singaporean Snack that is originally originated from Southern China and can be commonly found in many Pasam Malams or events due to its popular demand.


Muah Chee ingredients also do not contain any meat and hence, it is a suitable vegetarian food for your vegan customers to enjoy at your event. Muah Chee also has a similar soft and chewy texture to Japanese Mochi or Cantonese sticky rice balls.

So if you love the texture from Japanese Mochi or the Chinese sticky rice balls, look no further and book our stall with us now!

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