Modular Water Obstacle for Rent


Just when we thought we’re out of the woods, the government announced we’re encouraged to stay home for a while longer. Which means, if you’ve got a little one’s birthday coming up, then you’ll need to get creative with the celebrations. While you won’t be able to head out or invite friends and family over, you can still have heaps of fun. Our suggestion? Throw a birthday party at home!

Carnival World has planned and managed hundreds of big and small parties over the last few years. During the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, we are now shifting to smaller party ideas for kids who want to celebrate their special day with friends and family!


Planning a smaller birthday party during the pandemic doesn’t mean taking away the fun! There are many other fun activities and party rental you can hire for small birthday parties:


Carnival World offers over 20 different bouncy castles rental to choose from. From small bouncy castle that is able to fit into a HDB Flat, to large bouncy castle that fits at the back of your garden, you can be sure to find 1 that your kids love!


Hire your favourite arcade games rental to surprise your family and friends! Carnival World have many popular arcade machines such as arcade basketball and air hockey, to retro arcade games such as video arcade and spider stompin!


If you are planning a pool party in your home, our popular water inflatables rental may just be what you are looking for! Our modular water obstacle course and our new inflatable seesaw are the 2 most popular water inflatables that we currently offer!


Carnival World offers a wide range of art and craft activities! During the pandemic, we have provide various art and craft workshop at parties such as sand art, window art and even balloon sculpting workshop!


During the pandemic, we are unable to order and serve self-service buffet to our guest. However, you can still order live food stations for your guests! 


Balloons always make a party feel festive and bring up the mood at a party! Instead of filling up the whole venue with balloons, focus on decorating the area where you are hosting your cake cutting ceremony and photo-taking!

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Carnival Event at Tuas Naval Base

Here in Carnival World, we have provide our equipment to hundreds of events in the past few years. Our experienced team have also worked with a few trusted event company partners to create the best carnival experiences for their client! Below is a family day carnival at Tuas Naval Base!

Popcorn and candy floss machines

Green Screen Photo Booth Service

Fringe Activities

The fringe activities include sand art station and carnival game stalls for the kids to enjoy!

Are you looking for an affordable event planner for your upcoming carnival event? We are here to help! We have all the carnival equipment and event services you need. Contact us for more information on how we can make your event a success!

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Fringe Activities for kids

These are the 3 things to look out for when getting any fringe activities for kids.

As professional carnival event planner, we understand which are the fringe activities that best suit your event. Here are the top 3 questions you must ask yourself first before engaging any fringe activities for your event!

Can the stations attract the kid’s attention?

Luckily for us as a carnival event company, we are confident that every single fringe activities we provide can attract both kids and adults attention. But you may want to ask our experienced sales team for recommendation of the popular fringe activities.

Will the kids be entertained by themselves?

Depending on your event, you may want to create a “play zone” for the kids to be entertained by themselves! For example, having a bouncy castle or a ball pit for the kids are the common solution. If you would like to impress your guest, why not have an arcade area such as air hockey table, whack a frog, wii game, daytona racing game etc at your event! If you are doing a carnival on a tight budget, simply get a few carnival game stalls that the kids can win some small prizes as they play!

Can the kids bring home a little souvenir?

Nobody likes to go to a carnival without bringing back home a little souvenir. Small game prizes usually does the job as everyone love to win some prizes at a carnival. However, you may want to include fringe activities such as caricature station, balloon sculpting station, glitter tattoo station etc but do expect a little queue for these type of stations as it takes approxiemately 3 mins to complete a request. Therefore, another recommendation will be having arts corner such as sand art station at your event!

Here are 2 events we have done at OCBC centre and Carlton Hotel ballroom!

Our wii game station is fun to watch as well!

Who doesn’t love playing air hockey?

For more information about our fringe activities, click here.
For more information about our arcade machines rental, click here.

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Carnival Event Company in Singapore

As a professional carnival event company in Singapore, our team have supported many carnival events for corporate companies, private parties to government agencies. We are happy to have many satisfied clients who love our carnival services! Here’s another Carnival Event we have done for Partners Group Pte Ltd at Asia Square:

If you are working at Asia Square, you may notice a private carnival event happening at the atrium during mid October. Here’s what our team have done for the event!

Services include:

  • Professional Sound System with DJ
  • Rainbow Balloon Arch
  • Helium Balloon Bundles
  • Traditional Ice Cream Cart
  • Traditional Popcorn Cart
  • Toy Catcher Machine with Soft Toy
  • Gashapon machine
  • Balloon Sculpting
  • Face Painting
  • Sand Art Activities
  • Customised Instant Print Photobooth
  • Professional Emcee Event and Games Hosting
  • Juggling Show
  • Magic Show

We are glad everyone enjoyed the carnival and we look forward to all the upcoming carnivals in Singapore!

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Singapore Sand Art Activity

Here in Carnival World, we always recommend the most popular event’s activity for our client. Sand Art Activity is one of the most underrated activity enjoyed by both kids and adults in Singapore! Here are a few photos of our professional sand art activity at various parties and events.

Kids Activity Singapore

Sand Art Activity at a Birthday Party.

Professional Sand Art Service

Sand Art Activity at Car Showroom.

Sand Art for sale

Sand Art Activity at Car Showroom.

Sand Art for kids

Sand Art Activity at a Corporate Event.

Sand Art for Party

Sand Art Activity at Family Day Event. Sand Art fringe activity

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Sand Art Fringe Activity for Party & Event in Singapore

Carnival World introduce our professional sand art fringe activity for party and event in Singapore. Sand Art is one of the most popular fringe activity that attracts both kids and adults to bring home a souvenir of their own creation. Our sand art station is also designed professionally such that it looks great at your party or event!


Sand Art has been around for many years and it is one of the most affordable fringe activity as well! Each sand art design pieces are carefully chosen by our staff such that it catches the attention of every children.

For more information about our sand art station, click here.

Create an unforgettable event with Carnival World today!

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