Four full days of a long weekend thanks to Singapore’s 54th birthday and on 9th of August itself, Carnival World had tons of fun bonding over traditional games with the East-side residents!

Millennials and the Gen Z may or may not be very familiar with these kampung games that the older generation used to play with when they were young, when in their hands were usually mobile phones and game consoles. So it definitely acts as a linking bridge between the different generations to have fun together, also providing a sense of nostalgia for our pioneers.

Over at SAFRA Tampines that day, residents were spoiled for many choices as they go around each and every stations to conquer Hopscotch, Zero Point, Five Stones, Coconut Bowling, Bottle Ring Toss, Pick up Sticks, Country Flag Eraser Game and also among them the crowd’s favorite – Congkak!

Despite the sunny weather, our hyper little residents are as excited to try out our own version of Number Hopscotch! The first player to reach number 10 wins!
Also introducing our Zero Point game which we recently added to the deck – players have to go through various levels of crossing over the “rope” without touching it. After every round, they have to shout “Zero Point!”, “One Point!” and so on.

As the rubber band “rope” is quite versatile, our crew even used it as a skipping rope and also played the classic party game – Limbo with the kids! Fun has no limits.

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Create New Memories Over Traditional Fun

The younger generation, or Generation Z per se these days might not even heard of things like Chapteh and Five Stones, let alone seen or played them in actual. On the other end, our Pioneers are highly experienced in this field but yet has no-one to pass their skills down to. Why not use it as a linking bridge for them to have some fun together?

Most suitable for bonding day events, families can come together regardless of age to forge new memories in a game of Pick Up Sticks where there’s no limit to the number of players.

Other traditional games includes Five Stones, Chapteh, Tikam Tikam, Marble, Congkak, Hopscotch, Coconut Bowling and Fishing.

To make things more interesting and competitive, add on some traditional game prizes like these where you can still bring the fun home!

You can check out more photos of them here: http://www.carnivalworld.sg/traditional-games/.

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