Carnival Party at Lumileds

A small carnival event celebrating their company’s anniversary with our popcorn, candy floss, golf game, photobooth and balloon decoration and balloon sculpting service! These equipment are all you need to create a fun and enjoyable carnival party in Singapore.

Unlimited Free-flow popcorn live station with manpower.

Unlimited Free-flow candy floss live station with manpower.

Golf-Game challenge.

Customised photobooth service with on-site photographer and editor.

Want to have the same equipment for your upcoming carnival? We offer a package rates for 4 or more services! Feel free to contact our friendly sales staff for more information.

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Carnival Snacks Live Stations

Here in Carnival World, we are constantly increasing the varieties of our carnival snacks live stations for you to choose from. From the popular popcorn and candy floss station, to traditional muah chee and kacang puteh station, and even unique live food station such as hotdog bun and Churros station, we have it all!

Here are some of the live food station we have done for our clients at various venues in Singapore.

Click here to discover more than 20 different carnival snacks live stations.

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Carnival Event Equipment Rental

From bouncy castle to professional carnival games, Carnival World is a one-stop carnival event equipment rental company in Singapore! We have provided our carnival equipment rental to more than 20 events every month. Below are some of our equipment that our clients love!


Fairyland Bouncy Castle 

Fairyland-Bouncy-Castle for Rent

Pink Dino Bouncy Castle


Pink Dino Bouncy Castle

We have a variety of carnival games to choose from! From our popular professional carnival box games to our 3D premium games and large inflatable games, You can be sure to find what you need here at Carnival World!


Magnetic Dart Game


Shooting Game Stall


Golf Game


Soccer Table Game


Table Soccer Game


Large Inflatable Carnival Games


Dunking Tank


Candy Floss Machine


Cotton Candy


Traditional Ice Cream Cart

Still unsure of what to get for your upcoming carnival event? You may want to watch the video below to get some inspiration of our carnival event equipment rental:

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Event Management at GV Max in Singapore

Carnival World is proud to successfully manage an event for our client at GV Max Vivo City!

Movie Family Day Event Planner

Our Carnival services include professional emcee hosting the event, professional event photographer, balloon sculpting, caricaturist, candy floss and carnival game stalls with game prizes to entertain the families.

Here in Carnival World, quality of our work is important to us. Which is the reason why we work with only professional and experienced talents for every event. Also, you will notice our equipment are well maintained with beautiful designs! Our professional-looking game stalls are also bigger than the usual ones you see anywhere else.

You may view the event in the short video below:

 Producing the very best carnival that suits our client’s needs is what we do best! Unlike many, we are passionate people who love what we do. That is also why our client loves us!

You could be next!

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Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machines Rental

Last month, we have provided popcorn and cotton candy machines rental to various events in Singapore!

Popcorn and cotton candy rental Singapore

We have got many positive feedbacks from our client such as the tastiest popcorns they’ve had, we are confident to serve the best butterfly popcorns for your event as well!

Last month, we have supported over 30 events with our food stalls, game stalls and fringe activities. We would like to thank each and every client who have engaged our services. We hope you enjoyed it!

For more information about our popcorn and cotton candy machines rental, click here.

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Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machine Rental

This Month, we are proud to be engaged by Ang Mo Kio ITE Collage for our Popcorn and Candy Floss services during their Event Road Show, allowing the students to satisfy their inner child within.

Popcorn and Candy Floss

Our Candy Floss are spun by our professionals using a stick and the light, fluffy confection are created in the form of thin threads and finally handing the large soft ball into the hands of the excited student.

Popcorn Machine

Our popcorns are made of good quality corns imported from overseas and not only had it tasted GOOD, it smells GREAT as well! We use fragrant oil to cook our popcorn to ensure that each packet of popcorns stays fragrant, allowing the aroma to travel across the Road Show.

Our popcorns and candy floss are the hot favourite at any event that will not only please the children, but also satisfying the sweet tooth of the adults at affordable rates.

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Carnival Event in Singapore

Last weekend, we are proud to be engaged by Seng Kang West Zone Committee to set up our games and food booths below the HDB flats to welcome the community.

games stall

Common hot favourites of the games stall includes “shoot the duck” and “feed the shark” which requires players to shoot/throw at the target and stand a chance to win attractive prizes at the event. Everyone was hyped up at the event and long queues can be seen queuing up at the games booth.

carnival food stalls

After a fulfilling session at the games booth, the community can proceed to have their light snacks at the food booth area which includes their childhood favourite Kacang Puteh and Muah Chee, Candy Floss for the sweet tooth as well as the traditional ice-cream stall to cool them down on a hot and humid day.

Overall, it was a fun and fulfilling day even for our staffs! At Carnival World, we pride ourselves in the consistency in our quality and services to all our clients to ensure a happy working relationship.

Interested to rent our games and snack stalls?

Click here to discover other snack stalls from Carnival World Singapore!

Click here to discover other games stalls from Carnival World Singapore!

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Carnival Food Stall Package

Our Carnival Food Stall Package includes all the essentials you would need to make a TASTY party for your guests!

We provide food-related side where your guests are able to delight their taste buds with various choice of yummy food such as hotdogs, popcorn machine as well as our all –time favourite, CANDY FLOSS!  The fairy dust that is spun with air makes it irresistible even to the adults.

Carnival Event Management Service

Not forgetting our nostalgia Kacang Puteh, it caters to the young and the older generation, who misses the old popcorns. We have an assortment of crunchy treats such as beans, nuts and peas in different colours all stored in an airtight container at the seller’s cart for you to choose your toppings. After preparation, the Kacang Puteh will also be served in a thin long cone for the guests to rover around your event.

Moreover, we offers rental of these machines at attractive and affordable rates.

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Carnival Event Management

Till today, Carnival World has manage and supply our carnival equipments to hundreds of events in Singapore. With 9 years of event management experiences, rest assured that our event management team are able to create a memorable and successful event for you! Balloon Sculpture for children

Last week, Carnival World has successfully managed a national day carnival event at Jurong West Singapore! See below and find out the rental and services that Carnival World has provided for our client.

Balloon Twister Singapore

Balloon Sculpting Service by Singapore professional balloon artist!

Balloon Sculpting Service Singapore

Balloon Sculpting has never fail to put a smile on every children’s faces!

Popcorn Rental Singapore

Popcorn Machine Rental for events in Singapore. Popcorn Stall is also one of the most popular event equipment rental that our client requested.

Candy Floss Rental Singapore

Candy Floss Machine Rental in Singapore can never goes wrong with popcorn stall. Candy Floss Stall Rental can creates a carnival-feel at our client’s event as well.

Sparta Challenge Inflatable Rental

Inflatable Bounce Spata Challenge Rental Singapore. Bouncy Castle has always been every children’s favourite place when they’re at a carnival event!

Bouncing Inflatable Singapore

From small inflatables for birthday parties to large scale inflatables, we have it all at Carnival World! Click here and find out all our inflatable’s equipment we provide!

Sports Inflatable Bounce Castle

Inflatable Sports Challenge with Slides in Singapore.

Bouncy Castle for rent Singapore

Do be assured that our bouncy castle are in good quality and safe condition for all children!

Inflatable Slides Singapore

Another successful carnival event done by Carnival World!

Looking for an event company to manage your upcoming event? Ever want to amaze and impress your guest at your carnival event? Contact our friendly carnival sales manager Kaden Tan @ 9487 4732 or now!