VR Game Station Rental

Carnival World provide VR Game station rental for your upcoming event in Singapore! We have received extremely good feedbacks for this VR station as it has become one of the highlights at the event! Here’s how the VR station looks like:

No carnival is complete without carnival game stalls! Be it family day or a roadshow carnival events in Singapore, we have all your carnival event needs! Below are a few of our carnival game stalls and bouncy castle set up for our client’s family day event!

All in all, we have 4 types of video game stations for rent:

Looking for something that is not in the list above? We have more than 50 different carnival games to choose from! View the full list of our carnival game stalls here.

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Carnival Games for Rent

Here in Carnival World, we provide various unique fun carnival games rental in Singapore. Most importantly, they are affordable as well! Below are some of our recommendation for carnival games:


Professional Carnival Game Stalls.


Feed the Clown Carnival Game Rental.


Shoot the Duck Carnival Game Rental.


Archery Carnival Game Rental.


Golf Carnival Game Rental.


Balloon Blaster Carnival Game Rental.

Candy Claw Catcher

Our new Candies Claw Catcher Rental for party!


Daytona Arcade Machine Rental.


Inflatable Soccer Game.

Lion Kingdom Bouncy Castle

 Lion Kingdom Bouncy Castle.

Also, we provide attractive small prizes from just $0.80/piece! Prizes such as pencils, rulers, note pads, hand clappers, highlighters, traditional playing aeroplanes, paper balls and many more!

small-pencil-game-prizes rulers-game-prizes

Below is a video of our carnival games provided by us last week at Singapore National Library!

To see the full list of our carnival game stalls we provide, click here.

To book, simple send us the following details to hello@carnivalworld.sg :

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We will reply  within a day!

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Carnival Game Stalls for Rent

Carnival World provides various types of carnival game stalls for rent including professional large box games stalls, 3D premium game stalls, traditional carnival games, water games, dunking machine and arcade game machines.

Unlike many, our carnival box game stalls are big and looks professional at any types of events! Below are some photos of our box game stalls:

Professional Event Game Stalls for rent

For more information about our carnival game stalls, click here.

Carnival World’s premium 3D Premium Carnival Game Stalls are for events that wish to creates a better carnival “feel” to impress their guest. Here are some photos of our 3D premium carnival game stalls:

hi striker

hi striker

For more information about our carnival game stalls, click here.

If you are having a pool party in Singapore, our water games equipment are definitely what you need at your party! Our water game equipment includes paddle boats, water rock climbing, inflatable obstacles, inflatable pool and inflatable stepping stones. Here are a few pictures of our water games equipment:

Paddle Boat

Paddle Boat

For more information about our carnival game stalls, click here.

Arcade game stalls are the product you need if you want to wow your guest at your party or event! From kiddy rides to claw machines, we offers a wide range of arcade game stalls for party or events in Singapore. Contact us and let us know the arcade game machines rental you need for your event.

Arcade Game Stalls Rental

For more information about our carnival game stalls, click here.

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