Carnival Games and Snack Stalls for Event Rental in Singapore

Here in Carnival World, you can find the most exclusive carnival games and snack stalls for Event Rental! We provide in-house carnival equipment which is what makes us the leading carnival event planner in Singapore.

Last week, our carnival team provided a fun-filled carnival fringe activity for our client’s event at Ang Mo Kio! It includes our most popular carnival game stalls such as our 3 in 1 inflatable game, claw catcher, balloon dart, fetch game and baseball game!

Our carnival snacks have received great respond from the crowd as well! From cup corns, traditional biscuit, kacang puteh and thai ice popsicle. We certainly enjoyed ourself at their event as well.

Below is a video of our carnival equipment and snack stalls:

One of the most popular game of the night is our Claw Catcher Machine. That includes 2 LED bars at the side that constantly changes colour. Once the sky turns dark, the LED light simply catches everyone attention!

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When it comes to engaging our services, we do not just provide the equipment itself, but we give solution to your event.

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Singapore Traditional Game Stalls

Here in Carnival World, we provide traditional game stalls for various events in Singapore. With 7 different types of traditional games to choose from, we are able to customise any traditional games that you wish to have as well!

Below are the traditional game stalls we did for Serangoon Garden Country Club National Day event! Traditional games include Tikam Tikam, Coconut Bowling, Bottle Ring Toss, Hopscotch, marble, Five Stones, Congkak and Tin Cans Toss.

Tikam Tikam Game for Rent

Tikam Tikam

Traditional Game Prizes

Traditional Game Prizes

Traditional Coconut Bowling Game

Coconut Bowling

Traditional Bottle Ring Toss Game

Bottle Ring Toss

Five Stones Game for Event

Five Stones



Congkak Game for Rent


Marble Game


Tin Cans Toss Game Stall

Tin Cans Toss

Other than our traditional game stalls, we provide traditional ice popsicle and kacang puteh for their guest as well! All I can say is, everyone loves it!

Thai Ice Popsicle Singapore

Traditional Ice Popsicle

Kachang Putei for event

Kacang Puteh

Lastly, we also have our professional airbrush tattoo artist at the event as well. Even the kids are having fun with our temporary tattoo!

Event Airbrush Tattoo for hire

Airbrush Tattoo

All in all, this event was a success! Our traditional game stalls have also become one of the main attraction at the event. All the games bring back memories of the good old days, and kids today still enjoy playing them!

Carnival Event Management at Country Club

To view this event’s video, click on the play button below:

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Our clients love our carnivals. You could be next!

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