Carnival World is having a arcade games rental promo in Singapore! As the largest arcade machines rental company with over 50 different arcade games to choose from, you can be sure to find the arcade machines you want for your event!

We provide a wide range of cheap arcade machines rental in Singapore! From the popular Claw machine and Basketball machine, to an all time favourite Daytona and Air Hockey Table, we have it all at the best prices in town!

We are having a 30% off for all our arcade games and carnival equipment rental!

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Here are some of our arcade game machines in one of our client’s venue:


Another popular arcade game machine that best fit any sports events at any party or events in Singapore. No doubt, every guy loves our basketball machines! It’s time to allow your guests to show off their basketball accuracy skills at your event today!


An interactive and fun game that is suitable for kids age 4 and above! Suitable for 2 – 4 players, the players must hit on the buttons whenever it lights up. The one/team who hits the most lights win! Attractive table game with LED lights look amazing at any type of carnival event!


The first and only Arcade Batman Racing in Singapore, get one step closer relieving yourself from the Joker movie hangover and have a match with the best villain himself as you clear through various missions and boss battles!


Dart throwing sports has been gaining popularity these days and we have a professional set for rent! Branding on our dart machine is also available! Contact us to book a dart machine at your event today!


Looking for something more exciting than the usual Car Racing Arcade Machine? Why not get these rebel-looking motorbike arcade game for your event? (2 players)


Nonetheless, this is the best table to entertain your guest at every event! Host an air hockey match or simply leave it at your holding area to keep your guests entertained! Impress them today with our air hockey table at the most competitive price in the market!


We have 2 types of toy catcher machines and both have attractive LED lights! Whether it’s for a party, event, shop opening on integrating the claw machines to your existing business, we are here to help! Our claw machines are also fully customisable as well! Please contact us for price and measurements of the machine.

Discover the full list of arcade game machines rental we offer here! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us below:

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A very merry weekend indeed at Toa Payoh Central Amphitheater with families and friends as we celebrated 2 fun-filled days of Light of Christmas alongside Toa Payoh Methodist Church and Guest of Honour (GOH), Dr Ng Eng Hen – Minister for Defense & Adviser to Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC GROs!

Carnival World played a part by providing fun inflatables and funfair games for the neighborhood community, so there’s something for all!

While the little ones jumped their hearts out on one of our large bouncy castle – Jurassic Parkland, even adults can have a go at the inflatable games such as Western Hoops and Shuffle Balls! The 3-In-1 Sports Game was a popular choice due to its multi-players feature which you can throw hoop, bat and throw darts at the same time!

Residents get to enjoy their very own Christmas Wonderland with classic carnival games such as Milk Can Toss, Balloon Dart, Bowling as well as Bottle Ring Toss!

The event was a definite success as we were awarded with many smiling faces by the end of the night!

Check out our list and photos of fun fair games here!

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Huat Along With Carnival World

Earlier this Lunar New Year we were given the opportunity to celebrate the festive vibes together with our fellow friends who were having their day off on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Held at Penjuru Recreation Centre, a wide variety of games were provided for a fun-filled Tuesday evening where they could just relax and de-stress, have some fun competing with one another.

Putting your strength and balance to the very test would be our popular eye-catching Colosseum Warrior and wacky Rodeo Bull where you try to hold on for as long as you can! Just watching it in game mode makes you feel the same exhilaration as the actual player as well! Or have a go at our Sumo Suit Game where you actually dress up as a professional sumo wrestler and force your opponent out of a circular ring or into touching the ground with any body part other than the soles of his feet.

Other than games that require much physical strength, we also have carnival themed games such as our affordable table box games or inflatable soccer so you don’t have to worry about not finding the right game to have fun! All our equipment and games are available for rental at affordable nett prices inclusive of delivery, set up, dismantle and collection. Absolutely no limit to the number of maximum hours in a day’s rental which means you’re guaranteed and encouraged to have as much fun as you can!

