Unique Event Food Stalls in Singapore

Carnival World presents 6 unique event food stalls in Singapore that no other event companies provide!

Firstly, we have our pre-pack churros stall with our tasty dipping sauce. This is the most popular stall that received the most compliment from the guest at the event!

Churros Stall Event Singapore

Muah Chee and Tutu Kueh stall, a traditional snack that all Singaporean loved have attracted hundreds of guest to queue up for these tasty food!

Mua Chee Stall for hire

Pisang Goreng is a snack found mainly throughout Malaysia, Indonasia, Cambodia and Singapore! It is made of deep fried banana or plantain covered in batter or special sauces that appeals to your preference.

Goreng Pisang Singapore

The sweet Bird Nest Drink Stall gets the guest to feel refresh after having the snacks at the event.

Bird Nest Drink Stall for hire Singapore

Lastly, the poplar and famous fried ice cream roll stalls has also attracted many guest at the event! Our ice cream man hand-made and roll the ice cream on the spot, and the guest gets to choose the toppings they want!

Fried Ice Cream Roll stall singapore

Fried Ice Cream Roll Stall.

Fired Ice Cream Roll with different toppings!

Fried Ice Cream Roll

We have over 10 different carnival food stalls suitable for all types of carnival events in Singapore! For more information about our carnival food stalls, click here.

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Traditional Biscuit Stall Rental

Simple, sweet treat that delights your tastebuds.

Existed long before biscuits are commonly found in supermarkets, these childhood favourite treat brings back nostalgia memories of the past. As compared to supermarket biscuits, these simple, sugary treat are rather inexpensive for the wallet. Personally, my favourite is definitely the Chocolate Wafers Biscuit which I will always separate the biscuits into 2 parts and eat it off just like that so that I can have 2 chocolate wafer biscuits instead of one! *Chuckles*

Traditional Biscuit Stall

At Carnival World, we provide traditional biscuit stall rental to cater for your event. Our biscuits will be distributed by our friendly employee that will guarantee a smile on everyone’s face!

Require: 1x table

Rates Include: Delivery, Set-up, 1x manpower, collection of items, materials, and approximately 100pax Biscuit supply per hour.

Discover new love in older generation biscuits now!

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Our friendly in-house ambassador can be contacted via email at hello@carnivalworld.sg

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