An all time favourite snack and a must have for any movie screenings, team bonding activities or celebrations!

Carnival World not only provides you with a wide variety of live food booths, but we also provide you with low and affordable prepacked snacks delivered to you in Singapore that you can now have at your upcoming event.

Let us introduce our popular favourites, prepacked popcorns & candy floss! Our tasty & crunchy popcorns as well as our fluffy & soft candy floss are freshly prepared and hot, ready for your event!

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Carnival Snacks Live Station

Carnival World provide more than 20 different carnival snacks live stations for your party or event in Singapore! Keep your guest entertain with these tasty carnival snacks as we are able to produce approximately 100pax/hour for most of our live snack stations! Below are some of the popular live snack stalls we have done the last few weeks.

Popcorn and Nachos Live Station for VISA

Candy Floss Live Station

Hotdog Bun Live Station

Traditional Potong Ice Cream Station

Cup Corn Live Station

Kacang Puteh Live Station

Our Carnival Snack Live Stations include delivery, set up, free flow serving of up to 100pax/hour, manpower and collection of equipment. For a small additional costing, we are also able to place your branding on our machines, or customised the quantity of snacks according to your needs. (Eg. 500pax for 2 hours event)

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Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machines Rental

Last month, we have provided popcorn and cotton candy machines rental to various events in Singapore!

Popcorn and cotton candy rental Singapore

We have got many positive feedbacks from our client such as the tastiest popcorns they’ve had, we are confident to serve the best butterfly popcorns for your event as well!

Last month, we have supported over 30 events with our food stalls, game stalls and fringe activities. We would like to thank each and every client who have engaged our services. We hope you enjoyed it!

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Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machine Rental

This Month, we are proud to be engaged by Ang Mo Kio ITE Collage for our Popcorn and Candy Floss services during their Event Road Show, allowing the students to satisfy their inner child within.

Popcorn and Candy Floss

Our Candy Floss are spun by our professionals using a stick and the light, fluffy confection are created in the form of thin threads and finally handing the large soft ball into the hands of the excited student.

Popcorn Machine

Our popcorns are made of good quality corns imported from overseas and not only had it tasted GOOD, it smells GREAT as well! We use fragrant oil to cook our popcorn to ensure that each packet of popcorns stays fragrant, allowing the aroma to travel across the Road Show.

Our popcorns and candy floss are the hot favourite at any event that will not only please the children, but also satisfying the sweet tooth of the adults at affordable rates.

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Carnival Food Stall Package

Our Carnival Food Stall Package includes all the essentials you would need to make a TASTY party for your guests!

We provide food-related side where your guests are able to delight their taste buds with various choice of yummy food such as hotdogs, popcorn machine as well as our all –time favourite, CANDY FLOSS!  The fairy dust that is spun with air makes it irresistible even to the adults.

Carnival Event Management Service

Not forgetting our nostalgia Kacang Puteh, it caters to the young and the older generation, who misses the old popcorns. We have an assortment of crunchy treats such as beans, nuts and peas in different colours all stored in an airtight container at the seller’s cart for you to choose your toppings. After preparation, the Kacang Puteh will also be served in a thin long cone for the guests to rover around your event.

Moreover, we offers rental of these machines at attractive and affordable rates.

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Popcorn and Candy Floss Rental

This Chinese New Year, Carnival World is honoured to be invited by our own Prime Minister to his house to join them for a fun-filled event. The event was spectacular with lion dances and cocktail tables were set-up for the guests to have a place to enjoy their food and mingle around with their friends and colleagues.

popcorn and candy floss

popcorn shaker

We are engaged to do up popcorns and candy floss for the massive crowd and the crowds were very receptive of our food products and even came back for more. Instead of just the regular popcorns, we also have different flavours such as Matcha, Cinnamon and Chocolate for the guests to mix with their sweet popcorns to suit different taste buds.

Rates Include: Delivery, Set-up, 1x machine operator, collection of machine, materials, and unlimited supply of popcorns for the number of hours hired.

Needleless to say, same goes for our cotton candy! We have different flavourings available instead of the regular sweet candy floss so that our little guests can enjoy the pops of colours and enjoy the sweet floss at the same time!

Require: 1x table, 1x powerpoint

Cotton Candy Floss Cart Rental

Itching for some popcorn and cotton candy? Hire us NOW to make your event SHINE!

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Popcorn and Candy Floss Machine Rental

Get the best of both worlds by renting our popcorn and candy floss machines for your event!

Singapore Popcorn Machine Rental

Our popcorn and candy floss machines are the hot favourite for the event/party planners that will not only please the children, but also satisfying the sweet tooth of the adults at affordable rates.

Rate Includes: Delivery, set up, manpower, dismantle and collection of equipment. Unlimited free flow supply.

Interested to rent both machines to give your event a BOOST?

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Candy Floss Machine Rental Singapore

Carnival World provide good quality candy floss machine rental for all carnival events in Singapore!

Pre Pack Candy Floss Booth

Candy floss has been one of the most popular food stall rental service that we have provide to hundreds of events over the pass few years!

Pre Pack Snack Singapore

Unlike others, our candy floss machine are made of good quality and 2 different colours of sugars (blue and pink) to choose from.

Pre Pack Candy Floss Singapore

All our our food stalls’ rates include professional manpower that will be manning the candy floss machine stall throughout your event. Click here to explore our our available food stalls for your events.

Carnival World also provide pre-pack popcorn and candy floss machine rental as well! Feel free to contact us to find out more about how we can help make your event a success!

Pre Pack Popcorn Singapore

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Carnival Food Stalls

Other than popcorn and candy floss machine rental, Carnival World provide all kinds of carnival food stalls available in Singapore! From the most popular Popcorn and Candy Floss, Singapore’s delights such as Kacang Puteh and Mua Chee Stall, to unique food items such as Hotdog and ice-cream stall!


Whatever food or snacks item you need at your event, we have it all for you!

Kacang Puteh Stall

Kacang Puteh Stall Rental

Hotdog Stall Rental
Hot Dog Machine Stall Rental

Cup corn Stall

Cup corn Stall Rental

Are you planning an event or a birthday party? Make your event memorable by having our Food and Snack Stalls for your upcoming event today!

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Candy Floss Machine Rental

Other than our popular popcorn machine rental, another popular items on Carnival World would be renting a candy floss machine as a snack stall at your event!

Candy Floss Machine Rental Singapore

A cloud looking candy that’s every children favourite, candy floss has never fail to put a smile on every kid’s face! If you are organising a party or an event, Candy Floss is the one item you must have on your checklist!

Our candy floss machine rental rates include delivery, set-up, manpower, materials, unlimited supply of candy floss for the number of hours hired and collection of the machine.

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