Singapore Carnival Event Company

As a Singapore carnival event company, we have supply our carnival equipment, live food stations and talents for various events every week! Last month, we have provide our bouncy castle, live food stations, talents and game stalls for a family day event in Sentosa! Thanks to our carnival event coordinator, the fringe activities received great response from the guest!

Family Day at Sentosa.

Carnival Snacks.

Churros Live Station.

Muah Chee Live Station.

Popcorn Live Station.

Traditional Ice Cream Cart.

Hotdog Bun Live Station.

Slushie Drink Station.

Carnival Games.

Small Game Prizes.

Airbrush Tattoo Artist.

Jurassic Parkland Bouncy Castle.

And many more…

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Carnival Games for Rent

Here in Carnival World, we provide various unique fun carnival games rental in Singapore. Most importantly, they are affordable as well! Below are some of our recommendation for carnival games:


Professional Carnival Game Stalls.


Feed the Clown Carnival Game Rental.


Shoot the Duck Carnival Game Rental.


Archery Carnival Game Rental.


Golf Carnival Game Rental.


Balloon Blaster Carnival Game Rental.

Candy Claw Catcher

Our new Candies Claw Catcher Rental for party!


Daytona Arcade Machine Rental.


Inflatable Soccer Game.

Lion Kingdom Bouncy Castle

 Lion Kingdom Bouncy Castle.

Also, we provide attractive small prizes from just $0.80/piece! Prizes such as pencils, rulers, note pads, hand clappers, highlighters, traditional playing aeroplanes, paper balls and many more!

small-pencil-game-prizes rulers-game-prizes

Below is a video of our carnival games provided by us last week at Singapore National Library!

To see the full list of our carnival game stalls we provide, click here.

To book, simple send us the following details to :

Contact number:
Event Date:
Venue Address:
Items you are interested in:
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Carnival Birthday Party Equipment Rental

Here in Carnival World, we have provide our equipment and talents to countless of birthday party in Singapore! If you are organising a mega carnival party for a birthday or event, you may consider having the following services.


Professional Kids Magic Show


Professional Game Hosting


Sand Art Supplies


Sand Art Rack


Sand Art Activity


Animal Ride


Popcorn Cart Rental


Cinnamon Flavour Popcorns

Here in Carnival World, we are having a special promotion till 31st december 2016 for the following items:

  1. 50 pieces Floating Helium Balloons (Decorations)
  2. 30 pieces Round Balloon On Floor (Decorations)
  3. 60 mins Sand Art Activity (35pax – subsequent pax $5/- only)
  4. 60 mins Scratch Art Activity (35pax – subsequent pax $3/- only)
  5. 60 mins Balloon Sculpting
  6. 30mins Magic Show
  7. Cake Cutting Ceremony

690/- only! (You saved: $100)

  • Inclusive of delivery, set up, artist, manpower, dismantle and collection of equipment.
  • Sand Art & Scratch Art activities will be ongoing for 60 mins concurrently with 1x assistant.

Add on special:

  • 2 hours Popcorn & Candy Floss Machine Rental with manpower: 300/-
  • 4x Carnival Game Stalls: 300/-
  • 2x Animal Rides: $400/-
  • 1x Inflatable Carnival Game: 300/-
  • 1x Small Bouncy Castle: 300/-
  • 30mins Game Host: 200/-
  • Balloon Christmas Tree: 100/-

To book, simple send us the following details to :

Contact number:
Event Date:
Venue Address:
Items you are interested in:
Other comments:

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Popular Carnival Equipment for Rent in Singapore

Here in Carnival World, we provide you with the list of the most poplar carnival equipment for rent in Singapore! Being an experienced carnival event planner, these equipment may or may not suits your event venue or ideas. Therefore, we would suggest you contact our friendly event co-ordinatorto find out how we can make your carnival a success!

Bouncy Castles


Lion Kingdom


Fairy Castle


Blue Castle


Art & Craft Fringe Activity


Window Art Fringe Activity


Instant Photobooth Service


Photobooth Props


Traditional Ice Cream Cart


Popcorn Machine Rental


Popcorn Machine Rental


Candy Floss Machine Rental


Candy Floss and Popcorn Machine Rental


Game Stall Rental


Game Stalls Rental

Our carnival equipment are unique and professionally designed. For this coming year-end events, we have new carnival games and F&B stalls available! More details will be coming in October!

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CSR Carnival Event in Singapore

Carnival World is proud to provide our event management services to Maybank Global CSR Day 2016! The Carnival was hosted at MINDS school and it was a huge success!


Our services includes food stalls such as Kacang Puteh, Candy Floss and hotdog bun stalls, fringe activities such as caricature drawing, airbrush tattoo, balloon sculpting, photo booth and our popular sand art station, professional game stalls, tele match host and even magic show! Below are the gallery of our activities:

Telematch Hosting

Food Stalls

Game Stalls

Fringe Activities

Magic Show

Having the passion to create a fun and memorable carnival is why we are good at what we do. Find out more about our event management service here.

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Carnival Game Stalls in Singapore

If you have went to AMK Hub last week, you would have spotted a balloon candy land done by our partner, THAT Balloons!

AMK Hub Balloon Candy Land

With more than 50 different carnival game stalls to choose from, you can never go wrong when booking with us! Here are the list of carnival games:

  • Feed the Clown
  • Hungry Pig
  • Hungry Bear
  • Carnival Ring Toss
  • Finish the Race
  • Milk Cans Toss
  • Match the Colour
  • Shoot the Duck
  • Shoot the Target
  • Shoot the Alien
  • Basketball
  • Bull eye Dart
  • Archery
  • Aeroplane Throw
  • Balloon Dart
  • Baseball Catch
  • Coin Toss
  • Egg Nest Toss
  • Fetch
  • Tic Tac Toe

Carnival World have supported our carnival game stalls for the event as well and the respond from the crowd was fantastic! Both adults and children enjoying the carnival games such as throwing balls into the pig’s mouth and shooting of the duck using a toy gun.

Carnival Games Singapore

We also have our unique carnival game stall such as “Finish The Race”, which the player have to release the toy car and let it roll into the holes to win!

Game Stalls Rental

Are you looking for other carnival game equipment for rent? Click here to see the different types of carnival games we provide!

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