Carnival World offers over 200 pieces of in-house equipment available for hire! However, we are constantly expanding our selection of funfair games, arcade machines and so on in order to provide you more delight and excitement! We are pleased to introduce our new funfair games rental in Singapore for your event or party. Multi-player air hockey table, Mario & Sonic Olympic game, and bike racing game are all available. What exactly are you waiting for? Request one from us right away!


Our newly introduced game Mario & Sonic Olympic game Tokyo Arcade Edition lets player experience Gymnastics, Rugby, Discus Throw, Triple Jump, 100m, Sports Climbing, Surfing, Swimming, Diving, 110m Hurdles, Shooting and Vault all in one machine.

The concept of virtual sports on the same spot offers a unique and entertaining experience, not only allows individual to stay active but also adds a layer of convenience if you do not have a large space to accommodate for the sports.

Mario & Sonic Olympic Game Tokyo Edition offers motion sensing technology to track players’ movement which can make the gameplay more interactive and responsive, allowing players to feel like they are truly participating in the sports activities. Incorporate a variety of mini games and challenges within each sport to keep the game dynamic and engaging. The sports are range from skill-based tasks to time-based challenges, adding an element of competition and achievement.

Players are also able to choose their favourite characters from the all-time adding a personal touch to the gaming experience which creates an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. Whether it’s a vibrant stadium for 100m dash or serene virtual beach for surfing, the visuals of the game can enhance the overall gaming experience.

This game implements a system for tracking player’s progress, achievements and scores. Rewarding players with virtual medals, trophies and placements. By combing these elements, we can create a sports game that provides a dynamic and enjoyable experience for players, even when they’re staying active on the same spot.

Bike Racing Game

Want to get your guest to be engaging and active during your event?

Introducing our latest addition — Bike Man, our latest two-player arcade racing game that promises non-stop excitement for you, your friend and family. Embark on a thrilling journey through 10 uniquely crafted game themes, ranging from urban landscapes to challenge off-road terrains. Each theme provides a visually stunning backdrop for high-speed adventures.

From speed boosts to obstacle-clearing tools, these items add a layer of excitement and competition. Immerse yourself in the action with our build-in blower, delivering the sensation of wind rushing past you and a seat that responds to every twist, turn and jump. Challenge your friends or family to this intense 2-player showdown and determine who will emerge as the ultimate racing champion.

Jurassic Park Arcade Machine

Step into a prehistoric world of thrills and excitement with our latest addition – Jurassic Park! Based on the hit movie franchise, this immersive arcade experience promises to transport players into the heart of dinosaur-filled adventures.

Enjoy stunning visuals on a massive high-definition display, bringing the Jurassic Park world to life with breathtaking detail. This game is designed for players of all ages, Jurassic Park offers a family-friendly gaming experience that combines excitement with accessibility. Hop on to embark on thrilling missions that challenge your skills and immerse yourself in the iconic park narrative.

Encounter a diverse array of over 30 dinosaur species, each meticulously designed to capture the essence of the universe, equip yourself with high-reliability guns for an immersive and responsive shooting experience as they face off against the mighty dinosaurs.

Immerse yourself into the latest gaming technology with cutting-edge graphics and sound that transport you straight into the adventure. Prepare for an unforgettable journey through time and experience bringing your friends and family together for a gaming adventure!

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Arcade Basketball Supplier Singapore


Carnival World offers the Best Arcade Machines Rental in Singapore. Want to play your favourite arcade machine without having to travel to different arcade in Singapore? Fret not, We have many types of arcade machine for rental in Carnival Games! We offer Table game, Video Arcade, Claw Machine, Arcade Basketball machine, Kings of hammer, Racing game etc.. What are you waiting for? Rent from us now!


We have arcade basketball machine available in store! Challenge your friends to play the basketball arcade machine and score as high as you can! Since its the pandemic period, rent a basketball machine from us and you do not need to worry of not being able to play basketball!

Arcade Basketball Supplier Singapore


King of hammer is under the category of Strength game. Show off your strength  by trying out our King of Hammer Machine! It’s easy to play, just use the mallet/hammer & hit the machine with everything you’ve got! Test you limit and see how strong you actually are.

Arcade Machine Rental


Rent a air hockey table from us and you can play it during your parties, events etc.  You can tag team with your friends or challenge one another! It is a good bonding session for your guests, family and relatives or friends.

Air Hockey Table


The first and only Arcade Batman Racing in Singapore, get one step closer relieving yourself from the Joker movie hangover and have a match with the best villain himself as you clear through various missions and boss battles!

Arcade Batman Machine Rental Singapore


An interactive and fun game that is suitable for kids age 4 and above! Suitable for 2 – 4 players, the players must hit on the buttons whenever it lights up. The one/team who hits the most lights win! Attractive table game with LED lights look amazing at any type of carnival event!

Arcade Machine Rental


Looking for something more exciting than the usual Car Racing Arcade Machine? Why not get these rebel-looking motorbike arcade game for your event? (2 players)

Arcade Motorbike Machine Rental Singapore


Dart throwing sports has been gaining popularity these days and we have a professional set for rent! Branding on our dart machine is also available! Contact us to book a dart machine at your event today!

Arcade Dart Machine Rental


We have 2 types of toy catcher machines and both have attractive LED lights! Whether it’s for a party, event, shop opening on integrating the claw machines to your existing business, we are here to help! Our claw machines are also fully customisable as well! Please contact us for price and measurements of the machine.

Claw Machine Rental Singapore

Claw Machine Rental

Discover the full list of arcade game machines rental we offer here! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us below:

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Arcade Machines For Corporate Themed Parties

Planning for an upcoming party for your office but has no ideas in mind yet?

Turn to Carnival World for a wide variety of arcade machines and carnival games to fill up laughter and fun at your event!

Ease all your work tension among colleagues and bosses and make things more fun by having a themed party instead! Just look at these Mario brothers leaving their usual job of kart racing and taking it to the next level on our arcade racing machines instead!

Sports Fanatics can challenge each other on our Nintendo Switch and Wii stations as well as test out their agility skills on the Bishi Bashi machine where you have to spam the buttons as hard and fast as you can to clear the levels.

Check out our full list of arcade machines here:!

And while you’re at it, why not spice things up to encourage your comrades to come in their best costumes for the Best Dressed Award? These are our personal favorites!

Bring fun to your corporate office now!

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