Regardless of your event size, indoors or outdoors, falling on national holidays etc; Carnival World is your number 1 dependent choice when it comes to holding your carnival events anytime of the year!

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Customized Carnival Experience At Your Event

Carnival World always keep to their promise to provide you an all-fun and memorable experience for your events! But why not go the extra mile with us for your company, clients and event-goers by making it The Event with a magic touch of uniqueness? Now that we’ve gotten your attention, read on further as we let you in on the secrets of being the one and only!

Location and timing is important when it comes to planning for an event. But of course, what else is key? The content itself – what’s your agenda or goals to be achieved from executing this event? Be it advertising a new product at a roadshow or celebration of a company party, Carnival World provides over more than a hundreds wide selection of products and services which you can definitely find ideal for your event!

For any event, appearance is important as it will affect your event’s publicity and human crowd. To draw attention to your event, package up with full carnival vibes when you have our huge brightly-colored tent-age that’s able to send that “yes, there’s a lit carnival party happening! I can’t ignore it because I FOMO!” message across to the public even from afar! Ok maybe not everyone will feel that way, but definitely they will have their curious eyes on you. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, our 2.5m by 2.5m carnival tents are available with a minimum rental of 3 tents. No hidden additional charges as all delivery, set up and collection is included.

(FOMO translates to fear of missing out)

The prizes you give out at a carnival is also one key factor in having the public participants in your event. Cute plushies hang from above entices them in trying out the games to win their very own home! In various sizes and assorted prizes according to themes, you can purchase them from us too!

For the full carnival experience at your convenience, consider getting our special package with the full game setup which includes 1 carnival tent, front panel and table! Choose from: Milk Can Toss, Basket Toss, Fun Fair Bowling and Break The Teeth Game. Customization for the panels is available as well if you want to increase your event branding. (Dimensions: 0.9m by 0.6m)

Check in with us to create that unique experience now!

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NUS Bizad Charity Run 2019 Carnival

Other than family day carnivals, Carnival World also specializes in events such as roadshows, dinner & dances, open house etc. That’s why we had to be there for NUS Bizad Charity Run this year where they held this event annually for fundraising.

With the event open to all students, alumni and public, Carnival World gets to provide a carnival experience for everyone post-race where they enjoy sweet treats such as popcorn and candy floss, savory churros as an energy booster and refresh themselves with ice cold grass jelly drink and assorted ice popsicles. Click here to check out all the yummy live food stations we offer!

The race is not over after the marathon where the runners challenge their skills at the claw machines to get themselves another soft squishy prize to accompany their sweet shining medal for the hard work! If endurance and patience is not your thing, fun fair games such as Basket Toss, Knock Down Teeth and Milk Can Toss is where you can use your remaining physical strength after the race to hit some target and win a prize! Check out our full list of carnival games here!

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Bonding Fun @ SAF Family Day Carnival

The Singapore Armed Forces has engaged Carnival World recently to help out for their Family Day where we have organized fun activities and games for all ages!

Unlimited free-flow supply of live food stations like sweet popcorn and fluffy candyfloss were easily convenient for the families to snack on while they have a go at the games such as 2 meters high inflatable games like Knock-em Down, Outer Space, Western Hoop and Tic Tac Toe that are going at affordable rental rates.

Standing at 5.5m x 5.5m x 3.5m, our eye-catching bright yellow Colosseum Warrior puts the strength and balance of 2 courageous warriors to the test as they battle it out against each other. No fun human is harmed in any way physically; safe for both adults and children.

Arts & Crafts station is available as well, where kids can design their own sand art if they are not up for games! Carnival World offers a wide range of fringe activities that can cater to all such as stage magic show, caricature, glitter tattoo and airbrush, face painting and photo booth services.

Get in touch with us to plan for your event now!

