Property Guru Carnival Event in Singapore

Carnival World is proud to provide our carnival event equipment rental for property guru’s carnival event in Singapore! Unlike many event company, we specialised in managing carnival events in Singapore!


Our popular game stalls, ice cream cart, popcorn & candy floss machines creates a fun-filled and engaging carnival event for property guru! The only difference about property guru’s carnival is that they want their staff members to mend the stalls! In fact, it is very simple and everyone had fun!

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Face Painting, Karaoke and Sound System Rental

To continue on my post on the Pearl Bank event, our happy clients also engaged our face painting and sound system services for their guests to hype up while at the same time, getting themselves painted with their favourite cartoon animals.

sound systems

Our Karaoke Sound System has a comprehensive list of songs that you can find, be it in different genres or languages, with latest songs updated in the list.  Our Professional Karaoke Sound Systems also provides a clear resonance sound that is able to send the sound evenly throughout the room, providing a good hype up environment for your event.

face painting

As for our professional Face Painting Artist, rest assured that the face painting tool used are thoroughly cleansed and have no harmful chemicals that is harmful to the skin. Our Face Painting Artist have years of experience that are able to create unique and beautiful designs fast with their creativity.

 Have an idea in mind?

Be prepared for lots of colours and innovations that will wow your audience!

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Activity Booth Rental

Carnival World offer rental service of activity booths for company’s D&D as well as outdoor and indoor events!

Milk Can Toss carnival game stall rental

Activity booth from Carnival World in Singapore is definitely the most ideal rental for your event planning as it is worry and fuss free! The activity booth rental is a must-have service at your event. Each and every activity booth comes with small gift for the participants!

Carnival World have been providing activity booth rental service for the longest time and is popular among the young and old to participate. Most of Carnival World’s clients for this service are companies who were planning for D&Ds as well as community events!

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