Have you thought about ways to attract more footfall?

The Sole Brother is a lifestyle Shoe Customisation store that engaged us to look at ways that they can bring it more traffic while also providing an outlet for waiting customers

Our Arcade Machines is a good mix , with clear communication ensuring no space is wasted while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

The Retro Video Arcade Machine comes with 999+ Games  including many of which that you have grown up with e.g  Bomberman Neo, X-Men vs Street Fighters, Beat-em up like IGS Knights of Valor and eternal classic like Metal Slug..

Our Claw Machine is also fully customizable according to  client  requirements.  In  this  example , capsule balls is the preferred option. Allowing  the client to fill it with his own merchandise! More customisation options can be seen here.

Don’t you want to play in it today? Find out more on what else we carry by clicking here

Watch this space before we talk about our Unique Batman Racing Machine which deserves as post of its own.

Till next time, Take advantage of the festive season ahead!

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Carnival World is one of the Established Carnival Operators Featured in CNA’s Feature for our Industry.

The festival season is approaching and Carnival World is always ready to assist with our Premium Carnival Games

For Clients that are looking at carnival equipment rental which is allowed to be done in store check out our Carnival World’s selections . 

For Schools wise here are some of our Recent Updates.

For People trying to rent equipment for birthday parties,party rental etc hit us up for  some ideas.

With Thousands of Events under our belt, your happiness is our satisfaction

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Join The Fight Against COVID-19!

Even though the Ministry of Health (MOH) has raised Singapore’s risk assessment to DORSCON Orange, it is advised for businesses to maintain normalcy and carry on as per usual. Thus, event organizers like yourselves along us need not fret we can’t keep the show running!

You may refer to the advisory released by the Ministry of Trade And Industry Singapore (MTI) below for reference.

It’s unfortunate bad timing for larger-scale events like Dinner & Dances and Family Days that has to be postponed till further notice, but you are still able to rent e.g arcade machines, bouncy castles and entertainment services for private events such as birthday parties!

For our clients, Carnival World is not taking this lightly by ensuring additional sanitation on all our machines and equipment before event especially on children’s popular choice – bouncy castles and colored ball pits.

We hope everyone stays well and healthy during this period so let’s all do our part as individuals by practicing good personal hygiene and wash your hands with soap frequently.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions planning for your upcoming events!

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As the title stated, this premium carnival game is the answer if you are planning for a bonding activity!

Be it just a fun activity at family gatherings or a team-building game in the corporate office, this wooden block game will bring the group together with lots of fun!

Giant Jenga

Available in 2 different sizes – our Giant Jenga is made up of 54 wooden blocks and at a base size of 0.15m(width) by 0.6m (height).

Mega Jenga For Rental Singapore

Mega Jenga

With a jingle to its name, this Jenga set is of the same height (0.27m by 0.61m) but made up of only 39 wooden blocks. Making it a real tough  challenge as the blocks are much heavier compared to Giant Jenga.

A game of physical skills – it intensifies as the players take turns to extract their chosen block and place it on the topmost level while with the least disturbance or movement to the entire stack (the aim is to not let it collapse!) bringing it to a higher level.

The game only ends when the tower falls completely or if any blocks fall from the tower (other than the block the player is moving during his/her turn).

Did You Know?
1. According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest time to build a stable Jenga tower 30 levels high is 4 min 4 sec, set by Dan Mogan and Anastasia Carpanzano (both of USA) at the Tower Bridge Exhibition, London, UK, on April 1, 2005.
2. The world record for the tallest Jenga tower built is 44 levels! Wow.

Think you can beat that? Take on the challenge now!

You can also check out other fun carnival games by discovering it below!

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A very merry weekend indeed at Toa Payoh Central Amphitheater with families and friends as we celebrated 2 fun-filled days of Light of Christmas alongside Toa Payoh Methodist Church and Guest of Honour (GOH), Dr Ng Eng Hen – Minister for Defense & Adviser to Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC GROs!

Carnival World played a part by providing fun inflatables and funfair games for the neighborhood community, so there’s something for all!

While the little ones jumped their hearts out on one of our large bouncy castle – Jurassic Parkland, even adults can have a go at the inflatable games such as Western Hoops and Shuffle Balls! The 3-In-1 Sports Game was a popular choice due to its multi-players feature which you can throw hoop, bat and throw darts at the same time!

Residents get to enjoy their very own Christmas Wonderland with classic carnival games such as Milk Can Toss, Balloon Dart, Bowling as well as Bottle Ring Toss!

The event was a definite success as we were awarded with many smiling faces by the end of the night!

Check out our list and photos of fun fair games here!

