Fun is for everyone! That’s why here at Carnival World, we provide a comprehensive list of inflatable games that are suitable for adults’ play as well!

Not just seen in arcades, how about having a shot in a cute version of Basketball Game? Or relieve your cowboy dreams by testing your aim at the Western Hoop Game?

Standing at 5.5m x 5.5m x 3.5m, our eye-catching bright yellow Colosseum Warrior puts the strength and balance of 2 courageous warriors to the test as they battle it out against each other. No fun human is harmed in any way physically; safe for both adults and children.

Want to have exciting competitive games but looking for more of an Asian twist? We have the Sumo Suit Game where you can actually dress up as a Rikishi (力士: Japanese for professional sumo wrestler) and force your opponent out of a circular ring or into touching the ground with any body part other than the soles of his feet. And you can enjoy it at at an affordable rate without bursting your wallet to fly to Japan for that experience!

Another fun inflatable will be Whack A Mole, relive your childhood of playing this classical arcade game where you are the “moles” in real life! No kidding.

It is exhilarating as you team up with a maximum of 6 players, or should I say  “moles”? As well as one Whacker in the middle armed with a soft inflatable hammer. Players have to work together to defeat the Whacker by collecting as many soft balls as they can without getting whacked!

Discover the full list of carnival games we offer here.

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Carnival World is one of the Established Carnival Operators Featured in CNA’s Feature for our Industry.

The festival season is approaching and Carnival World is always ready to assist with our Premium Carnival Games

For Clients that are looking at carnival equipment rental which is allowed to be done in store check out our Carnival World’s selections . 

For Schools wise here are some of our Recent Updates.

For People trying to rent equipment for birthday parties,party rental etc hit us up for  some ideas.

With Thousands of Events under our belt, your happiness is our satisfaction

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As the title stated, this premium carnival game is the answer if you are planning for a bonding activity!

Be it just a fun activity at family gatherings or a team-building game in the corporate office, this wooden block game will bring the group together with lots of fun!

Giant Jenga

Available in 2 different sizes – our Giant Jenga is made up of 54 wooden blocks and at a base size of 0.15m(width) by 0.6m (height).

Mega Jenga For Rental Singapore

Mega Jenga

With a jingle to its name, this Jenga set is of the same height (0.27m by 0.61m) but made up of only 39 wooden blocks. Making it a real tough  challenge as the blocks are much heavier compared to Giant Jenga.

A game of physical skills – it intensifies as the players take turns to extract their chosen block and place it on the topmost level while with the least disturbance or movement to the entire stack (the aim is to not let it collapse!) bringing it to a higher level.

The game only ends when the tower falls completely or if any blocks fall from the tower (other than the block the player is moving during his/her turn).

Did You Know?
1. According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest time to build a stable Jenga tower 30 levels high is 4 min 4 sec, set by Dan Mogan and Anastasia Carpanzano (both of USA) at the Tower Bridge Exhibition, London, UK, on April 1, 2005.
2. The world record for the tallest Jenga tower built is 44 levels! Wow.

Think you can beat that? Take on the challenge now!

You can also check out other fun carnival games by discovering it below!

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Community Family Day

2 weekends ago we were engaged in helping out for a Community Carnival Day organized by Narpani Pearavai, or also known as the Indian Activity Executive Committees Council (IAEC) whereby families get to wind down after a long week’s work and spend bonding time together at the Singapore Jurong Bird Park.

Featuring our carnival box games that are easily playable for both adults and children, participants can have a go and stand to win home some prizes as a memorable token from their fun day. What was displayed that day: Carnival Ring Toss, Match The Colour, Milk Can Toss, Shoot The Alien, Basketball Game as well as Balloon Dart!

Nothing more sweet than spending time with your loved-ones, but how about ending it off with some sweet treats after a day of awesomeness! Yummy snacks like popcorn and candyfloss were prepared on the spot to ensure you enjoy its freshness.

