Traditional Biscuits Delivery

Here in Carnival World, our passionate team strive to do our best for our clients! Last week, we have delivered a total of 1180 packs of traditional biscuits for a primary school’s national day event! There are total of 5 different types of traditional biscuits, each packet is hot-sealed in a nice plastic packaging that presents as a gift to the students!

Bulk Traditional Biscuit for sale

Client specially request the types of biscuits they want and we pack the biscuits o their choice into small packets.

Other than pre-packed biscuits, Carnival World is also the only carnival event company that provide traditional biscuit stall for our client. Our traditional biscuits stall includes 6 to 10 different types of biscuits depending on the number of pax you ordered. We will pack 4 to 6 types of biscuit per packet and give out in paper bags/plastic packaging to your guest.

Traditional Biscuit Stall

Traditional Biscuit Stall

Carnival World provides a total of 21 different types of carnival snacks. For more information about our carnival snacks, click here.

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Traditional Biscuit Stall for Events in Singapore

Carnival World is proud to be the first event company in Singapore providing traditional biscuit stall for events in Singapore!

Traditional Biscuit Stall Singapore

Last week, we have provided our traditional biscuit stall at NTU’s event with 10 different types of traditional biscuit to choose from! Most adults are familiar with the traditional biscuits and it brings back memories.

Traditional Biscuit Stall

Traditional Biscuit Stall

Carnival World had supply carnival food and carnival snacks professionally for many events in Singapore! Think popcorn, candy floss, hotdog bun or even kacang puteh!

For more information about our carnival food and snacks stalls, click here.

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Traditional Biscuit Stall Rental

Simple, sweet treat that delights your tastebuds.

Existed long before biscuits are commonly found in supermarkets, these childhood favourite treat brings back nostalgia memories of the past. As compared to supermarket biscuits, these simple, sugary treat are rather inexpensive for the wallet. Personally, my favourite is definitely the Chocolate Wafers Biscuit which I will always separate the biscuits into 2 parts and eat it off just like that so that I can have 2 chocolate wafer biscuits instead of one! *Chuckles*

Traditional Biscuit Stall

At Carnival World, we provide traditional biscuit stall rental to cater for your event. Our biscuits will be distributed by our friendly employee that will guarantee a smile on everyone’s face!

Require: 1x table

Rates Include: Delivery, Set-up, 1x manpower, collection of items, materials, and approximately 100pax Biscuit supply per hour.

Discover new love in older generation biscuits now!

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