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Buckle up as we are zooming in and closing up fast on the “twenty-tens” decade! What better way to embrace the new year without having the newest and most lit arcade racing machines for your upcoming corporate events and parties!

Featuring a 32″ high definition LCD widescreen and racing rally seats, the Daytona Deluxe version is the newest to the edition and available for rental as a pair for dual players!

Jump high and land with style on our Hummer Extreme where you get 2 game modes, 6 Hummers and 4 courses to choose from for an thrilling off-road race! “Time Attack Mode” is where you thrive for the best timing ever!

Tip: destroy as many obstacles to fill up the Boost gauge to outrun your rivals at top speed!

The first and only Arcade Batman Racing in Singapore, get one step closer relieving yourself from the Joker movie hangover and have a match with the best villain himself as you clear through various missions and boss battles!

Featuring a custom batman-style steering wheel including triggers for easy weapon launching and over 500 color-shifting LEDS, why’s not to have at your cool party!

Time to set a new record straight for yourselves! Book with us now!

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Four full days of a long weekend thanks to Singapore’s 54th birthday and on 9th of August itself, Carnival World had tons of fun bonding over traditional games with the East-side residents!

Millennials and the Gen Z may or may not be very familiar with these kampung games that the older generation used to play with when they were young, when in their hands were usually mobile phones and game consoles. So it definitely acts as a linking bridge between the different generations to have fun together, also providing a sense of nostalgia for our pioneers.

Over at SAFRA Tampines that day, residents were spoiled for many choices as they go around each and every stations to conquer Hopscotch, Zero Point, Five Stones, Coconut Bowling, Bottle Ring Toss, Pick up Sticks, Country Flag Eraser Game and also among them the crowd’s favorite – Congkak!

Despite the sunny weather, our hyper little residents are as excited to try out our own version of Number Hopscotch! The first player to reach number 10 wins!
Also introducing our Zero Point game which we recently added to the deck – players have to go through various levels of crossing over the “rope” without touching it. After every round, they have to shout “Zero Point!”, “One Point!” and so on.

As the rubber band “rope” is quite versatile, our crew even used it as a skipping rope and also played the classic party game – Limbo with the kids! Fun has no limits.

Hurry contact us to have traditional games at your event!

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Transform into a dance machine yourself when you’re up groovin’ to the tunes and dancing off your feet according to the choreography on our dance simulation arcade machine!

Everyone knows the original DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) that the youngsters like to spend their time on at the arcade centres after school perfecting on their dance moves. But do you know we have this pump it up version called NX Absolute Dance Machine?

Dimensions: 1.8m by 1.75m by 2.2m

Take control of the dance floor as you sweep the audience off their feet or take up a challenge with your friend as you guys move along with the hits – available in English, Mandarin and Korean! Don’t be afraid even if you have 2 left feet or zero experience in dancing as the game can accommodate players from first-timers to zai kias (Hokkien for experts/professionals) featuring various difficulty modes so that you can keep practicing till you nailed it!

Discover other music arcade machines and many more below!

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Dimensions: 14m by 3.5m by 4.2m
Requirement: 2x 13 amp power points

Being one of the carnival equipment rental company in Singapore, we would also want to bring the bouncy fun to adults as well! Here in Carnival World, we provide zhng-ed up versions of our inflatables where you can enjoy multi-dimensional fun on the obstacle course!

Recently, our Large Obstacle Course was featured at the Event Lawn in Choa Chu Kang Park where families can enjoy this inflatable playground together as they crawl through and speed-challenge each other.

We also have other inflatables in various designs and sizes which you can check in with us! Learn more about our new Inflatable Dragon Playground that is gaining popularity over here!

Be it bouncy castles or obstacle course, our inflatables are all made of strong PVC material so it’s guaranteed safe and fun for even adults to jump on!

You can check out our inflatable games here as well!

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Are you planning for a food party to be held in your office? First-timer? No need to fret as Carnival World is here at your aid!

All you need is to let us know when and where it will be held at, the duration and number of pax catering for and of course, how many yummy food stations you have your eyes on!

From popular carnival snacks like popcorn and candyfloss to sweet treats like churros and muah chee, you’ll be spoilt with many choices! You can even combo it up to a meal with a cup of Bandung, a hotdog bun and french fries. Discover our full list of food stations below to get the party rollin’!

We will take care of arranging the delivery, set up, manpower and necessary equipment required. On your end, just provide the tables, power points and your empty tummies!

Lastly, end off the awesome party you’ve planned with unlimited print-outs that you and your colleagues can bring home on the spot! Go crazy and creative with the wacky props provided.

Looking for something else? Talk to us now!

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