Glitter Tattoo in Singapore

Last week, our glitter tattoo service was engaged by Seletar Mall Event Organisers to put up a booth on the ground floor to invite everyone for a free temporary tattoo.

glitter tattoo

Suitable for the young and old, glitter tattoo provides a fun addition to any events and liven it up with colours and shimmery glitters.

glitter tattoo kit

At Carnival World, we provide a wide variety of stencils for our guests to choose their desired design and our professional glitter tattoo artist will instantly create amazing body art at your command. Our glitter tattoos are free from chemicals and toxic so rest assured and join the queue now to enjoy the pops of colours on your hands!

With extra care, our glitter tattoo will also be able to last up to 5 days with minimal water contact. For easy removal, simply dab a cotton wool with alcohol or use alcohol swab for application. Viola! And now you can choose more designs to glam up your hands! ^-^

Interested to GLAM UP and become the centre of all the FUN?

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