Carnival Water Theme Bouncy

Carnival World provides carnival water theme bouncy for any and every water activities/events in Singapore! Unlike the common inflatable bouncer you see at fun fairs, you play these in the water.  Inflatable-Water-Sport

These water theme bouncy can be used in swimming pools as well as filling water in it depending on the type of bouncy that you will select!Inflatable-Pool

The inflatable bouncy are suitable for all age group as they are made of high quality PVC tarpaulin and PVC cover, one of the best quality inflatable bouncy and it takes only 10-30 minutes to set up depending on it’s size!


Many more designs of our inflatable bouncy can be discovered here!


Tell us more about your event and we can recommend some of the activity booths that best suits your party or event in Singapore. Our friendly in-house ambassador (Kaden) can be contacted via email at

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