New Unique Inflatable Bouncy Games

We can’t contain our exhilaration but Carnival World is more than thrilled to share with you guys that we have 2 new addition to the family!

Be the envy of others when you rent our brand new inflatable Whack A Mole which not many in Singapore provides rental for! Not only it is appealing on the outside, relive your childhood and exhilaration on this classic arcade game but instead, in REAL LIFE!

Each game can be played up to a maximum of 7 players, with one Whacker in the middle armed with a soft inflatable hammer to catch the “moles” on the outside when they try to complete their task of collecting as many soft balls as they can. In a sense, the “moles” have to work together as a team to collect the balls and distract the Whacker, perfect game to rent especially if you’re planning for corporate team-building activities!

At a length of 13 meters,  be sure to be in awe as we introduce to you our new Carnival Obstacle Course! Perfect for outdoors and especially if you’re organizing a big event and wanted to create some challenge for your event-goers! Click on the link below to check out our other themed obstacle courses such as Sports Arena as well as Army Obstacle!

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Plan Your Next Awesome Event With Us

Wanna make your event phenomenal and the talk of the town? Let Carnival World be your aid!

Just like how Four Seasons Hotel has engaged us earlier this month for their Family Day where it was jam-packed with fun-loving families, adults and children having a good time on a Sunday morning.

Like a walk in the park, we opted for a Live Popcorn Station as well as a Ice Cream Station that are both prepared easily and packed in a bag for the former and a variety of sweet indulgent flavors cupped or on a crunchy cone with colorful toppings. For the event go-ers, this is like the best of both worlds as lesser waiting time for the food means more time for the games yay!!!

Standing at 5m by 3.2m by 3m tall, it was no doubt our Knight Castle was a popular choice among the little princes and princesses. Adults can still enjoy the same amount of fun by trying out their skills and luck at our carnival inflatable games. A cute version of Basketball Game was featured, along with the rest like Outer Space Balls, Cowboy Face Off, Shuffle Balls and Western Hoop!

Click here to check out the full list of our inflatable games.
Click here to check out the full list of our bouncy castles.

Lastly, don’t forget to take some quick snaps with the themed props to bring home a souvenir! Our photo booth service rental goes by the hour so you don’t have to worry if the photo didn’t turn out to your liking as our fast instant print-outs are unlimited!

With rental for live food stations and inflatable games starting from only $200/stall onwards, what’s gonna hurt to have a lil fun?

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Wide Array OF Fun Bouncy Castles For All Ages

You always see those colorful and unique bouncy castles at fun fairs and pasar malams, smiling faces and happy laughter everywhere as the kids prance and bounce up and down. You can achieve that for your event here at Carnival World. The difference? We have a wide range for your selection – in terms of size, indoors and/or outdoors and themes!

Featured below we have the Dragon Age where boys can fulfill their dreams as brave knights and live in the Large Knight Castle, as well as the Lion Kingdom for animal lovers. But that’s not all – we also have Princess Castle, Fairyland and more other animal-themed like the Ocean World as well as Safari World!

But what about the rest of us? As an adult, you could only watch on envying and reminiscing those same moments when you were a kid. Well, don’t let that sense of shame prevent you from having the same amount of fun!

Our Rodeo Bull here is waiting for you to make your own record by holding on as long as you can and not fall off!

Hold on tight with Carnival World!

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Bouncy Castles Rental

BOUNCE your way up to a fun filled day with lots of excitement and fun!

At Carnival World, we provide a wide varsity of different inflatables at attractive rates that are suitable for different types of event. Be it for carnivals, birthday parties or even for your company event to serve for decoration purposes to wow your audience.

Bouncy Castles Rental Singapore

Our bouncy castles are made of PVC Tarpaulin and PVC Cover, which are both the best quality for inflatables as it is strong and durable. However, we would advise adults not to jump onto the inflatables to prevent any damages. At Carnival World, quality is assured and you can be reassured that in the case of any unforeseen circumstances, our management will get another bouncy castle to be sent over as soon as possible to your event.

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