Rent Carnival Game Stalls in Singapore

Carnival World offer a wide range of carnival games for all parties and events in Singapore! From the popular and affordable box game stalls to inflatable games, and even arcade machines… we have it all! Here are some of photos of how our carnival fun fair games look like at our client’s event:

Unlike many, our carnival box games are bigger in size, which make it look even better when displaying it at your event.

Below are some of our premium game stalls that includes inflatable dart game, double basketball, golf game and king of hammer arcade machine!

Didn’t like the box game stalls you see? Want to have a bigger game stall for your event? Why not have these inflatable games for your event!

Bowling Ski Ball Game

We have 10 new inflatable games that are big and affordable coming in late June 2018! Check with us for the availability and rates today!

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Traditional Carnival Games and Snacks for National Day

This year, we have a support more than 20 national day events in Singapore! From traditional carnival games to carnival snacks stalls rental, our carnival team have been working hard day and night to provide our client the best experience for their event!

Below are some of our favourite traditional carnival games and snacks for our satisfied client!

Singapore traditional games and snacks stalls.

Carnival World has also provide thousands of traditional game prizes for our client this national day! If you are looking for traditional game prizes such as foam aeroplane, happy family playing cards, paper balls or even parachute solider, we have it all at only $1/pc !

We have the cheapest traditional games for rent in Singapore! Here’s how our traditional game stalls look like:

Carnival World team would like to wish Singapore a very happy national day!

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Carnival Game Stalls in Singapore

If you have went to AMK Hub last week, you would have spotted a balloon candy land done by our partner, THAT Balloons!

AMK Hub Balloon Candy Land

With more than 50 different carnival game stalls to choose from, you can never go wrong when booking with us! Here are the list of carnival games:

  • Feed the Clown
  • Hungry Pig
  • Hungry Bear
  • Carnival Ring Toss
  • Finish the Race
  • Milk Cans Toss
  • Match the Colour
  • Shoot the Duck
  • Shoot the Target
  • Shoot the Alien
  • Basketball
  • Bull eye Dart
  • Archery
  • Aeroplane Throw
  • Balloon Dart
  • Baseball Catch
  • Coin Toss
  • Egg Nest Toss
  • Fetch
  • Tic Tac Toe

Carnival World have supported our carnival game stalls for the event as well and the respond from the crowd was fantastic! Both adults and children enjoying the carnival games such as throwing balls into the pig’s mouth and shooting of the duck using a toy gun.

Carnival Games Singapore

We also have our unique carnival game stall such as “Finish The Race”, which the player have to release the toy car and let it roll into the holes to win!

Game Stalls Rental

Are you looking for other carnival game equipment for rent? Click here to see the different types of carnival games we provide!

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