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Professional Box Games For Carnival Events

Carnival World’s wide range of table box games are one of the biggest in the market. Standing at 0.93m by 0.93m, they are all designed in bright colors to visually appeal to the event crowd.

As one of our top popular choice and with the most affordable rates, turn your event into a fun carnival for all by getting a few of our box games here!

Among them we have our “Feed Series” and “Shooting Series” – where players will be given 3 balls and 3 shots for the latter to score at least 1 just to win! To complete your event with a full carnival experience, opt to get assorted game prizes from us for your participants. A minimum rental of 3 stalls is required and a special package price can be provided if you’re renting for more stalls or days!

Check out our full list below:

  • Feed The Clown
  • Feed The Pig
  • Feed The Bear
  • Shoot The Duck
  • Shoot The Target
  • Shoot The Alien
  • Carnival Ring Toss
  • Milk Cans Toss
  • Coin Toss
  • Egg Nest Throw
  • Aeroplane Throw
  • Finish The Race
  • Match The Colour
  • Basketball
  • Baseball Catch
  • Fetch
  • Archery
  • Dart Game
  • Balloon Dart
  • Tic Tac Toe

Tables and manpower are not included. Strictly for indoor or sheltered venues only.

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Brand New Year With Premium Carnival Rental For Your Event

As we are soon approaching the end of 2018, why not welcome the new year with Carnival World by letting us provide a helping hand for your upcoming events!

Our wide range of games and fringe activities are suitable for all events, be it parties, road-shows or even seasonal celebrations too. Just take a look at the Lunar New Year school celebration we had earlier this year!

With unlimited fast instant print-outs, our professional photo booth basic rental starts from the first 2 hours and subsequent hour is available at a cheaper rate just for you! Customization is available as well, tell us your preferred theme and we’ll help turn it into a reality! Rest assured our photographers are professional and uses the latest photography equipment and minor editing can be done to make sure you shine bright in those glossy photographs!

We also have a wide range of live food stations and various fringe activities like balloon sculpturing, glitter and airbrush tattoo, you’re bound to find the one most suited to your event!

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Carnival Game Booth Rental Singapore

Carnival World provides a wide range of carnival game booth rental in Singapore! From traditional games to large fun fair carnival games, we have it all for rent! So what is Carnival game booth and why you should rent from us?

Carnival game is a game of chance or skill that can be seen at various amusement theme parks, fun fairs and carnival events all around the world! If you are organising a family day or a carnival theme event, it will cost a bomb to fabricate all these carnival games equipment. By renting these carnival game booth, you can either save more on your costing, or have more carnival games and game prizes at your event with your currenbudget!

Fun Fair Carnival Games Rental

6 Reasons why you should rent these carnival game booth from us!

  • Price – Affordable and Reasonable rates! We DO NOT charge a premium rate even for big companies.
  • Design – Our game booth may not be the cheapest in the market, but the designs of the games definitely are one of the best!
  • Unique – Not just the designs, but some of the games we provide can only be found here!
  • Size – Our smallest carnival box game stall is 0.97m by 0.97m. It is bigger than most carnival game stalls in Singapore! Therefore, it looks much better at your event as well!
  • Customisation – We allow our clients to place their branding on some of our carnival game booth! Contact us to find out more!
  • Passion – Lastly, we love what we do! and we are committed to help you with your request as much as possible!

Click here to see the full list of carnival games we provide!

Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game Booth

Break the Teeth Carnival Game Booth

Bowling Carnival Game Booth

Basket Toss Carnival Game Booth

Carnival Box Game Stalls

With more than 20 different carnival box game stalls to choose from, you can definitely find your favourite carnival game to rent at just $120/stall per day rental!

Click here to discover the full list of carnival game stalls we provide.

Carnival Game Booth Customisation

Place your branding on our carnival game stalls! For more information, simply contact our friendly sales assistant today!

Click here to see the full list of carnival games we provide!

