Inflatable Games for Rent in Singapore

Here in Carnival World, we provide professional looking inflatable games for rent in Singapore! Presentation of the carnival equipment are very important when it comes to executing a carnival event. Therefore, our team has been working hard on the designs the past few weeks to produce our new carnival games in Singapore!

Below are our new carnival game stalls available for rent in Singapore.

3 in 1 Game - Baseball, Basketball, Dart

3 in 1 Game – Baseball, Basketball, Dart

Safe Archery Game

Safe Archery Game

Plinko Game Booth

Plinko Game Booth

Soccer Game

Soccer Game

These inflatables doesn’t just look professional, it is also fun and engaging for all!

Here a video of how the carnival games are being played.

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Serangoon Gardens Country Club Carnival Event Management

Carnival World is provide to provide our event management service to Serangoon Gardens Country Club once again! In this carnival, we have provide professional talents such as puppet master show, airbrush tattoo artist, balloon artist who sure did impress their guest at the event!

Puppet Show

Puppet Show

Our equipment rental include large bouncy castle, professional game stalls, popcorn and candy floss machines rental. One of the most popular activity is our photo frame craft session where kids get to create and bring home their own unique photo frame!

We would like to thank Serangoon Gardens Country Club for engaging our services again. Our team enjoyed themselves at the carnival as well! Looking forward to create another memorable carnival for you again!

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Carnival Game Stalls for Rent

Carnival World provides various types of carnival game stalls for rent including professional large box games stalls, 3D premium game stalls, traditional carnival games, water games, dunking machine and arcade game machines.

Unlike many, our carnival box game stalls are big and looks professional at any types of events! Below are some photos of our box game stalls:

Professional Event Game Stalls for rent

For more information about our carnival game stalls, click here.

Carnival World’s premium 3D Premium Carnival Game Stalls are for events that wish to creates a better carnival “feel” to impress their guest. Here are some photos of our 3D premium carnival game stalls:

hi striker

hi striker

For more information about our carnival game stalls, click here.

If you are having a pool party in Singapore, our water games equipment are definitely what you need at your party! Our water game equipment includes paddle boats, water rock climbing, inflatable obstacles, inflatable pool and inflatable stepping stones. Here are a few pictures of our water games equipment:

Paddle Boat

Paddle Boat

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Arcade game stalls are the product you need if you want to wow your guest at your party or event! From kiddy rides to claw machines, we offers a wide range of arcade game stalls for party or events in Singapore. Contact us and let us know the arcade game machines rental you need for your event.

Arcade Game Stalls Rental

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Singapore Traditional Game Stalls

Here in Carnival World, we provide traditional game stalls for various events in Singapore. With 7 different types of traditional games to choose from, we are able to customise any traditional games that you wish to have as well!

Below are the traditional game stalls we did for Serangoon Garden Country Club National Day event! Traditional games include Tikam Tikam, Coconut Bowling, Bottle Ring Toss, Hopscotch, marble, Five Stones, Congkak and Tin Cans Toss.

Tikam Tikam Game for Rent

Tikam Tikam

Traditional Game Prizes

Traditional Game Prizes

Traditional Coconut Bowling Game

Coconut Bowling

Traditional Bottle Ring Toss Game

Bottle Ring Toss

Five Stones Game for Event

Five Stones

Hopscotch Game


Congkak Game for Rent



Marble Game


Tin Cans Toss Game Stall

Tin Cans Toss

Other than our traditional game stalls, we provide traditional ice popsicle and kacang puteh for their guest as well! All I can say is, everyone loves it!

Thai Ice Popsicle Singapore

Traditional Ice Popsicle

Kachang Putei for event

Kacang Puteh

Lastly, we also have our professional airbrush tattoo artist at the event as well. Even the kids are having fun with our temporary tattoo!

Event Airbrush Tattoo for hire

Airbrush Tattoo

All in all, this event was a success! Our traditional game stalls have also become one of the main attraction at the event. All the games bring back memories of the good old days, and kids today still enjoy playing them!

Carnival Event Management at Country Club

To view this event’s video, click on the play button below:


For more information about our game stalls, click here.
For more information about our carnival event management service, click here.

Our clients love our carnivals. You could be next!

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Carnival Birthday Party Planner

Carnival World has provided our in-house game stalls and bouncy castle and our carnival planning services for many carnivals and birthday parties in Singapore every week!

Pasa Malam Carnival Games

Traditional Carnival Game stalls is our most popular items that attracts both children and adults at an event!

