Planned and organized various events but have you ever had your very own uniquely-customized game activity like this one here?

Featured here are Shoot the Target, Archery Game & Carnival Ring Toss.

Carnival World provides over 20 different table box game stalls rental in Singapore! If you are looking for cheap carnival game stalls for rent, your search ends here! Unlike many, our professional table box game stalls are bigger in size (0.93m by 0.93m), that is much more visually appealing at every event in Singapore.

Attract your audience by giving it a brand new look by customizing it to fit your event’s theme. You can either create your own design for the top and/or bottom board or change to have your own event products to be used in the table box game as well! Chat us up to find out more.

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– Minimum rental of 3 stalls required to enjoy special discounted rate.
–  Only for indoors or sheltered area.
– Dimensions: 0.93m by 0.93m.

Check out other various kinds of carnival games we have to offer such as traditional games like Five Stones and Tikam Tikam, inflatable games and premium games like this Large Digital Basketball here in the Discover link below!

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Create New Memories Over Traditional Fun

The younger generation, or Generation Z per se these days might not even heard of things like Chapteh and Five Stones, let alone seen or played them in actual. On the other end, our Pioneers are highly experienced in this field but yet has no-one to pass their skills down to. Why not use it as a linking bridge for them to have some fun together?

Most suitable for bonding day events, families can come together regardless of age to forge new memories in a game of Pick Up Sticks where there’s no limit to the number of players.

Other traditional games includes Five Stones, Chapteh, Tikam Tikam, Marble, Congkak, Hopscotch, Coconut Bowling and Fishing.

To make things more interesting and competitive, add on some traditional game prizes like these where you can still bring the fun home!

You can check out more photos of them here:

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