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As a leading arcade rental in Singapore, we provide more than 20 different arcade machines for you to choose from! From our popular arcade basketball machine to our new ultimate punching machine, we have it all! Below are some of the arcade machines rented in the past few weeks:

Whack a Frog Arcade Rental

Basketball Arcade Rental

Ultimate Puncher Arcade Rental

King of Hammer Arcade Rental

Toy Claw Catcher Arcade Rental


Customised Claw Catcher Arcade Rental

Alien Shooting Arcade Rental

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Arcade Machines Rental Singapore

Carnival World provides arcade machines rental in Singapore! From the popular arcade basketball and claw machines, we have a wide range of arcade machines for you to choose from. We are bringing in more arcade machines such as Daytona, Initial D and Alien Shooting games as well!

Arcade Basketball Machine

King of Hammer Machine

Arcade Basketball Machine

Arcade Basketball Machine

Alien Shooting Game

Air Hockey Table

Initial D Racing Game

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