Carnival Game Stalls for Rent

Carnival World provides various types of carnival game stalls for rent including professional large box games stalls, 3D premium game stalls, traditional carnival games, water games, dunking machine and arcade game machines.

Unlike many, our carnival box game stalls are big and looks professional at any types of events! Below are some photos of our box game stalls:

Professional Event Game Stalls for rent

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Carnival World’s premium 3D Premium Carnival Game Stalls are for events that wish to creates a better carnival “feel” to impress their guest. Here are some photos of our 3D premium carnival game stalls:

hi striker

hi striker

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If you are having a pool party in Singapore, our water games equipment are definitely what you need at your party! Our water game equipment includes paddle boats, water rock climbing, inflatable obstacles, inflatable pool and inflatable stepping stones. Here are a few pictures of our water games equipment:

Paddle Boat

Paddle Boat

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Arcade game stalls are the product you need if you want to wow your guest at your party or event! From kiddy rides to claw machines, we offers a wide range of arcade game stalls for party or events in Singapore. Contact us and let us know the arcade game machines rental you need for your event.

Arcade Game Stalls Rental

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Dunking Machine Rental

Dunking Tank Machine has remained the hot favourite for the youths and other age groups since ages ago. As the name suggests, a model or someone whom you wish to nominate will sitting onto the platform above the tub of water and wait for the fun to begin!

dunkin machine

Unlike other dunking machines, we provide a marine theme dunking machine to make the outlook of the machine to look more eye-catching and exciting for the public.The crowd will then be asked to throw a ball to hit a target and once the target is hit, the mechanism will be activated and he/she who is sitting on the platform will now be dunked into the water.

Dunking Tank Machine provides lots of fun in various events such as carnival event, fund-raising event or even for some exciting school celebrations!

Set up: Takes about 3-4 hours to fill up the machine with water
Rate includes: delivery, set up, dismantle and collection of the equipment

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