Photobooth, Chinese Calligraphy and Food Services

Last Weekend, That Balloon is honoured to be engaged by our client at Pearl Bank for our various event services.


Transforming your event space to a convertible photobooth, our Photobooth is mended by our professionals and we have different props, lightings and other event equipment available to spice up the event in order to create a memorable experience by capturing the best moments for all.

chinese calligraphy

As Chinese Calligraphy is rarely seen rovering in event, long queues are formed at the event in order to get the Calligraphy Master to write their name or well wishes for their families and friends on the fan and gift them as a souvenir keepsake.

kacang puteh

We also provided with Kacang Puteh and Muah Chee as yummy treats for our guest while they rover around different booths. For the Kacang Putehs, we have an assortment of crunchy treats such as beans, nuts and peas in different colours all stored in an airtight container at the seller’s cart for you to choose your toppings.

muah chee

As for the Muah Chee, our Muah Chee is made of glutinous flour mixed with fine sugar and coated with finely chopped peanuts to ensure the high quality taste that our customer would enjoy. Our ingredients also do not contain any meat and hence, it is a suitable vegetarian food for your vegan customers to enjoy a delightful treat.

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Popcorn and Candy Floss Machine Rental

Get the best of both worlds by renting our popcorn and candy floss machines for your event!

Singapore Popcorn Machine Rental

Our popcorn and candy floss machines are the hot favourite for the event/party planners that will not only please the children, but also satisfying the sweet tooth of the adults at affordable rates.

Rate Includes: Delivery, set up, manpower, dismantle and collection of equipment. Unlimited free flow supply.

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Activity Booth Rental

Carnival World offer rental service of activity booths for company’s D&D as well as outdoor and indoor events!

Milk Can Toss carnival game stall rental

Activity booth from Carnival World in Singapore is definitely the most ideal rental for your event planning as it is worry and fuss free! The activity booth rental is a must-have service at your event. Each and every activity booth comes with small gift for the participants!

Carnival World have been providing activity booth rental service for the longest time and is popular among the young and old to participate. Most of Carnival World’s clients for this service are companies who were planning for D&Ds as well as community events!

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