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Turn your fringe activity area into an arcade entertainment centre today! As the leading singapore arcade rental company, we have more than 20 different arcade machines for you to choose from! From the popular arcade basketball machine to an old-school Daytona Arcade machine, we have it all!

Arcade Basketball Machine Rental

Arcade King of Hammer Rental

Video Arcade Rental

Arcade Whack a Frog Rental

Professional Dart Machine Rental

Here’s how our arcade machine stands out at your event booth!

Are you looking for games that even the kids can enjoy? Why not get our Wii Rental! With various games to choose from, our team is able to set the games and guide you on using our Wii station when setting up!

Wii Station Rental for Birthday Party!

Are you looking for a specific arcade game that are not listed above? View the full list of arcade games we have here! 

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Wii Console Video Game Station Rental

Carnival World introduce our new Wii Console video game station rental in Singapore! Our Wii console video game rental consist of more than 10 different games include guitar hero, dance revolution and Rayman 2! These video games are suitable for professional roadshow events that are able to keep the kids entertained and draw crowds to watch them play!

Last month, Carnival World is engaged by Swatch Singapore to create a “homely” feel for their retail outlet’s event! They would like to place the TV on the floor where children can play the video game while sitting on a bean bag! Here’s how it looks like!

Other than our wii video game, we also have our video arcade machine rental with more than 60 different games available as well! This retro arcade machine definitely keep their guest entertained at their event as well.

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