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Glitter Tattoo in Singapore

Last week, our glitter tattoo service was engaged by Seletar Mall Event Organisers to put up a booth on the ground floor to invite everyone for a free temporary tattoo.

glitter tattoo

Suitable for the young and old, glitter tattoo provides a fun addition to any events and liven it up with colours and shimmery glitters.

glitter tattoo kit

At Carnival World, we provide a wide variety of stencils for our guests to choose their desired design and our professional glitter tattoo artist will instantly create amazing body art at your command. Our glitter tattoos are free from chemicals and toxic so rest assured and join the queue now to enjoy the pops of colours on your hands!

With extra care, our glitter tattoo will also be able to last up to 5 days with minimal water contact. For easy removal, simply dab a cotton wool with alcohol or use alcohol swab for application. Viola! And now you can choose more designs to glam up your hands! ^-^

Interested to GLAM UP and become the centre of all the FUN?

Click here to discover other fringe activities available from Carnival World Singapore!

Our friendly in-house ambassador (Becky) can be contacted via email at

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Carnival Event in Singapore

Last weekend, we are proud to be engaged by Seng Kang West Zone Committee to set up our games and food booths below the HDB flats to welcome the community.

games stall

Common hot favourites of the games stall includes “shoot the duck” and “feed the shark” which requires players to shoot/throw at the target and stand a chance to win attractive prizes at the event. Everyone was hyped up at the event and long queues can be seen queuing up at the games booth.

carnival food stalls

After a fulfilling session at the games booth, the community can proceed to have their light snacks at the food booth area which includes their childhood favourite Kacang Puteh and Muah Chee, Candy Floss for the sweet tooth as well as the traditional ice-cream stall to cool them down on a hot and humid day.

Overall, it was a fun and fulfilling day even for our staffs! At Carnival World, we pride ourselves in the consistency in our quality and services to all our clients to ensure a happy working relationship.

Interested to rent our games and snack stalls?

Click here to discover other snack stalls from Carnival World Singapore!

Click here to discover other games stalls from Carnival World Singapore!

Our friendly in-house ambassador (Becky) can be contacted via email at

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Face Painting, Karaoke and Sound System Rental

To continue on my post on the Pearl Bank event, our happy clients also engaged our face painting and sound system services for their guests to hype up while at the same time, getting themselves painted with their favourite cartoon animals.

sound systems

Our Karaoke Sound System has a comprehensive list of songs that you can find, be it in different genres or languages, with latest songs updated in the list.  Our Professional Karaoke Sound Systems also provides a clear resonance sound that is able to send the sound evenly throughout the room, providing a good hype up environment for your event.

face painting

As for our professional Face Painting Artist, rest assured that the face painting tool used are thoroughly cleansed and have no harmful chemicals that is harmful to the skin. Our Face Painting Artist have years of experience that are able to create unique and beautiful designs fast with their creativity.

 Have an idea in mind?

Be prepared for lots of colours and innovations that will wow your audience!

Click here to discover other event equipment’s’ from Carnival World Singapore!

Contact us NOW for more information and our friendly in-house ambassador (Becky) can be contacted via email at

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Bouncy Castles Rental

BOUNCE your way up to a fun filled day with lots of excitement and fun!

At Carnival World, we provide a wide varsity of different inflatables at attractive rates that are suitable for different types of event. Be it for carnivals, birthday parties or even for your company event to serve for decoration purposes to wow your audience.

Bouncy Castles Rental Singapore

Our bouncy castles are made of PVC Tarpaulin and PVC Cover, which are both the best quality for inflatables as it is strong and durable. However, we would advise adults not to jump onto the inflatables to prevent any damages. At Carnival World, quality is assured and you can be reassured that in the case of any unforeseen circumstances, our management will get another bouncy castle to be sent over as soon as possible to your event.

Interested in renting one for your event?

Click here to discover other varieties of inflatables from Carnival World Singapore!

Contact us NOW for more information on the prices and our friendly in-house ambassador (Becky) can be contacted via email at

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