Inflatable Game Booth



Break away from the mundane and elevate your celebration with an explosion of excitement! At Carnival World, we are thrilled to introduce a game changing addition to your events! Our inflatable game stalls! Get ready to inflate and redefine fun and engage guests of all ages in an unforgettable experience.


Our inflatable game stalls are not your average party games, they are interactive and challenging. They are vibrant, larger-than-life structures that challenge your skills and captivate your imagination. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, corporate event or neighbourhood get-together, our inflatable games are designed to add that extra flair that turns an ordinary gathering into an exciting celebration.

What sets our inflatable games apart is the perfect balance of challenge and fun. Engage in friendly competition with your friends and family as you navigate through thrilling obstacle courses or test your accuracy with Cowboy Face Off. The inflatable arena transforms into a playground where everyone, from the youngest to the oldest can join in on the action and create lasting memories.

Inflatable Game Booth For School Event


If you are planning a kids birthday party, team building event for adults, or even a back-to-school celebration our diverse range ensure there’s something for everyone. Watch as laughter echoes through the air and smiles light up faces, proving that inflatable fun knows no age limits.

Tailor the games to suit your event’s vibe, whether you prefer a laid-back atmosphere of high-energy competition. From individual races to team challenge, the possibilities are endless and fun is entirely in your hands.

As you conquer our inflatable games, you not only take home the fun you also earn the chance to snag a fantastic prize. From small gifts to big plush toys our prize selection caters to all ages and preferences. 

Inflatable Game Booth

We believe that excellent entertainment should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget constraints. We provide a wide range of inflatable games from which to choose based on your budget. We offer transparent pricing, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment. Our team is committed to providing high-quality entertainment at a reasonable price. With our Small Inflatable Carnival Games Rental, you can have a great time without breaking your budget.

Carnival World is your one-stop shop for adding fun, excitement and entertainment to your event. We truly believe that our service will exceed your expectations with our unrivalled selection of affordable funfair games in Singapore, engaging activities for all ages, hassle-free rental experience, devotion to safety, customisation possibilities, and budget-friendly pricing. Don’t miss out the opportunity to create a memorable event experience. Contact Carnival World now and begin to have fun!

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Carnival Games & Activities Package

Carnival World would like to introduce our Carnival Games and Activities Package for all event planners in Singapore!

Carnival Event Management Sentosa

There is a wide range of games to choose from and activities are also included in this package. Carnival World is a carnival theme events company in Singapore, with over 10 years of experience! We have planned for various companies and community events for family day over the years.

Below are some of our games and activities:

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Customisable package is also available for selective ones! Our friendly in-house ambassador (Kaden) can be contacted via email at

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Carnival Event Game Booth

Carnival World provides rental of game stalls to events, d&ds in Singapore. This is definitely the most ideal way of planning for an event as it is worry-free and fuss-free!

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The Carnival Game Stalls is a must-have activity at your event. Each and every game booths come with small gifts for the participants! Its is popular within all age groups from young to old. Our Carnival Game Booth is one of the highly raved rental service that many of our customers would return to rent them again!

There are wide variety of games that you can choose from and it would only take less than a minute to set up all of the game booths. Why rack your brains to think of game ideas for your d&d and events? See some of the game booths that are available for rent below!

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Customisable package is also available for selective ones! Our friendly in-house ambassador (Kaden) can be contacted via email at

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