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Carnival Party for Yew Tee RC

Carnival World has supported Yew Tee RC with our carnival games and bouncy castle rental! Attractive designs on our bouncy castle has attracted countless of children to the event as well! Below are some photos of our Red Dinosaur bouncy castle and our inflatable game stalls:

Red Dino Bouncy Castle

Inflatable Carnival Game Stalls

Inflatable Soccer Game

Are you looking for a similar carnival experience for your upcoming event? We are here to help! Simply let us know the type of event your are hosting, date, time and venue. Our team will recommend you the our carnival equipment that best suit your event and budget!

Feel free to contact our sales representative if you need any other information from us! Simply click on the button below to enquire:

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Carnival Games Singapore

Carnival World provides more than 50 different types of carnival games rental in Singapore! From just $100 onwards, you can have professional-looking game stalls for your event. Below are 3 different category of our carnival games:

Table Box Game Stalls

Unlike others, our table box game stalls are BIG! With the measurement of 0.93m by 0.93m, our game stalls size and designs definitely look great at your event and attract crowds! We have over 20 different table box games to choose from. For more information, click here.

Inflatable Game Stalls


Ticket Catching Inflatable Games can be used for lucky draw, guessing game and prize winning games! If you are having a carnival with sufficient space to fill up your events, these inflatable games are just for you! Our carnival inflatable games booth can be used as a decoration for your event as well. For more information, click here.

Arcade Game Machines

From the retro video arcade machine to the popular basketball machines, we must say these arcade games will definitely WOW your guest! Everyone love to play these machines (especially when it’s on free-play mode). Create a whole new arcade area at your event today! For more information about our arcade games, click here.

Introducing everyone’s favourite arcade table game machine, air hockey table! Our new air hockey table has an electronic score keeping function. This machine looks great when it’s place at an event venue, and everyone who walked passed it are dying to put their hands on it! You could also create an air hockey tournament/challenge at your event too!

Booking of our carnival games and arcade machines is simple.

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New Interactive Carnival Games for Rent in Singapore

Carnival World is excited to present our new carnival equipment rental for your upcoming carnival in Singapore! Below are list of our new equipment that are already in our warehouse right now!

Carnival Horse Racing Game

Horse Racing Game

Horse racing is definitely the funniest and fun game every carnival should have! We are proud to be the first and only carnival event company to have Horse racing game in Singapore. Here’s a video of how the game looks like:

Carnival Skee Ball Game

Skee Ball

Remember the skee ball game you played in arcade? Here’s an inflatable version of the game! For events that do not wish to have the usual table box game, here is something new that is the first and only inflatable skee ball game in Singapore!

Animal Rides

Animal Rides

Animal Rides

One of the most popular kids activity in every neighbourhood shopping mall, animal rides are loved by every kids in Singapore! Now you can rent the animal ride for your birthday party OR event with a hard concrete ground at the best price in Singapore!

Video Arcade Games

If you would like your guest to entertain themselves, here it is! Our video arcade game consist of more than 60 different games that would definitely attract crowds to watch the game being played. Also, the top part of the machine is available for branding as well!

Small Capsule Machine

Our small Capsule Machine consist of 100 capsule balls (with small gifts in each capsule ball) in each machine. You may also place your gift items in our capsule ball for branding purpose. Customised branding on this machine is available as well.

Large Capsule Machine

Just like the small capsule ball machine, this is a unique item where you can place your lucky draw items in our 100mm capsule ball! Customisation on our machine is available as well.

Ticket Catching Machine

Want to have something different for your lucky draw? Why not enter the machine to catch the prizes? Our inflatable ticket catching machine can either be played by putting 1 hand in a small hole, or enter the machine to catch the prizes. Custom Branding of your logo is available as well.

Are you looking for other carnival games for rent? Click here to see the list of our carnival game stalls!

To book, simple send us the following details to :

Contact number:
Event Date:
Venue Address:
Items you are interested in:
Other comments:

We will reply  within a day!

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