Train Bouncy Castle

Our bouncy castles come in various designs and sizes. In this particular birthday party, we have provided our train bouncy castle and the children love it!

Electronic Game Stalls

If you would like to have a little more items to impress your guest, our arcade games rental might just be what you are looking for! This includes unlimited play time for your little guest to enjoy the arcade games!

Arcade Game Stalls Rental

Our most popular arcade game, Candies UFO Catcher, gives the children a little prizes when they caught the candies! Unlike those machines in the shopping mall, our UFO Catcher machine is much easier to grab the prizes.

For more information about our birthday party packages and party planning services, click here.

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TeleDirect Family Day Event in Singapore

Carnival World is proud to plan another successful event for TeleDirect family day event in Singapore!

Services we provide include Popcorn and Candy Floss machine rental, ice popsicle stall, carnival game stalls, Dunking Machine Rental, Tables and Chairs Rental, Large-scale Fan Rental, professional sound system rental, professional DJ and Emcee Wayne to host the event and game session!

As a carnival event planner in Singapore, you can trust us on the recommended items that suits best for your events. Unlike many, we have our own in-house carnival items and talents. Therefore, we are able to provide a competitive rates for our carnival event planning services.

For more information about our carnival event planning services, click here.

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Carnival Game Stalls in Singapore

If you have went to AMK Hub last week, you would have spotted a balloon candy land done by our partner, THAT Balloons!

AMK Hub Balloon Candy Land

Carnival World have supported our carnival game stalls for the event as well and the respond from the crowd was fantastic! Both adults and children enjoying the carnival games such as throwing balls into the pig’s mouth and shooting of the duck using a toy gun.

Carnival Games Singapore

We also have our unique carnival game stall such as “Finish The Race”, which the player have to release the toy car and let it roll into the holes to win!

Game Stalls Rental

We are various carnival game stalls for rent in Singapore as well!
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Air Tube Dancer Rental

Carnival World is offering air-tube dancers for events in Singapore!

You will spot many of these air-tube dancing along the sides of the pathway or even at a field whereby you know that there is an event going on. Air-tube dancers are popular for their outstanding colours and how it grooves! Air-tube dancers are used for attracting the attention of passer-bys at events or even a showflat in Singapore.

Air-tube dancers plays an important role as an equipment itself and it is highly affordable!

View other available event equipment rental in Singapore below!

Click here to discover other attractive and affordable carnival event equipments!

Send in your enquiries on the types and colours of the air-tube dancer that is available for rent at Carnival World in Singapore for your event! Feel free to contact our friendly in-house ambassador, Kaden, at +65 94874732 or via email at [email protected]  .

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Carnival Professional Equipment Rental

Carnival World provides rental of professional equipments to companies or family for events. Equipments such as dancing tube, portable aircon, table, chairs, lighting, PA sound system, etc.

Event Potable Aircon Rental Singapore

We have been providing event equipment rental for almost 8 years to over 1000 events in Singapore!



Carnival World provide professional and affordable sound system for all types of events!

  • Loud Speakers on Tripod
  • Audio Mixer
  • Graphic Equalizer – 2Chan/15Band
  • CD/MP3 Disk Player – (with also mp3 cable to sound system)
  • Wireless Vocal Mic – 2x Digital Wireless – Wireless Handheld System
  • Includes all electrical extensions, audio cables, spare batteries.
  • Also includes delivery, setup, sound check, and collection.

Tentage for Rent Singapore

Feel free to visit our event equipment rental page for more details by clicking here! For the price you are paying for the equipment rental we rest assure you that we only use provide equipments that are of good quality allowing our clients to feel at ease with the usage of our equipments!

Event Table for Rent

Tell us more about your event and we can recommend some of the activity booths that best suits your party or event in Singapore. Our friendly in-house ambassador (Kaden) can be contacted via email at [email protected]

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Carnival Activities and Food Package

Carnival World does not only offer a wide range of games and activities for your Carnival Event in Singapore, we provide selective packages for clients who wish to fully engage us in their event!

Carnival Event Management Service


Food Stall

Just in case you do not know, Carnival World also offer customizable package for our clients to pick and select their own choices of activities with mixture of different food stalls! Click here to find out more details and prices of our other packages!

Food Stalls

Tell us more about your event and we can recommend some of the activity booths that best suits your party or event in Singapore. Our friendly in-house ambassador can be contacted via email at [email protected]

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